Decentralization Community India Decentralization Community India DCI _bac51530-d103-4034-aba1-bfe38731d295 f682a391-8f13-4591-824d-42f0575021dd To strengthen the institutions of local self-government - Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and municipal bodies - in the light of the 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution, to help bring about more transparent and participatory governance, effective local development and better delivery of services _e2167646-4663-4e21-aa60-c8efdaf0aed5 Solution Exchange Connect members of this Community and increases the effectiveness of their individual efforts, helping them share and apply each other’s knowledge and experience. _66343c4e-e025-4400-8367-639666d7376d 1 Policy-makers and planners Policy-makers and planners from government Practitioners Practitioners from NGOs and the private sector Donors Donor agencies Academic institutions Academic institutions Other professionals Other professionals interested in decentralization and local governance Through Solution Exchange, colleagues can turn to their peers across India for solutions to the day-to-day challenges they face. Empowered Local Bodies Renew public interest and political buy-in for empowered local bodies _8807eaa6-f247-4df7-8e1f-d8cc01a059c5 1.1 8f90665c-6e00-4115-8eb0-7704bd0334b0 dac25255-dbe4-407b-a807-dc775f85a658 Decentralization and Resource Mobilization Effective devolution for administrative and fiscal decentralization and resource mobilization _4a4115ef-4192-453b-bfca-bac1a031d2c7 1.2 4cfa41a2-316f-4b3a-a940-bfe67419d1d4 40d8ab8e-e6fe-44a9-aa10-853e327176d5 Accountability Ensure clarity of accountability relationships - defining functional boundaries of line agencies vis-à-vis local authorities _a8b110b7-3cba-41ed-beb4-d01717bbe97a 1.3 6e4bf4ca-65df-4c12-a162-271852cce9d1 fd98a7fc-fb41-440f-9041-a00e7f3a6d89 Planning, Data, and Information Build capacity for decentralized planning, data collection and providing information for effective devolution _a79f6651-b5a6-4d97-8fe7-749903b05505 1.4 115f6c09-ce6c-4ce5-9a58-2e67f71edc08 2b7d603f-1875-4bed-9552-bce6cd0fc84c Elections and Jurisprudence Support local body elections and jurisprudence _ef33341d-3073-46bc-8d69-bfd3b99832ab 1.5 538cc4f7-6b48-4c24-9ab3-ff03fe1e0be0 1ef3e95c-fd20-466a-b2b4-934a951e4ec7 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.