Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations DEEWR _156c78c7-04eb-4c2b-a0ab-7765075ffb1f Creating a productive and inclusive Australia _dff28d55-9395-4fc9-904d-5abca9a95f2c To develop and implement government policies and programs to provide education and training opportunities for everyone, to increase employment participation and to ensure fair and successful workplaces. _f6306ebf-9307-47d2-a54f-81bb306ff757 Care, Honesty, and Trust Care for our people - We commit to creating positive working environments—based on honesty and trust—where staff can balance their work with their personal life, and are supported to deliver high‑quality performance. Connection and Engagement Connect and engage - We commit to working in collaboration across the department and to creating consultative and inclusive relationships with our stakeholders. Solutions and Results Find solutions, deliver results - We commit to finding creative and practical solutions, and using all of our experience and determination to ensure those solutions deliver results for the Government, the public and stakeholders. Early Childhood A positive start in life _376beaa6-ebc1-4ac8-bd0e-8a78eaa6dd33 1 Children have access to culturally appropriate support, care and education throughout early childhood that will equip them for life and learning. Framework Establish and implement an agreed framework for early childhood development to guide policy and programs throughout Australia _42ec6c86-7377-490c-bf44-b4ed7518e9a8 1.1 ddb13e90-287e-43b8-9b0e-60bfbc524127 3f051b6a-3aae-4b13-9daa-cee93b3e55d2 Learning and Care Enhance and expand quality early childhood learning and child care services through the development of agreed national standards and investment in programs and infrastructure _87953498-a6d2-43be-a2b9-2e016d695cf3 1.2 a74f47d0-af64-4fdf-af4c-bcf2e242339f 110408d2-8845-42fa-be7c-9ee226201abc Workforce Strategy Develop a workforce strategy to increase the supply and improve the quality of teaching and care in early childhood across all settings _f5a6b33f-8570-4dd0-978c-cee7115a11af 1.3 d28126ba-e330-41c4-8679-68188e5b1a51 49b43162-042a-44d9-98bd-8512974b6cc7 Parents and Carers Support parents and carers in their role as key early childhood carers and educators of their children. _26d1fbb3-17f8-4896-81bf-56ba1a171534 1.4 Parents Carers ca7a1018-8065-46bc-81a3-7b87345e08aa 4a52bd42-b557-440a-966c-6f1452bef31e Education A brighter future through education _1949ca79-3151-4c35-8a26-04eeda4edeb4 2 All students acquire the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in society and employment in a globalised economy and make successful transitions to further education, training and work. Teaching and Learning Environments Support students to access and engage in quality teaching and learning environments _152708c2-02a0-47de-bad2-c825252cd540 2.1 a8a07667-5fe5-4ad9-9309-5c032cfb6482 b7dc14ed-a43a-4267-b322-a8864d1d0211 Learning Outcomes Support school communities to improve learning outcomes, including increased literacy and numeracy performance _4d469316-37aa-4655-bc3e-9485483cd534 2.2 41992233-4d75-4acb-ade3-09aff4a539eb 26596668-3920-4f33-b710-18324030cb08 Training Pathways Expand the availability of quality training pathways incorporating workplace learning and enhanced career advice for our young people _8cfba4da-43a2-4c3b-82ec-55a22c470676 2.3 8b8606d8-300c-4e9c-9070-defc1f6c1a93 a3c0ab18-5988-4828-b912-a34412dfc1bf Schools and Communities Support schools and communities to promote a culture of aspiration and an inclusive society. _b87fe8bb-d841-4f7d-a855-48da1b79e176 2.4 e1ca6177-4780-4498-88fe-4279ca981f62 78034ccf-a24d-45eb-9904-a27b47060764 Skills, Education and Productivity A highly skilled, educated and productive community _9878f449-e341-490b-98b3-a988addca768 3 Through world‑class higher education and vocational education and training, people can achieve their full potential and become productive participants in the modern labour market. Teaching, Learning and Infrastructure Improve the quality of teaching, learning and infrastructure in the tertiary sector and support the development of specialisation _2cd2bb08-e4e5-477f-b63d-f8e48247f928 3.1 282d34bf-3710-4dc7-9b92-cba967e2e3f9 15d1238e-8d98-47fb-bff3-54512419143e Learning Pathways Enable people to create their own learning pathways across a connected tertiary sector _7d8b0c24-e74b-41fd-b08d-00e0a89e67ee 3.2 69f20d29-93a7-4e20-a022-963b53591410 7f558040-cb75-48b2-980d-72ea89cb4e12 Tertiary Sector Improve the responsiveness of the tertiary sector to the modern labour market and promote partnerships between industry and education and training, with increased business investment in skills development _8e15135b-2518-48a0-a35a-f292d5b4bb5e 3.3 a0d3dc6c-27b6-4d21-a8c4-9b4346855877 b63e51d4-ca6a-479c-9188-faad4593501d Education and Training Support and promote Australia’s education and training sectors internationally, build international linkages and opportunities to create a globally connected education and training system. _f7f2861c-1910-4c93-9bde-e86c13f05d57 3.4 d9d0a574-cc08-4675-9bed-acb0e70bba25 6d7e3d46-07c6-4837-91d3-5ea9d9f01475 Skills and Qualifications Enable people to acquire skills and qualifications needed to participate in competitive domestic and global labour markets. _1d1b9f97-2653-472d-b601-8c1af4b42aaf 3.5 2dc70382-49eb-45fb-9587-d5eb55dc1be3 dd0d6fec-7a04-46f0-aa9e-afbbc9f3981d Society A participative and inclusive society _ab17d95a-7608-4b9e-8159-53f4c17307a4 4 People have access to a range of services and financial support that help them overcome barriers, develop new skills and knowledge, gain employment and participate in society. Labour Ensure people are equipped to participate effectively in the labour market, with industry and business harnessing and developing their skills and abilities _9d7ad4d9-6f31-499c-b2d0-1732050e3af8 4.1 ea896ba3-3e11-429f-b916-e3a6594f5dc0 c96602d2-a452-471e-9631-b159e34ea329 Income Support and Assistance Ensure effective access to income support and other assistance to enable participation in employment, education, training and society _a363b139-447c-4408-85fc-2a098f18522d 4.2 441c9a44-928f-4fc9-a4fb-12740cd76850 18a02264-a136-42c6-82dc-beb058439626 Employment Implement and continue to improve employment services to meet the current and future needs of job seekers and employers _29359801-8473-410a-b82e-262322665614 4.3 Job Seekers Employers 36cb3be5-0aa3-4aa8-ac36-26da90373cae 422b87c3-4406-4a9e-8592-cbe23829837e Disadvantaged and Marginalised Australians Ensure policies and programs are targeted to close the gaps for disadvantaged and marginalised Australians in employment, education, training and society _2f93cf4b-9453-455e-891c-9f100218db31 4.4 e25e2aa5-b91b-4cbe-9732-d552d962af6b 868e487a-95e0-4eca-a838-6946cf23fbc7 Indigenous Australians Work harder across all DEEWR programs to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians. _4fe40719-90c8-4208-a6d9-20d6b15c7eeb 4.5 Indigenous Australians d50e02f0-410a-4930-8e0c-18477561c44c 06271972-8677-4dc2-93dc-afe13681aeb1 Workplaces A safe, fair, productive and successful workplace _41b49093-5781-4938-920d-d4c6044e46da 5 Employers and employees are helped to adopt flexible and modern arrangements that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes in Australian workplaces and for the economy. Workplace Relations Develop, implement and maintain a workplace relations system that is fair, modern and flexible _317f5341-5918-4d5d-8935-e77fa7849f5f 5.1 118dde4b-913f-4ccd-99f1-2d1bb151b162 f4bb1c97-a429-42e0-86e1-92646c3aca2e Safety Lead the development and implementation of effective workplace safety arrangements through cooperation between government, employers and workers _b125a145-92a2-41e3-9ae1-1f1aa52c5173 5.2 6128bc5f-c238-445b-a38c-fa485430fad3 4d580182-02ee-4e1c-be6c-2edd3dad88a4 Employment Standards Establish and maintain clear and enforceable minimum national employment standards _cacd16cf-9685-4b32-8f7a-d41ac7fa722c 5.3 c6a9fe30-b747-4557-a254-d9eb1c04bea7 9862e022-0048-4fe0-bc65-7fc823c84006 Rights and Obligations Build awareness of workplace rights and obligations. _57343145-b18d-4545-8ff3-01923955d07c 5.4 dc57a339-8a3c-4933-a119-b1061ab3925b 3f26a788-dbf3-4369-a4f1-fc69bf2977e6 Care for People Care for our people _b7084644-b644-45fc-987b-0c94e859799c 6 We commit to creating positive working environments—based on honesty and trust—where staff can balance their work with their personal life, and are supported to deliver high‑quality performance. Personal Development Support people in their work and assist them in achieving their full potential _7e54a4d1-02e1-40f2-b88b-4517f0c4e359 6.1 3565ad0e-7620-4065-9ea4-dc5b10180859 74954bba-58b2-4dc6-a16f-7c4283b790f2 Leadership Build and demonstrate leadership capability at all levels of the organisation _5a565467-8e30-475d-bef5-59cb03155e30 6.2 4df41a74-c82a-4a9a-9480-401eac6553d8 8c8fff3e-aaac-4ace-827d-e5a012b594ca Performance Alignment Align individual performance to organisational goals and desired behaviours _b92fe918-23b5-4ba4-b565-ee703cabc625 6.3 b6c9eb05-f239-4f2d-974f-cb049d3b5ca6 2c464eb0-06a5-4c69-a838-4f669014c342 Work Arrangements Adopt flexible working arrangements that increase productivity and meet the needs of individuals _937d2be4-0d6a-4dc6-b8b7-b50dfb0b9638 6.4 c6051148-37c4-4025-918e-8ab991d5fa9a 88038781-39a8-4e6d-af92-dc9ae3a4ab9f Feedback and Discussion Involve people in decision making and engage in ongoing feedback and discussion _5c7ad4d5-9342-4366-9eed-151d51508047 6.5 dd5b89dc-0eea-423e-a672-ed7004d9781d 13fa6635-c9db-4266-b1a0-6d59c4dc0510 Diversity Foster and value the contributions that diversity brings to our work and culture _ac788265-d97b-4dc4-b11f-005899df8474 6.6 fbb099ab-6715-4845-899f-56cd01b392b4 03db55ee-2047-47c1-bfb1-561d80ba8a37 Connection and Engagement Connect and engage _46bbfce8-d2c5-4da9-88b8-2fb84f5c12b8 7 We commit to working in collaboration across the department and to creating consultative and inclusive relationships with our stakeholders. Service Provide outstanding service to our Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, the Parliament and the public _81ae7a6d-2015-45bb-9460-96a3795e3cf2 7.1 d5d62f3e-1a27-4a0d-b5b5-1a53f1007f4d a5679396-1a15-4fc8-97ba-eb44d9116a55 Partnerships Build partnerships and joined‑up approaches to achieve outcomes _b5363348-7d29-490b-bd29-784488f72aa6 7.2 91894085-510e-4b04-911b-902f2b48cfd8 0e4b1261-64e9-4555-8945-54194bfab54d Policy Narratives Ensure policy narratives are clear and help explain the links individual initiatives have to the Government’s broader policy agendas _7f6335e8-db14-43db-9db9-f562c4af8eae 7.3 65e6743b-2b24-4243-8612-a0c80b7ba645 78579667-1a73-4e6d-b750-eb81ac07a6f4 Streamlining Streamline business and organisational processes and systems to improve client service delivery _8eba50cd-e8da-47ff-b515-35401094b646 7.4 8414bdff-a4fd-499d-a6b0-0f564d736857 655804e1-5efa-481e-883d-58a6c44916a5 Communication Ensure effective communication across DEEWR’s stakeholder network to improve policy and program development and delivery _529ae6ca-ebaf-4420-9645-61325d43acca 7.5 4b0f8307-d7d9-43a0-bbc6-42c7dd17db57 a20ad22e-a568-4240-9cbc-7507d3264cc3 Portfolio Framework Establish a portfolio-wide framework to strengthen relationships with stakeholders _abde70a8-b880-4d93-824a-00b2b51bc233 7.6 9bbf14c9-7156-49b9-bc3b-5d0a38b26d2e cd219ff5-d55c-4c73-87aa-e2bc5fabfb81 Solutions and Results Find solutions, deliver results _b0436d30-1b16-44a5-90ee-fa43bf5fb649 8 We commit to finding creative and practical solutions, and using all of our experience and determination to ensure those solutions deliver results for the Government, the public and stakeholders. Capabilities and Policy Create stronger capabilities across all policy and business groups to deliver and implement evidence-based, strategically oriented policy options and solutions _95fac9ba-8727-4ac5-8be0-014ae6c1d88e 8.1 c726acd6-c773-432e-a898-84dfe60f19e9 c7b04719-28a0-44f7-8371-2cf4403cd1f8 Collaboration and Integration Build processes and systems that support a collaborative and well integrated DEEWR _660555f4-e84d-44ab-8a2d-abaca40f8cbc 8.2 18502272-d999-4f1b-a245-3b63ea7383ed 9f51a04e-69db-402d-88c7-a122d97abbcf Systems, Infrastructure and Service Invest in efficient systems and infrastructure that support integrated service delivery _481d4a0b-faab-4ba2-833e-17a24a361861 8.3 f5a49587-9392-4f77-a40d-5b35e7717631 3ca7e756-8ee9-45cd-b804-6853a5aed255 Governance, Decision Making and Management Ensure effective governance and support responsible decision making and management _2aed563d-2a6e-42b2-adb5-1acf4cad70f0 8.4 7c6bd03d-7ffe-45f3-ae3e-eed207afb962 5bfe867e-dbf9-4ed8-b16d-92e9b1016a76 Accountability, Transparency and Integrity Ensure the department’s work processes provide for high levels of accountability, transparency and integrity. _bb4075d0-e989-4ce3-88e0-8c60c34a5cfa 8.5 b14bc1be-2eac-4125-98ce-9dc18ac867a2 444d4b32-db92-4fec-99fc-15ce2c97e292 2008-01-01 2011-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.