About CTNSP Center for Technology and National Security Policy CTNSP _c48adf76-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a CTNSP combines scientific and technical assessments with analyses of current strategic and defense policy issues, taking on topics to bridge the gap. The Center has produced studies on proliferation and homeland security, military transformation, international science and technology, information technology, life sciences, and social science modeling. The Center offers two seminar series sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy as a key element of interagency education: a series on Stability Operations and a series on Transforming National Security. The Center also provides technical and policy expertise to the faculty and students at the National Defense University. Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy National Defense University Enable national security decision-makers and their staffs understand emerging impacts of technology and integrate them effectively into policies. _c48af4fc-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a To research national security and defense policies in the context of transformational changes in emerging technology, advanced concepts, organizational structures, and international trends to develop and implement actionable recommendations, to publish and distribute findings, and to introduce research results in the JPME classroom. _c48af5b0-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a Education Educate decision makers. _c48af6dc-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 1 Decision Makers Support national and international security policy-makers by developing science and technology (S&T)-related knowledge and sharing it through accessible, interesting and useful analyses. _c48af754-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 825e7d33-92e9-43ef-8338-405357ee4c76 57e9ba5a-d66b-46c1-b4ec-5e3037c23a33 Research Conduct research. _c48af7d6-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 2 Carry out world-class, non-partisan, research into S&T topics, in close cooperation with Service and other laboratories. Integrate this research across multiple organizations and disciplines, including related areas such as policy, social, legal, and resource implications of S&T issues. Apply the results in innovative ways, such as public-private interactions and approaches to complex operations. _c48af844-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a e11614f1-d4ec-4fad-a664-981930724bb5 ae3adaae-8f36-4a55-a1fa-fd05841fd5a2 Teaching and Policy Support teaching and policy development. _c48af8b2-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 3 Make use of electives, seminars, conferences, workshops, dialogues, publications, applied learning and other innovative approaches. Integrate with related efforts at NDU and across the military education community. _c48af92a-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a ee31a35b-7c9c-47e2-a678-4bce22013413 c021faaf-39fb-40ef-9463-2ae10e435a8a Outreach Support outreach. _c48af9ac-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 4 Promote unity of effort across and beyond the US government while cultivating national and international relationships that contribute to CTNSP’s mission. _c48afa38-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a df3b3ad1-64cf-4f3f-9808-9c1cbfc0b164 2cec0d5f-755f-473d-854d-4d2e4f5a9e28 Learning Encourage life-long communities of learning. _c48afaba-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 4 _c48afb3c-3854-11e0-8ea7-d56c7a64ea2a 24c75d61-5393-470d-866b-ce6d1c103bba b9408462-d596-489a-a6d6-7b63e247b445 2011-02-14 http://www.ndu.edu/CTNSP/index.cfm?secID=19&pageID=3&type=section Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.