About Us >> Overview Canadian Youth Business Foundation CYBF _4b933f8a-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is a national charity dedicated to championing tomorrow’s entrepreneurial nation builders. The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is the ‘go to’ place for youth entrepreneurship. _4b934cfa-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a To fill the economic gap that is being felt as many small business owners retire, drive innovation, create jobs and support Canada’s overall economic prosperity. _4b934dc2-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a Respect We respect, appreciate and celebrate diversity in our people and our initiatives. Integrity We maintain honest and high ethical standards in everything we do while continuing to build a strong CYBF reputation. Excellence and Accountability We focus on quality of results; we work hard; we play hard; and, we celebrate success. Community We inspire and grow a youth entrepreneurship culture across Canadian communities. Teamwork We contribute to individual and collective success. Entreprenerial Investment Invest time and money in aspiring young entrepreneurs, age 18-34, who have a great business idea, but find it difficult to obtain financing or mentoring through traditional sources. _4b934e80-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a Entrepreneurs, age 18-34 Volunteers CYBF delivers our program coast to coast through a collaborative network of likeminded organizations that we call Community Partners (CPs). They are integral to our success and act as our local ‘store front’. Along with our more than 3,660 volunteers including business mentors, they champion youth entrepreneurship in their communities and directly work with young people to guide them through the entire CYBF process to obtain funding and a mentor. The CPs and their volunteer Loan Review Committee (LRC) members are essential to the entrepreneur’s success and in preventing outward migration of youth from their respective communities. Pre-Launch Coaching Offer a free Pre-Launch Coaching program. _4b934f02-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a 1 Everyone needs a coach. Most of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs attribute the majority of their accomplishments to having a professional business coach. To address this need, CYBF offers a free Pre-Launch Coaching program to fill this important need. Through the hands-on personal guidance of the program’s seasoned Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), CYBF provides budding entrepreneurs with help on a wide variety of topics, including: Creating a solid business plan or developing financing strategies. 728e1977-9e7b-4a69-b2c9-13c04f32309a 516a11ec-7136-4950-bbe4-b209a0592e57 Online Business Resources Offer a robust online Business Resource Centre. _4b934f70-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a 2 Entrepreneurs Mentors Community Partners Loan Review Committee At CYBF we recognize the importance of having the right tools and easy access to quality resources for all of our stakeholders. That is why CYBF offers a robust online Business Resource Centre to service the needs of Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Community Partners and our Loan Review Committee Members. 30bdc4f1-bd08-41c6-9daf-f29910493582 cfdd604d-b4a4-4428-8c3d-ef133815dd52 Financing Provide start-up financing based on character and a great business idea. _4b934fe8-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a 3 Business Development Bank of Canada Money. It’s the lifeline of any business. However, when it comes to young people looking to secure financing for their new start-up, with little to no collateral and/or student debts, it can be a daunting task. CYBF provides start-up financing based on character and a great business idea, of up to $15,000, with flexible three to five year repayment schedules, and no principal payments in the first year. Furthermore, the Business Development Bank of Canada teamed up with CYBF to provide entrepreneurs with up to an additional $30,000 to get their businesses off the ground. Plus we offer expansion financing of up to $10,000* for existing CYBF entrepreneurs. Additionally, CYBF recognizes that newcomers to Canada sometime face additional barriers. That's why our financing application process and our adjudication requirements have been adjusted to allow individuals who do not have an established credit history or long standing references to apply with different documentation. *Please referto www.cybf.ca for a complete listing of eligibility criteria and complete details related to all financing program options. 1f8d1fe8-2080-4fc4-a515-90d125c20ae3 fd336c2b-f0f8-43af-bed6-eaf16ac038f5 Mentoring Match every entrepreneur with a professional business mentor. _4b935060-4b52-11e0-8db7-260d7a64ea2a 4 At some point in every successful person’s career, someone said, “I believe in you.” CYBF’s highly qualified and dedicated business mentors bring their years of experience to our young entrepreneurs; encouraging them, sharing their knowledge so youth can learn, and celebrate their successes. Their advice helps new business owners stay focused and achieve great results. We hand-match every entrepreneur with a professional business mentor for a minimum of two years, to ensure they have support during the critical start-up phase. 6c3c329a-34b6-4bac-b169-af8c96a33960 50d26a27-2224-489c-a49b-d874e55c2e4a 2011-03-10 http://www.cybf.ca/about-us/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.