Driving Technological Surprise: DARPA's Mission in a Changing World Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA _46ad30a4-ad5d-11df-9c96-10167a64ea2a Arati Prabhakar Director ... U.S. security capabilities remain second to none in a rapidly changing world ID-8fca7876-46dc-44fa-8ff6-e5193738b6d7 To drive technological surprise and superiority ... ID-a59fea7a-9309-4d4a-8a8d-7258bf8cda7f National Security Demonstrate breakthrough capabilities for national security ID-1646a8f9-d8f9-4a9e-a412-67aa4f07eac4 1 ... several investment themes have become more important and shape our portfolio and programs as we aim to create breakthrough capabilities for future national security. Game Changers Develop and demonstrate new systems capabilities that change what is possible ID-a614d7e5-9c52-4c6f-bee9-1da661eec52c 1.1 Warfighters Game-changing new systems technologies. DARPA has a long history of developing and demonstrating new systems capabilities that change what is possible. Today's Warfighters rely on systems from aircraft to navigation to communications that trace their roots to earlier DARPA work. Looking ahead, these key capabilities may become vulnerabilities, as sophisticated adversaries also understand how critical they are to our ability to fight. So DARPA seeks to create the next generation of new capabilities that once again change the equation in our favor, faster than others can respond. 305f556a-fb00-44ab-87be-565f38d19a3e Multitechnology Warfighting Combine multiple technology advances to revolutionize capabilities ID-f1254f84-44f4-48e4-87c2-6f26b21d0fb7 1.2 Layered, multitechnology warfighting concepts. Modern warfare may be too complex for a single new capability to deliver sustained superiority across a variety of scenarios. But combining multiple technology advances by layering and integrating them can lead to a revolution in capabilities. Looking ahead, we can imagine coordinated local position, navigation, and timing (PNT); adaptive electronic warfare; manned and unmanned systems working in harmony; tactical cyber effects; and advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) - all woven together in ways that create decisive surprise in tomorrow's wars. 675e06cb-0c82-4392-b19e-2d71c074887c Adaptability [Develop] systems that can be readily upgraded and can adapt in real time to changing surroundings and conditions ID-f9738116-8c99-4bc8-b7d3-7da0fc5a9e79 1.3 Warfighters Adaptable systems and solutions. Our military engagements of the last 20 years, with a few exceptions, have been fought with systems developed largely for Cold War scenarios. Our Warfighters have adapted for the realities on the ground. Today when we consider future engagements, we can more readily imagine a host of diverse environments and adversaries. In an uncertain world, adaptability is critical. We won't always know exactly what we will need for tomorrow's battle, and our adversaries will change their tactics and technologies over time and in the field. So systems that can be readily upgraded and can adapt in real time to changing surroundings and conditions will play an important role. 835cf66e-f353-4546-af9e-5711c0a9a962 Costs Radically invert the cost dynamic ID-2d0df154-afe5-45c7-955d-04cfeade5002 1.4 Innovation to invert the cost equation. Cost control and affordability constraints are being addressed during the requirements analysis and development phases of programs, but these concepts need to be considered earlier. Today we seek to use innovation to radically invert the cost dynamic. How can we impose more cost on our adversaries and less on ourselves, thereby increasing our deterrent? Can innovative systems architectures, autonomy, adaptability, and new processes offer new possibilities? These approaches may allow us to reinvent development, production, logistics, operations, and maintenance in ways that radically change the cost equation. fcef8fab-5c07-4aa1-9001-ed366c9e8358 Technology Base Catalyze a differentiated and highly capable U.S. technology base ID-09a5e01b-203b-493c-82dd-92e8058991b6 2 ... create an edge for U.S. national security purposes ... Two investment themes shape our efforts. Creativity Use globally available technologies with greater creativity to solve problems more quickly, efficiently, and flexibly ID-511def06-c36b-41ce-a663-8fc371650bf4 2.1 Exploiting and transcending commercially available technologies. We seek to be the best user of globally available technologies, to use them with greater creativity to solve problems more quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. This means novel systems architectures as well as integrating specialized niche technologies with commercially available components to create unique solutions. ccd1786a-27d3-4026-acf7-469e8b40b0b3 First-Mover Advantage Take advantage of opportunities to pursue new technology capabilities first ID-e1e7104e-73c3-43af-b023-12f0702cb21a 2.2 United States Catalyzing new national technology capabilities. Entirely new technologies open the door to national security applications that can't even be imagined beforehand. We recognize that many of these technologies will also globalize. But the time advantage to the United States if we pursue them first can be substantial and make all the difference. We approach this challenge from three related perspectives: 0f2abcb8-9c93-4cd5-be25-59146af57d1b Exploration & Insight Search for promising activities and explore where their new insights might lead ID-a3116582-7fa6-48a8-8bc8-6c0b7ece4bb7 2.2.1 Universities Government Labs R&D Organizations Exploring new technology possibilities from fertile basic and interdisciplinary research. Universities, government labs, and private R&D organizations are bubbling with intriguing new research across many disciplines and new interdisciplinary fields. Some of these research efforts hold the seeds for the next technology revolution. We actively search for these promising activities and explore where their new insights might lead. b8dab0a2-1fd3-4ee6-aec2-7c5175da495f Technology Infrastructure Build technology infrastructure as the foundation for wide arrays of applications ID-b7ca48ff-f472-4a05-af52-84026b41cc6c 2.2.2 Building radical technology infrastructure and communities. DARPA has a long history of building technology infrastructure that becomes the foundation for wide arrays of applications. Today, we are using the same approach in new fields. Our programs create the tools, techniques, and communities that scale well beyond the period of our investment. 743474db-9c50-45ff-b525-2b214b8cb8c4 Prototypes Build prototypes showing how technical breakthroughs enable new capabilities ID-f19831e2-da16-4d54-9ea8-f6d09895d5d7 2.2.3 Demonstrating the new capabilities that technology enables. Changing minds about what's possible rarely happens only by writing papers and reports. Projects that build prototypes show how technical breakthroughs enable new capabilities. a7a9f827-42af-4cd3-991d-2fa61b502894 DARPA Ensure DARPA itself remains robust and vibrant to deliver on its mission today and in the future. ID-9d544f82-764c-454e-8626-f7aa752ac46d 3 To meet our first two broad objectives, DARPA must be vigorous, healthy, and able to execute on our mission today and in the years ahead. Our third framework objective is to ensure a highly functional environment and the foundation for a strong culture, to keep DARPA robust and vibrant. The starting point is to recognize the critical elements of DARPA's operating model. Program Managers Define and execute programs leading to new capabilities for our Nation ID-c68152a4-9b04-4ff6-85eb-866859b29ad3 3.1 DARPA Program Managers Stellar program managers. Program managers are the core of the Agency. Each is a leader who brings to DARPA an adventurous spirit and a deep conviction that his or her technology vision will change the world. They come to DARPA because this is the place that gives them the opportunity to take breakthrough technologies to fruition. Our program managers generally serve 3 to 5-year terms, leading to a constant flow of new people and fresh views. A program manager may come from industry, universities, or another part of government. He might be at any stage in his career. But each has a set of distinguishing characteristics. He has strong engineering and scientific credentials and excellent judgment about both technology and technologists. He navigates seamlessly from deep science to systems to capabilities. He is driven to have an impact- to make a difference. He strives for confidence without arrogance, recognizing that our success comes from working effectively with others. The essence of the program manager's role is to define and execute a program that leads to new capabilities for our Nation. A great program manager does this by joining her own ideas with what she learns by listening to those who understand real-world challenges and those who are directly engaged with new research and ideas. She gets out of her office and meets with people where they innovate and work, in companies, universities, and other labs, to better understand their perspectives. From these inputs, she synthesizes a vision for a program that can have significant effect. Once she gains funding for the program, she projects this vision to a technical community that often sees the goals as nearly impossible, even though they themselves may have been part of the inspiration. When the performers are engaged and work is underway, she actively manages the program, driving down the risk inherent in reaching for bold impact and building the community into something greater than the sum of the individual parts. As the program generates results, she works tirelessly to engage potential users and encourage transition, ensuring that our success turns into real capability for the Nation. This process is cultivated and repeated time after time, day after day at DARPA. aaa98c05-8385-4a8e-8582-ec8531a5925c Information Sharing Share program information across offices to inform judgments ID-0c2a1d92-5df1-4fc7-b774-7d6759ca885d 3.2 DARPA Technical Management Team DARPA Office Directors DARPA Deputy Office Directors DARPA Director DARPA Deputy Director Technical leadership to empower program managers and manage the portfolio. Our technical management team composes and oversees the overall DARPA program portfolio. The program approval and oversight process starts in our five technology offices. Office directors and their deputies are responsible for charting their offices' technical directions, hiring and coaching program managers, and overseeing program execution. The DARPA Director and Deputy Director approve each new program and review ongoing programs, while setting Agency-wide priorities and ensuring a balanced investment portfolio. DARPA's technical management team shares program information across the offices and helps to inform judgments about when to lean forward and when to pull back. This group's most important jobs are to bring in great program managers and get them the resources needed to drive their programs to success. 1d8373bd-b059-41f9-8f42-e8f12eef5742 Support Functions Create an environment enabling program managers to take bold technology leaps ID-d0efc518-e8cf-44c6-b310-b24c3d465867 3.3 DARPA Security Staff DARPA Legal Staff DARPA Contracting Staff DARPA Finance Staff DARPA Human Resources Staff Support functions for effective execution. Vigorous pursuit of mission is equally engrained in DARPA support functions, creating a productive environment around our program managers that enables them to take bold technology leaps despite their short tenures. Security and legal staff ensure we have a solid foundation, and contracting, finance, and human resources operate with the speed and flexibility that our diverse portfolio demands. Statutes providing specialized hiring authorities and alternative contracting vehicles have proven critically important. d264b123-b9fc-4cc7-94e0-ae10c582e794 Engagement Actively engage the technical community and users ID-5fcac6a4-3fe9-4e98-bea8-5244e23ceadc 3.4 Warfighters DoD Companies Universities Contractors Active engagement with the technical community and users. DARPA's success hinges on our ability to work with a broad technical community -- from tiny companies to universities and major contractors to labs of every stripe -- and the users of our results across DoD. The inspiration for our programs often comes from these organizations and individuals, including our Warfighters. Execution and transition always happens here. Because the work we fund and its ultimate use take place outside our walls, active engagement is an essential part of delivering on our mission. cbbb16b9-be01-4cee-8dae-96dd08ffb39e Culture Build the DARPA culture ID-30a31165-cf21-4489-afcf-228f68e01696 3.5 The DARPA culture. When these core elements of our operating model come together and work effectively, they allow us to build the most important ingredient in keeping DARPA healthy and robust: our culture. The relentless drive for off-scale impact. The willingness to take risk in pursuit of that impact. The honor in serving our Nation by creating a more secure and better future. We reinforce these values in every action, from major decisions about people and programs to the passing comment in the hallway. And while national security threats have come and gone and returned in new forms, while technologies have transformed our lives, while the world around us has changed and changed again over 5 decades, the DARPA culture remains the quintessence of our continued success. 38e663fe-1d7d-41bf-bf4a-fcb23f250aec 2013-04-30 2014-01-21 http://www.darpa.mil/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147486475 Submit error.