Decentralized Information Group Decentralized Information Group DGI _c05ea546-1c7d-48ff-9c78-72fb7c8aca48 859999dd-d43b-4ee3-b2dc-9e510e9bfcea To explore technical, institutional and public policy questions necessary to advance the development of global, decentralized information environments. _63efd6c3-9331-4d69-9ede-50a59ae69668 Decentralization The World Wide Web scales because its architecture is decentralized. There are (mainly) no central bottlenecks physically, socially or conceptually. This group takes this architecture in two directions: where the web architecture could be improved, we look at even more scalable architectures which remove the remaining centralized constraints (such as the social and technical constraints around the domain name system), and we take build on top of the existing web a Semantic Web of self-describing data which allows machine processing across the boundaries of applications and organizations. Open Source Consistent with the Semantic Web's overall goal of promoting open access to knowledge and computing resources, DIG works with open source tools and produces open source code based on open, publicly specified standards. Semantic Web Architecture Develop an architecture for the Semantic Web. _99dd2c14-497f-4cf4-990a-a92b0187d7e7 1 625775f3-6f1c-427e-a63f-0f17e0a083d6 644e1476-399d-4e52-8b69-1318199e2f51 e6545711-3bdb-4c85-856b-ff076dc13453 Semantic Web Techniques Apply Semantic Web techniques to specific application domains such as life sciences research, libraries and digital repositories, and peer-to-peer social networking applications. _4eaabf37-5953-4a57-b815-6b75dbaf7ddd 2 In the future we expect to expand this work to other scientific research communities and domains. 87f409ef-9baa-4b7d-83c4-e1513edd9997 5673fbac-ef90-4236-bc7c-f8c4cdca74c1 06a1a596-1e06-4540-b5bd-19d7413b6737 Policy Aware Web Develop infrastructure to give users greater transparency in their online interactions, help both people and machines to play by the rules relevant to social interactions in which they participate, and provide some accountability where rules are broken. _672ac24a-8bec-484c-9799-7adcd416642a 3 The policy aware Web is the logical continuation of the user empowering features of the Web that have, in the Web's first decade, been critical in shaping the delicate relationship between Web technology and the surrounding legal environment. b1a06499-5523-47b9-95e6-59d956baed30 c2b60590-a493-4e5c-9609-75e8f1be3059 2da8ffc3-25eb-46c7-b673-34c474d64e27 Public Policy Investigate public policy issues relating to decentralized information systems. _d6c02f1f-083e-42ff-ba0e-1d06811d5fef 4 Decentralized information space public policy issues: the sound operation and advancement of decentralized information systems require forward-thinking public policies regarding privacy, security, freedom of expression, to intellectual property protection, including treatment of traditional content and software, as well as metadata and other new modes of information expression made possible by Semantic Web technology. DIG investigates a variety of such public policy questions informed by our unique perspective on new technology developments. 20f852c7-6503-4941-88e5-e9ad82c5e257 b2965fa6-f5d8-47e4-a73a-c4e855e760d9 801e0c6c-2b14-4c82-ab6e-3337431b7012 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.