About Disqus Disqus D ee61afdb-daa1-4f24-a876-e1433b6e2b56 The Web's Community of Communities -- Disqus is a free service that enables great online communities. As the web's most popular discussion system, Disqus is used by millions of websites that cover pretty much any topic imaginable. Our magic is in connecting people to stuff worth talking about. Websites Geeks Motivation -- Disqus is made for geeks by geeks. Everyone is a geek about something, whether it's music, food, or science fiction. Sometimes you just need the right space to explore it. Whatever you're into, we help you get into it. Disqus Team We think we may have the world's largest employee-to-monthly unique visitor ratio. Hovering somewhere around 22 million. Daniel Ha CEO -- History -- We started in 2007 wanting to build something new for online communities. Our founders, Daniel Ha and Jason Yan, met in 7th grade but didn't start working on Disqus until a few years later at UC Davis (right before dropping out). Jason Yan CTO Ro Gupta VP of Business Development Ryan Valentin Product Support Engineer Ben Vinegar Software Engineer Lead Mike Clarke Developer Operations Lead Kim Rohrer Head of People Operations Mat Mullen Product Manager Joe Dudas Partner Development Manager Talton Figgins Product Support Lead John Watson Developer Operations Engineer Gabriel Fouasnon Software Engineer David Fleck General Manager of Revenue Amanda Nudelman Digital Marketing Manager Sam Parker VP of Product Adam Hitchcock Software Engineer Jeff Pollard Software Engineer Lead Joshua Sortino Product Designer Michael Son Director of Ad Sales Jono Lee Product Designer Ted Kaemming Software Engineer Ann Mony Office Manager Vince Lane Product Designer Jim Hirshfield Director of Publisher Development James Greenhill Data Engineer Burak Yiğit Kaya Software Engineer Steve Roy VP of Marketing Kaeli Bainbridge Recruiter Matt Robenolt Software Engineer Charles Covey-Brandt Software Engineer Michael Patterson Director of Advertising Operations Macrina Aivazian Advertising Operations Manager Qarly Canant Product Support Agent Daniel Matteson Product Support Agent Pedro Oliveira Data Engineer Mandy Tong Advertising Operations Manager Sophia Barraza Account Executive Chris Blackburn Account Executive David Zabowski VP of Engineering Perry Huang Software Engineer Intern Helen Laroche Coordinator Alec Schmidt Product Designer Brittany Curran Product Support Agent David Fetter Data Architect ed0ea759-123a-4154-a1b7-1507dede6917 To enable online communities. bd57aef0-cf84-459d-8d6e-86b92db59760 Communication Style Philosophy -- We believe that how you say something is just as important as what you say. Personal Identity You don't need to trade in your identity for the ability to speak up. Freedom of Expression The freedom to express how you want is what lets you be truly authentic. Online Discussion Make having an online discussion a better experience. fed6743f-d5b6-4a28-9341-2e3cdf18c136 The Missing Link -- Discussion and community were among the first great promises of the Internet. But before Disqus, they were neglected by the revolution in other forms of communications. So we built the leading company in a category that, in some ways, we invented. And quietly, made having an online discussion a better experience. Discovery [Enable users to] discover new ideas, new people and new stories. 4580f135-386a-4272-b677-02140de5bbbb 1 A Good Discussion is Great to Find -- When you visit one of the millions of sites using Disqus, you're in a connected community, fundamentally different from a traditional destination social network. When you're on a site using Disqus, you're exploring a personal passion and in an optimal place to discover new ideas, new people and new stories that you couldn't find anywhere else. c87efc2d-94fc-4908-94ac-3b0100df2ec8 Engagement Engage audiences [to] spends more time on site and consume more content. b863f7be-70f6-406d-9e04-708550893cbe 2 Publishers Audiences Comments Count -- With Disqus, publishers experience a more engaged audience that spends more time on site and consumes more content. They grow their audience by being part of a content discovery loop across the Disqus network. They can turn on a new revenue stream through native advertising. Comments no longer cost, they count. 9045532a-d27c-4691-a183-7f862218ae7c Participation Give people better ways to participate in the communities, events and stories shaping their lives. 455cdd7b-09f2-430a-bc20-b2491af47c19 3 People Just Want to Be Heard -- Today, we represent, in our one billion monthly visitors and over 40 languages, a vital part of the way the world communicates. People no longer just want to read or share the story. They want to be in the story. Disqus will shape the future of online discussion by continually giving people better ways to participate in the communities, events and stories shaping their lives. 281e0371-d2a3-4485-b3fc-8268bf5921a4 2013-08-04 http://disqus.com/about/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.