Concerned Youth of America Concerned Youth of America CYA _b73e7f6b-8634-4a6c-8719-10e888cc5939 575a5226-3ade-471f-8006-0de6c89d37a5 To end the deficit spending that saps our economy and endangers the future of America’s young people. _b18df930-2a10-4c5f-ae62-ecc0fc9e8c62 Nonpartisanship Fiscal Responsibility Education Education _cda5d4c4-9d65-4e7d-87fc-dcbe555e92e4 1 Local Events Conduct local events _b920ecef-07c3-41e8-95cb-df72cf56fe14 1.1 A Panel Discussion of Budget Scholars at Harvard A Presidential Candidate Forum at the University of New Hampshire An Educational Lecture on the demographic tsunami, hosted by CYA but open to the public 880883d2-d524-47ae-9c88-a05aac685ea5 47199c58-f856-4f91-b1e1-7819aed29edc Expansion Pursue expansion _1f153a0c-6147-4f74-a617-960be2925e91 1.2 Rallies at college campuses throughout the country The Establishment of Chapters at Colleges throughout the country 37dc314f-342e-4c84-ab59-4d6c58be091e 05d35579-9f2d-4b90-895a-f6c85f1adccc Other Actions Take action _9eaefcd2-6b1b-4a93-b3b6-8111436317b4 2 Op-Eds Writing Op-Eds for local and national newspapers _ccdeefc4-ed25-455a-b3a7-11f65610ef22 2.1 89bfa05f-0065-42a8-9857-64f9da25429a eb689f26-9183-4267-b2c4-132ea254a267 CYA Seal of Approval Giving policymakers and budget officials the CYA Seal of Approval (an indicator of sustained fiscal responsibility) _7803b9d9-0dcb-438c-bac0-6b6c2e162dd1 2.2 83fdfcc9-54d9-4d50-a724-e429a74c6783 162bf87d-2d56-4087-9b60-47736680c260 Lawmaker Events Conduct events with lawmakers _57cfb607-ba99-455a-9f17-0d940dada423 2.3 “A Day at the Capitol” in Colorado, Massachusetts, and New York Creation of a climate of new support for elected officials who work for deficit reduction 283b7777-cc35-4003-9a24-245d1238a65b d7d3f636-5e6a-4a68-9080-e8bcc2358cf0 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.