Business Plan 2012-2015 Coalition priorities: 1. Honour international commitments -- Honour the UK's international commitments and support actions to achieve the Millennium Development Goals 2. Drive transparency, value for money and open government -- Make British aid more effective by improving transparency, openness and value for money 3. Boost wealth creation -- Make British international development policy more focused on boosting economic growth and wealth creation 4. Strengthen governance and security in fragile and conflict-affected countries and make UK humanitarian response more effective -- Improve the coherence and performance of British international development policy in fragile and conflictaffected countries 5. Lead international action to improve the lives of girls and women -- Empower girls and women so that their lives are significantly improved and sustainably transformed through better education, greater choice on family planning and preventing violence against them 6. Combat climate change -- Drive urgent action to tackle climate change, and support adaptation and low carbon growth in developing countries Other Major Responsibilities: 1. Respond to humanitarian disasters 2. Deliver on obligations to the Overseas Territories 3. Influence the global development system Department for International Development DFID _3e12ddf6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef Mark Lowcock Permanent Secretary Michael Anderson Director General, Policy & Global Programmes -- Workforce: 553 Budget: £4331.40m -- Coalition Priorities: 1. Honour International commitments (co-lead with Richard Calvert) 3. Boost wealth creation Richard Calvert Director General, Finance & Corporate Performance -- Workforce: 535 Budget: £99.07m -- Coalition Priorities: 2. Drive transparency, value for money and open government (colead with Michael Anderson) 6. Combat climate change Mark Bowman Director General, Humanitarian, Conflict & Security -- Workforce: 452 Budget: £794.76m -- Coalition Priorities: 4. Strengthen governance and security in fragile and conflict-affected countries and make UK humanitarian response more effective (co-lead with Joy Hutcheon) Joy Hutcheon Director General, Country Programmes -- Workforce: 1218 Budget: £2781.64m -- Coalition Priorities: 5. Lead international action to improve the lives of girls and women _3e12e1ca-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef To set out the key actions the Department will take to implement its Coalition priorities. _3e12e33c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef International Commitments Honour international commitments _3e12e42c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1 Richard Calvert Lead Michael Anderson Lead Development Assistance Honour UK commitment to spend 0.7% of gross national income as official development assistance from 2013, enshrine this commitment in law and encourage other countries to fulfil their aid commitments _3e12e51c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.1 1c3c49cd-2e80-450b-8c69-7b7140a34ad3 Commitment Enshrine in law our commitment to spend 0.7% of national income as official development assistance (ODA) from 2013, as soon as Parliamentary time allows _3e12e620-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.1.i Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 359d9b9a-82a3-4220-8364-8b77a3d5f14d Expenditures Ensure 0.7% of gross national income is spent as ODA _3e12e71a-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.1.ii Start: Jan 2013 | End: Mar 2015 1dc7b532-0022-4efa-944f-706bc19e8d85 Transparency Work with other Departments to help them meet agreed contributions to UK ODA targets and to have plans in place to publish aid data under the International Aid Transparency Initiative's common standard in line with the UK Open Government Partnership Action Plan _3e12e828-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.1.iii Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 9a5c56c9-83d4-4095-ba5d-034d05e0fc20 Data Release data every March/April showing percentage of gross national income spent as ODA by calendar year _3e12e940-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.1.iv Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 4252c2d3-7943-4155-83dd-545c813bb1a2 Millennium Development Goals Maintain momentum on actions to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with a focus on services for poor people _3e12ea44-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.2 Poor People a893895e-4abb-4dd1-90f8-d219cfe6445e Successes & Lessons Learned Showcase MDG successes and lessons learned in an event around the UN General Assembly (MDG Countdown) _3e12eb52-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.2.i UN General Assembly Start: Started | End: Sep 2012 190e92af-fda2-42e9-b8a8-c49ebb0be05a Scaling Up Nutrition Ensure support frameworks are in place for Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) in at least ten countries _3e12ec56-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.2.ii Start: Started | End: Sep 2013 bde65c2b-90f2-4116-8ce3-561a7356b36c Educational Outcomes Expand access to and educational outcomes for poor children, including through low-cost private schools, in at least four countries _3e12ed6e-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.2.iii Poor Children Start: Started | End: Mar 2014 a7da89c4-a9f0-491c-b070-cc5e689eb839 Malaria & Reproductive Health Work to increase access to malaria and reproductive health services for poor people, including through voucher programmes in at least three countries _3e12eeae-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.2.iv Poor People Start: Started | End: Mar 2014 25a2c155-1fa9-4105-b302-f3a06a9d20bb Thinking on Development Shaping the future: Leading international thinking on development _3e12f214-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.3 58e745e4-e41b-426d-9e4a-8ff4593b9939 Development Agenda Drive international efforts to agree an ambitious new global development agenda beyond 2015 that accelerates progress on poverty reduction, working through the UN Secretary General's High Level Panel co-chaired by the Prime Minister _3e12f3a4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.3.i Start: Started | End: Dec 2014 c9f923ce-50ec-4d0c-aced-0044c1559b65 Global Partnership Play a lead role in the Post-Busan Interim Group to shape governance and monitoring arrangements for the new Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, ensuring that key areas of results and transparency are adequately prioritised and that participation of emerging economies is encouraged _3e12f4e4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.3.ii Post-Busan Interim Group Start: Started | End: Jul 2012 d7a6db78-e304-49ad-9cb0-051d760b58cc Accountability Lead the G8 during the UK's 2013 Presidency to deliver stronger accountability on developmental outcomes, including transparency, food security and maternal health _3e12f61a-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 1.3.iii G8 Start: Jun 2012 | End: Dec 2013 0e97a1a8-9b55-4839-b124-253a284b4821 Transparency, Value & Openness Drive transparency, value for money and open government _3e12f7a0-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2 Richard Calvert Lead Michael Anderson Lead Societies & Institutions Build open societies and institutions in our partner countries _3e12f8fe-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1 c5d4f1a8-f87f-4154-8a60-2d9b44afd186 Interventions Support interventions that expand choice and empowerment and make institutions more accountable to citizens in at least ten country programmes and report on progress _3e12fa48-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1.i Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 226e06cb-2649-4fb1-b71e-168fd7cea220 Electoral Processes Support electoral processes in at least 13 countries over the period 2011-15, informed by guidance on electoral assistance _3e12fba6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1.ii Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 4163587c-b3e4-43d6-adfc-dab5cbd31c05 Open Government Partnership Support a greater number of DFID partner countries to join the Open Government Partnership during the UK co-chair tenure _3e12fd0e-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1.iii DFID Partner Countries Start: Started | End: Apr 2013 669a14a9-fe4f-439e-8d5b-d8cab92b75ad Human Rights Ensure all country operational plans include a human rights assessment _3e12fe76-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1.iv Start: Started | End: Apr 2013 153ab63a-8f51-4caa-83a0-cfe7c65718a0 Media & Social Media Strengthen the use of media and social media for increased access to information, transparency, accountability and public dialogue in at least ten countries _3e12ffd4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.1.v Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 7b251a41-7765-42f8-b281-214175eeacc9 Corruption & Fraud Increase the effectiveness of DFID's approach to anti-corruption and counter fraud _3e13015a-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.2 ebcdd617-32ae-49fd-9b95-879f1298ea9e Anticorruption Recommendations Implement the recommendations of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact anticorruption report, including by producing due diligence guidance to explicitly cover engagement at the country level with multilateral and other partners, and ensuring anticorruption strategies are in place for all DFID country programmes _3e1302d6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.2.i Independent Commission for Aid Impact Start: Started | End: Jan 2013 18355016-c7aa-4100-a480-dc3f523881c4 Information Sharing Agreements Agree Counter Fraud Information Sharing Agreements (ISA) with key international donors and UK national law enforcement organisations _3e130466-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.2.ii International Donors UK National Law Enforcement Organisations Start: Started | End: Jul 2012 cb412044-f8df-4093-95c3-ff27366627a2 Results Focus DFID's programmes on results _3e130628-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.3 391c79d7-baf7-4ed9-a10b-5a22d4d3125a Results-Based Aid/Financing Develop a strategy to progress DFID's Results-Based Aid/Financing (RBA) _3e1307cc-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.3.i Start: Jan 2013 | End: Mar 2014 23e2b8af-cc3e-4fd2-8c05-3b2806e8aae4 Results Framework Publish progress against the DFID Results Framework on an annual basis _3e130966-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.3.ii Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 b98964f0-30cb-4198-9c0b-99a9250ee0e5 Multilateral Aid Review Conduct a follow-up to the Multilateral Aid Review _3e130b64-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.3.iii Start: Jan 2013 | End: Dec 2013 0a78457e-315e-4bd5-ba3f-5eb6796e8a25 Social Impact Bond Undertake a scoping study on the applicability of the Social Impact Bond as a payment-byresults related instrument to encourage private sector engagement in development _3e130cfe-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.3.iv Start: Started | End: Sep 2012 d41d72f8-f34f-4f3d-b905-4cf25329e116 Transparency & Invovement Use transparency to drive development and increase the involvement of poor people in development worldwide _3e130eca-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4 Poor People c552ff3f-c5dc-4db1-8093-75ef0b4486d9 Aid Transparency Challenge Launch an Aid Transparency Challenge to promote higher standards of transparency by all DFID funding partners _3e1310aa-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4.i DFID Funding Partners Start: Dec 2012 | End: Mar 2015 72361383-bfae-471b-979d-bd8da7fca372 Open & Enhanced Access Establish an Open and Enhanced Access policy to enable global, freely available access to research funded by the DFID central research budget _3e131262-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4.ii Start: Started | End: Jul 2012 d0077342-cf23-417d-a4ca-eca2d6a67ad7 Participatory Assessments Complete participatory assessments with recipients of cash transfers in five countries to provide evidence on cash transfer programme design, implementation and impact _3e131424-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4.iii Start: Started | End: Dec 2012 6c26e7af-dd70-4edb-9f24-c819531841f9 Feedback Mechanisms Implement beneficiary feedback mechanisms in at least three partner countries _3e1316d6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4.iv Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 f7e7499d-5bef-4d43-9256-d2604f617f9a Monitoring & Commenting Introduce new ways to allow poor people to directly monitor and comment on aid projects as part of the Global Poverty Action Fund _3e131906-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 2.4.v Poor People Start: Oct 2012 | End: Mar 2014 bd2ea21a-1e95-408a-a447-278138eba554 Wealth Boost wealth creation _3e131ae6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3 Michael Anderson Lead Private Sector Collaborate more closely with the private sector on development _3e131cda-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.1 Private Sector f44f6678-efa2-4dd4-acc5-35189d42c695 Private Infrastructure Development Group Introduce performance-based funding for the Private Infrastructure Development Group _3e131f3c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.1.i Private Infrastructure Development Group Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 605176b3-65ef-4629-9fbf-8e55a55172b3 Social Impact Launch a programme to grow the market for social impact investment in order to increase investment in enterprises that benefit poor people _3e132130-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.1.ii Poor People Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 58261262-66e0-45a8-bab4-131da74e9fca Commonwealth Development Corporation Implement CDC (formerly Commonwealth Development Corporation) Business Plan _3e132342-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.2 Commonwealth Development Corporation 96ea1bde-e341-49bf-84a0-50ab307bba4f Strategy Work with CDC to ensure CDC publishes a new strategy by May 2012 to increase its development impact and achieves its targets over the period to 2015 _3e132540-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.2.i Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 7f9688c9-721d-491d-880c-908d722ab4c0 Markets & Wealth Build support for open markets and wealth creation _3e132734-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.3 6c9789d2-8a6a-4f21-9291-331c11e2c631 Tariffs & Trade Barriers Introduce new web-based tools so people can see exactly how much tariffs and trade barriers increase the price of imports _3e13296e-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.3.i Start: Started | End: Sep 2013 a4b3456f-8a71-46f1-97af-064ba53a2056 Border Crossing Support, as part of the Africa Free Trade Initiative, action to cut by 30% the average time taken for goods to cross international borders in at least five locations in Eastern and Southern Africa _3e132b76-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.3.ii Eastern Africa Southern Africa Start: Started | End: Feb 2015 a8641853-4ccf-49df-9439-ea46c296c8bc Commercial Legal Programme Develop a new commercial legal programme to support DFID's wealth creation work _3e132d7e-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.3.iii Start: Started | End: Apr 2014 4e24de3d-0903-4558-bb55-cebb4fc2103c Natural Resources Work in natural resource-rich developing countries, especially in Africa, to ensure that the benefits of natural resources (oil, gas and mining) are used to improve the lives of the poor _3e132ffe-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.3.iv Africa The Poor Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 28047f2c-e5cd-4a9e-98a1-b4e2769bdb54 Technology Harness new technology for development _3e1332b0-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4 f5812b84-893f-4794-a0f7-0dec94785b8a Food Crops Release through the HarvestPlus consortium new micronutrient-rich food crops in two countries for key staples such as maize, beans and millet, to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable women and children _3e1334f4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4.i Vulnerable Women Vulnerable Children HarvestPlus Consortium Start: Jun 2012 | End: Mar 2013 35d8c4bd-c211-4391-a4bf-e6e8fc7edff9 Drugs & Diagnostics Provide funding to research consortia to develop two new technologies (drugs and diagnostics) for malaria and neglected tropical diseases _3e133774-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4.ii Start: Started | End: Dec 2012 665460e0-dba2-4677-95c1-65a96ed3c0c9 Regulatory Reform Support regulatory reform in at least three countries so as to encourage the growth of mobile money transfer and banking services for poor people _3e1339c2-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4.iii Poor People Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 1603a0b6-bc76-4a9c-8c89-3ba4926002f3 Conference Co-host conference on new technology and development to highlight future priorities and challenges for scaling-up use of new technologies _3e133c1a-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4.iv Start: Started | End: Apr 2013 f1a38d28-4a61-4f86-9d9f-9b35c2050997 Mobile Phones & Internet Launch a new mechanism to enable poor people to use mobile phones and the internet to access services and hold governments to account _3e133ea4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 3.4.v Poor People Start: Nov 2012 | End: Apr 2013 317a82cc-80dd-4da7-8d49-bd3ae83ae465 Governance & Security Strengthen governance and security in fragile and conflict-affected countries and make UK humanitarian response more effective _3e1340fc-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4 Fragile Countries Conflict-Affected Countries Mark Bowman Lead Joy Hutcheon Lead Governance Increase the effectiveness of DFID's approach to governance reform in fragile and conflict-affected countries _3e134354-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.1 33895f19-5efd-4f56-8d49-13687bdf9d38 Security & Justice Programmes Implement new security and justice programmes in 12 fragile and conflict-affected states _3e134638-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.1.i Start: Started | End: Mar 2014 b8f64391-7d37-4139-b3af-f5c44aa896f7 Burma Increase DFID support for peace-building, economic development and strengthened accountability and rule of law in Burma, at a pace consistent with political reform and progress in that country _3e1348ae-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.1.ii Burma Start: Started | End: Dec 2014 af7d8dda-8895-429e-9ee6-c70f558f94ab Yemen Support the political transition process in Yemen following the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative _3e134b24-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.1.iii Yemen Gulf Cooperation Council Start: Started | End: Mar 2014 61c609e0-361e-45eb-83a2-60d81c148ecf Conflict Prevention Improve DFID and UK Government effectiveness in conflict prevention, including through support to the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) in the National Security Council (NSC) _3e134dcc-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.2 National Security Council (NSC) 050fcf14-6f52-4237-ba8a-ae22524652f5 UK ODA Spend 30% of UK ODA in fragile and conflict-affected states by 2014-15 _3e135042-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.2.i Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 39631b29-0f1f-4e37-bcd0-b3e2662740b3 Somalia Support the development outcomes of the 2012 London Conference on Somalia, including through the establishment of a Joint Financial Management Board and a Stability Fund _3e1352cc-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.2.ii Somalia Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 33207af5-7cbb-4f87-a483-5c881ecf1eb6 Arms Trade Treaty Work towards concluding negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty at the July 2012 conference in New York _3e135588-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.2.iii Start: Started | End: Jul 2012 079ae899-fd8d-4195-918f-bdfb612523a5 Stabilisation Unit Complete review on the future of the Stabilisation Unit and agree Whitehall response to recommendations _3e135830-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.2.iv Stabilisation Unit Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 e7eecb2e-5613-4cb4-a470-98cfe020e0ad Investments Improve effectiveness of DFID investments in fragile and conflict-affected countries _3e135ace-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.3 2e7e7c6d-b135-4075-b43b-cde9f23fefdc Fragile States Work with others to build on the New Deal for engagement in Fragile States agreed in Busan, including working towards a Compact setting out mutual commitments between the donor community and the Government of South Sudan _3e135dda-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.3.i Fragile States Government of South Sudan Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 cb504363-fd85-4a00-91f1-f0ee09d7fc03 Arab Partnership Programme Support the delivery of the Arab Partnership programme in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing technical assistance to ensure that the investments of multilateral agencies (World Bank, IFC, ADB and EBRD) fully respond to new Arab Spring conditions _3e13608c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.3.ii Middle East North Africa World Bank IFC ADB EBRD Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 9da3e600-ddbf-47cf-a8e6-c0f3941856a7 Conflict Analysis Finalise methodology for cross-UK Government conflict analysis by October 2012, complete new conflict analysis in at least four countries by March 2013, and ensure up-todate analysis in at least 13 of DFID-supported fragile and conflict-affected states _3e13635c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.3.iii Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 a3a846e4-efc8-4bfa-9af5-bcd254fb1c6c Humanitarian Response & Preparedness Improve effectiveness of UK and international humanitarian response and preparedness _3e136672-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.4 ecce8b76-10f7-4c7a-bace-b6a3341027b1 Humanitarian Organisations Assess the performance of UK core-funded humanitarian multilateral organisations against priority areas for reform as identified in the Multilateral Aid Review (MAR), and use this assessment to inform future funding allocations from April 2013 onwards _3e136942-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.4.i Humanitarian Organisations Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 3b0836b6-022d-4ff8-8b59-e4e4b41e51d8 Disaster Resilience Build disaster resilience in at least eight DFID country programmes as recommended in the Humanitarian and Emergency Response Review (HERR), including publishing work on earthquake preparedness in Nepal _3e136e92-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 4.4.ii Nepal Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 47a82df6-ff2b-4b34-a751-58540fe17d23 Girls & Women Lead international action to improve the lives of girls and women _3e1372a2-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5 Joy Hutcheon Lead Girls Women Leadership Lead international action to empower girls and women _3e1375a4-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1 260852d4-373f-44d7-b791-2dfb5071c38b Private Sector Expertise Work in partnership with the Nike Foundation to bring private sector expertise into DFID's strategy on gender equality, and stimulate innovative approaches to empowering adolescent girls _3e137892-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1.i Nike Foundation Adolescent Girls Start: Started | End: May 2013 8b6db566-a123-420b-87bb-696b20388a82 Strategic Vision Implement programmes to deliver the Strategic Vision for Girls and Women _3e137bbc-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1.ii Girls Women Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 6502ee39-ada4-42ba-9c69-323c6c8ed741 Progresss Assess the progress of international organisations on delivering for girls and women where this has been identified as a reform priority following the Multilateral Aid Review _3e137eaa-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1.iii International Organisations Start: Started | End: Oct 2013 29f4429f-38a4-4e1f-8a75-e345f876d4f3 Girls Education Challenge Launch the Girls Education Challenge, available to the charitable and private sectors, to put up to one million more of the world's poorest girls in school by 2015 _3e1381a2-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1.iv Girls Poorest Girls Charitable Sector Private Sector Start: Started | End: Dec 2012 401fe095-ffc1-492d-8bee-eac3621e8f37 Research & Innovation Establish a research and innovation fund to build the evidence and test out new approaches in ten priority countries on the most effective ways of preventing violence against girls and women _3e1384e0-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.1.v Girls Women Start: Started | End: Dec 2012 61b075bc-b8f3-4b86-b7ee-aec52514a51b Maternal Health & Family Planning Lead international action to improve maternal health and access to family planning _3e1387ec-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.2 f41da674-6482-41de-924e-6a4a90e6c92f Business Plan Conduct a mid-term review of the Reproductive and Maternal Health Business Plan including progress against results _3e138b02-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.2.i Start: Apr 2013 | End: Dec 2013 cd4ef2d5-c9c5-4ee0-a617-0b581e1f334c Financial & Policy Commitments Host a major international event to mobilise sufficient financial and policy commitments to enable at least 120 million additional women in the world's poorest countries to have access to modern methods of family planning by 2020 and to re-establish family planning as a fundamental development and health service for women _3e13c9c8-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 5.2.ii Women Poorest Countries Start: Started | End: Jul 2012 f4112600-7eb7-4d12-b163-5bde849a066a Climate Change Combat climate change _3e13ce28-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6 Richard Calvert Lead Climate Adaptation & Low-Carbon Growth Support developing countries' climate adaptation and low-carbon growth _3e13d1b6-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1 Developing Countries Poorest Countries 073e030c-c869-4997-86e4-70f296a98e08 Climate Finance Architecture Improve the effectiveness, innovation and results focus of the international climate finance architecture, including the future Green Climate Fund _3e13d88c-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1.i Start: Started | End: Dec 2013 abff3f15-9dc5-4ab2-a75f-2d2c5929d2a2 Climate Spend Assessment Partner with at least three governments and International Financial Institutions to develop a framework for assessing the effectiveness of climate spend through the UK's International Climate Fund, and use this to inform the design of the Monitoring and Evaluation framework of the Green Climate Fund _3e13dbf2-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1.ii International Financial Institutions Start: Started | End: Mar 2015 1479f803-a746-42db-890d-eba4b7817934 Private Finance & Investment Launch a public-private partnership programme to enhance developing countries' access to private finance and instigate private investment in low carbon infrastructure _3e13df4e-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1.iii Start: Started | End: Mar 2013 d642dfd3-e21d-4e8d-a585-ce0d2dd915b0 Projects & Programmes Implement projects and programmes in six countries to help at least one million people cope with the effects of climate change _3e13e336-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1.iv Start: Started | End: Jul 2013 6ac3e1eb-7619-46a7-b16a-cd0d1a26c03b Innovation Centres Support climate technology innovation centres in at least two countries _3e13e8fe-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.1.v Start: Dec 2012 | End: Mar 2015 6121cd30-3d72-406c-84b5-a812c2acd73f Climate Smartness Make DFID programmes more climate smart _3e13ecbe-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.2 d73b3dd4-982f-4d69-b2c7-e9c705575e3e Risks & Opportunities Ensure that climate change risks and opportunities are identified and addressed across DFID's country programmes and other major policy and spending areas through the implementation of Strategic Programme Reviews _3e13f0ba-7bda-11e2-9136-786c78044bef 6.2.i Start: Started | End: Dec 2013 ba844722-f517-4a52-9ac5-8233edbb8a79 2012-05-31 2013-06-01 2013-02-20 Owen Ambur Submit error.