Mission Dramatists Guild of America DG _e8b36fde-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a We are a community of playwrights, composers and lyricists dedicated to protecting, informing, and promoting the interests of dramatists everywhere. Playwrights Composers Lyricists “People come to the theater,” David Mamet once said, “to be told the truth.” From O’Neill to Albee to Sondheim, the voice which has spoken that truth has been the voice of the American playwright. _e8b37178-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a To ensure that the voice of the playwright will continue to be heard loudly, clearly, and without compromise. _e8b37236-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a Interests of Dramatists Protect, inform, and promote the interests of dramatists everywhere. _e8b372b8-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a Dramatists We do this by providing free of charge to our members: Contracts and Advice Contracts and legal advice. _e8b37330-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 1 798b0018-b226-4fd0-98ac-9495c60b87ed aed6eb94-74a1-4197-9fee-67245cb23665 Information Information about representation, production opportunities, theatrical resources, grants, prizes, awards and members’ publications through our web-site and bi-monthly magazine, The Dramatist. _e8b373bc-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 2 8426be11-6c5d-492e-9d72-8cbbcbb393c7 fde1c53f-d470-4fb8-afaf-a1bdc1ff7bcd Copyright Protection Rigorous defense of our copyrights - that is, we protect the right to own and control our own work. _e8b3743e-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 3 901cde5d-38cb-425f-9c29-bc05cec00818 66df559d-1c32-4a0d-8388-28a0d9f76e1c Censorship and Enroachment Resources to counter censorship and artistic encroachment of any kind. _e8b37524-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 4 4b953291-64b0-4285-ac5a-1d5bfada959f 59672035-4522-4a7f-8c95-ab06151deae1 Cultural & Educational Exchanges Cultural & educational exchanges with other playwrights, composers and lyricists in the form of informal talks and round table discussions with theater professionals. _e8b375ba-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 5 Playwrights Composers Lyricists 8be0d5f3-59b9-426c-828f-773976b45fd8 14c48445-19f1-4830-bdcb-e582dde10dcb Fellowships and Observerships Year-long fellowships and observerships for new writers. _e8b3765a-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 6 New Writers 8f07382b-1187-4606-99bd-d9e663111071 4f205c05-c781-4047-b417-d409af07b740 Advocacy Advocacy for cultural diversity, including issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity and disability. _e8b376fa-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 7 e15f6051-ccce-4f1b-b349-b538ed8f0b64 b3de1c3b-61bc-4836-ade7-70d1a5057517 Health Insurance Access to health insurance plans and through The Dramatists’ Guild Fund, providing financial support for writers in need. _e8b377a4-642a-11df-a382-0d427a64ea2a 8 Writers in Need 4b079caf-8896-4320-8161-7287bdb93718 2b890768-9fa8-41db-bc12-5282463c643a 2010-05-20 http://dramatistsguild.com/about_mission.aspx Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.