Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015 In order to deliver against our mission we have established strategic themes, identified key enablers and formulated a set of performance indicators with which to measure success. Strategic Themes: * Enhance our research and innovation profile * Increase our impact globally * Inspire our people to achieve their full potential Key Enablers: Success in pursuing our strategic themes depends on having the right support and resources in place. Delivering against our mission requires Cranfield to be an effective, efficient and sustainable organisation, able to draw together strengths from across the whole University. We will ensure this through consistent and responsible financial, social and environmental policies and practices. * Excellent people and organisation * Financial sustainability * A collaborative and supportive environment The Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 builds on the strength of our heritage, past actions and successes. It sets the context and broad direction of travel for the University over the coming five years. This document is the top-level plan, complemented by more detailed strategic and operational plans for the Schools and the supporting shared services. To fully realise our potential we must harness knowledge, skills and abilities from across the whole University. This plan provides the framework to ensure that is achieved. We are passionate for success and confident in the capabilities and commitment of staff and student members of the University. We believe in achieving excellence in everything we do, enabling us to deliver real value for our stakeholders and making a difference to the world in which we live. We wish to proceed with boldness and pace, but it is appropriate to acknowledge that this plan has been developed at a time of unusually high uncertainty: for the economy in general and UK higher education in particular. Accordingly it will be especially important that we commit ourselves to regularly reviewing progress and making corrective adjustments as needed in the light of changes in the external environment. Cranfield University CU _2bff9c6a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Cranfield is distinctive, occupying a special position as a wholly postgraduate institution focused on science, technology, engineering and management. Working with Cranfield brings particular benefits for our partners because of the way in which we bridge the gap between traditional academia and the world of business... Cranfield is a globally significant centre of expertise and enterprise in science, technology, engineering and management; an exceptional environment for strongly business-engaged research and innovation and for postgraduate and post-experience education and training. We are renowned for outstanding people and programmes and for the impact of our work. Gordon Page CBE Pro-Chancellor, Chair of Council Professor Sir John O'Reilly FREng Vice-Chancellor, Chair of Senate Cranfield University Partners Everything we do is in partnership. Our sponsors, partners, students, alumni and staff all have a major stake in what we do and how we do it. They expect us to: • generate world-class knowledge and innovation in our chosen sectors • deliver sustainable solutions that meet current and future needs • provide an excellent, internationally-recognised, learning environment • produce exceptional professionals ready to contribute to society • foster personal professional development in a stimulating and supportive workplace. Working with Cranfield brings for our partners distinctive benefits because of the way in which we bridge the gap between traditional academia and the world of business. _2bffa52a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Our mission is to make a distinctive, practical contribution towards a secure society in a sustainable global economy, creating and transforming knowledge to solve real-world problems. We achieve this by: • fostering a practical, research and innovation-led environment that inspires people to realise their full potential • delivering educational programmes that transform the professional lives of our students • working intimately in partnership with business, governments and others to deliver transformational benefit. _2bffa674-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Agility Boldness Teamwork Integrity Passion for Success Excellence Research & Innovation Enhance our research and innovation profile _2bffa70a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Strategic Theme 1 We will make the most of the knowledge, skills and abilities of our people - staff and students - in research and innovation activities, operating in productive partnership with business, government and others to innovate faster and deliver value... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed primarily by Research and Innovation measures with Global Reach a supplementary ‘leading' indicator. Distinctive Provisions Enhance yet further our distinctive provision in aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, environment, health, management, manufacturing and security _2bffa7be-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 1.1 81a258c2-d5a4-4e6f-a27e-737d28dc7589 Practical Impact Innovate at pace to create practical impact from academic excellence _2bffa854-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 1.2 42de9c13-8aeb-4f7e-98a2-04ac752a6fcf Standards of Excellence Deliver against internationally recognised standards of excellence in all our areas of research and innovation _2bffa8e0-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 1.3 0ddf39b5-46a1-4655-ae09-073b26fcd48f Innovation Income & Intellectual Property Proactively grow our research and innovation income and margin, and develop and exploit our know-how and portfolio of intellectual property _2bffa96c-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 1.4 f9c1d8b6-cfd7-4229-86a3-2ec9aa2832c9 Global Impact Increase our impact globally _2bffaa02-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Strategic Theme 2 We will further enhance our distinctive role between a conventional university and business, operating across the interface between knowledge creation and transformation, realising impact across the globe by developing sustainable solutions to real-world problems and seeing these through to commercial take up and practical deployment... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed in terms of Global Reach and Student Recruitment. Partnerships Pursue, secure and maintain productive strategic partnerships globally _2bffaa98-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 2.1 47f4c3be-3a0a-485e-98ad-3dfcf36c2011 Entrepreneurial Environment Foster an entrepreneurial environment, both individually and corporately, to create economic, environmental and social benefit _2bffab24-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 2.2 f6fc2675-3b77-470c-bc69-448672fcbbb5 Public Policy & Society Inform and influence public policy and society more widely _2bffabc4-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 2.3 d05cdff4-fb83-4b12-ab1b-18a68ceb22fb Human Potential Inspire our people to achieve their full potential _2bffac5a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Strategic Theme 3 Postgraduate Students Professional Development Course Participants We will maximise the opportunities for postgraduate students, professional development course participants and staff to achieve their potential in their chosen fields through learning and teaching and the integration of research, innovation and enterprise... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed in terms of Quality of Experience, Research and Innovation, and Environmental Development. Teamwork Work as one team, valuing and developing the contributions of all our people _2bffacf0-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 3.1 6904bbd2-28aa-4137-93ca-2c146085f934 Experience & Environment Provide a research and innovation experience and environment attractive to the world's best talent _2bffad9a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 3.2 Postgraduate Students Researchers Cranfield University Academic Staff Cranfield University Support Staff 7f555524-0114-4c66-88ce-cbfe5571e11c Postgraduate Student Experience Develop an exceptional postgraduate student experience grounded in inspirational learning, teaching and research supervision and leadership _2bffae44-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 3.3 Postgraduate Students 0c966b4f-2572-4919-a0f3-ce163e484101 Learning & Entrepreneurial Opportunities Translate excellence in research, innovation and enterprise into learning and entrepreneurial opportunities for all members of the University _2bffaee4-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 ST 3.4 Cranfield University Members d6098ee7-605f-4431-bc3c-2b30f874044b People & Organisation Excellent people and organisation _2bffafa2-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Key Enabler 1 People are central to Cranfield's success. Our future achievements will depend on the commitment, dedication and professionalism of all members of the University (including associated companies and units in the wider Cranfield group) as we work together to make our distinctive contributions and develop ourselves to our full potential... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed in terms of Quality of Experience and Environmental Development. People Proactively attract, support and develop high-quality people across all areas of activity _2bffb04c-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 1.1 d67a471b-d07a-493c-9bf9-ec72fe8613fa Capability Enhance our technical, leadership and management capability, blending empowerment and collaboration to deliver effective and efficient processes throughout the organisation _2bffb0ec-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 1.2 86eecd43-d9b3-4188-a64b-1b09bdb47721 Performance Build and maintain world-class performance, engaging everyone in delivering our strategy _2bffb1e6-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 1.3 41b26d06-30e8-4b47-b73f-da5c43a27c23 Finance Financial sustainability _2bffb2a4-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Key Enabler 2 Cranfield University Executive Cranfield University Council Prudent financial planning and management will underpin our future success by ensuring that we secure, conserve and properly utilise our available resources... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed in terms of Financial Health measures, underpinned by close scrutiny of full financial data and accounts by the University Executive and Council. Growth & Diversification Grow and diversify sources of income, enhancing contribution levels across our activities to ensure resilience _2bffb34e-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 2.1 cc65ed3b-7f3d-49cf-abf4-12d9a0be7e73 Academic & Financial Sustainability Work to achieve academic and financial sustainability while investing in our future _2bffb420-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 2.2 46acd47d-1128-41c4-a542-8ea0858a7fc0 Management Manage risk, costs and resources to deliver our strategic priorities _2bffb4ca-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 2.3 0c77cb99-87b3-4e13-bb02-74a282e41146 Environment A collaborative and supportive environment _2bffb57e-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 Key Enabler 3 A mutually-supportive organisational culture, responsive working practices and a sound physical estate and facilities are interdependent in ensuring the effectiveness and smooth-running of the University... Measuring performance: Progress will be assessed in terms of Quality of Experience and Environmental Development. Workplace Promote organisational collaboration and wellbeing and secure a safe, healthy and productive workplace _2bffb65a-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 3.1 b75425ff-f2fb-417a-b410-1089e696971e Facilities Develop and maintain first-class teaching and industrial-scale research facilities _2bffb718-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 3.2 5102dbdc-413f-4c14-b6a9-f842966b217e Processes Deliver effective and efficient processes throughout the organisation _2bffb7d6-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 3.3 f3a4b5ec-77d9-474b-b19b-ae3c715668b0 Sustainable Environment provide a sustainable environment within which to live and work _2bffb8bc-3c3a-11e2-b7b1-1699cf2fd515 KE 3.4 e3e8f09f-e759-4ace-9008-729f43a494cd 2011-01-01 2015-12-30 2012-12-01 Owen Ambur Submit error.