Development Gateway Foundation Development Gateway Foundation DGF _a4b86d1c-eaee-4010-b3dc-bb3b708e3132 A world in which the digital revolution serves people everywhere – creating greater opportunity through increased access to critical information; greater reliance on local capabilities; and more effective, better coordinated international aid _71323889-d90c-41f5-a3ed-61cf79ce72d6 To reduce poverty and enable change in developing nations through information technology _f3b0484e-c3c6-44b3-b5ce-48c565255677 Collaboration No single organization, set of ideas, or set resources can make a significant impact on reducing poverty in the developing world. Collaboration, respect, and coordination of resources will achieve the greatest results. This starts with the leadership and participation of developing countries themselves. Innovative Thinking The pursuit of Development Gateway Foundation’s mission requires breaking out of conventional ways of thinking about development. We value creativity and problem-solving among our staff and partners in working together to effect change. Action Development Gateway Foundation's role is to develop real-world solutions to real challenges faced by the development community. These solutions benefit the public, private and civil society sectors. We believe in the principles behind the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness, and believe that ICT can play an important role in achieving its goals. Commitment to Cause Development Gateway Foundation’s international staff is deeply committed to empowering people in developing nations to find new solutions to old problems. We believe that Development Gateway Foundation can make a significant contribution to development, poverty reduction and improved quality of life for people worldwide. Good Governance Development Gateway Foundation is committed to transparency and good governance in its own work and relationships with donors, partners and the public. We promote these values within the development community, and believe that they are fundamental ingredients for successful development in any nation. Web-Based Support for Aid and Development Provide Web-based platforms that make aid and development efforts more effective around the world _7e2dd5ff-ce2f-4875-89a9-7a0085c89ab6 Heritage -- The foundation started within the World Bank. It became an independent foundation, supported by government donors as well as private sector pioneers who recognized the high potential of ICT to increase the impact of scarce development resources. Today, it is supported by a growing number of donors. Effective Government Enable better aid management and coordination, and more efficient and transparent government procurement. _bc66eea2-ac09-4de4-b20e-286bacf1f1de 1 9efa24af-3abd-4514-a7fa-2672625d20fc 34b92af6-07fc-4a1f-a86d-4ff592a301ff Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Leverage the Internet for online communications among development practitioners worldwide. _62bf5eba-001f-4b0b-aa3c-4d0f5a5e785d 2 079c4a40-2376-4ae6-af50-535aff9ef414 aea64454-bc92-41d0-9b33-e6a0a0e98b06 Local Partner Programs in Nearly 50 Countries Connect developing country organizations into a global network to empower them to use information and communications technologies to bolster local development efforts. _eeecb6ce-a505-49b6-81bb-c2fcea90cfe2 3 Partnerships -- The success of our work depends on close working relationships with developing country partners – governments, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector – as well as with international development institutions, donor agencies, individual development specialists and other organizations committed to reducing poverty through sustainable development worldwide. 4d3c9c3a-a431-413a-abfe-ff0dcc3dc7d4 f03816b0-c866-4e8f-b80e-e3e95b39bb91 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.