About Digital Government Institute Digital Government Institute DGI ID-11e70b34-2af9-4788-bad0-fed9fc214e0f For over 15 years, Digital Government Institute has provided leading-edge education programs on the most important topics facing government IT managers. Government IT Managers By connecting these communities in person and online, this is a truly comprehensive, integrated approach for addressing the most important topics facing government IT and management professionals. DGI Executive Management Team DGI's Executive Management Team has over 45 years event and media experience, and is committed to excellence by providing opportunities for the government IT community to connect, collaborate, and share experiences. Project Management Institute And as a trusted education provider, DGI has been reviewed and approved as a Registered Education Provider by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 38cbbdf3-434f-48a7-be5a-27335fa85a1b Provide leading-edge education programs on the most important topics facing government IT managers. ID-c7092578-3ea8-4458-a5b8-f947cbbe72d0 Knowledge Deliver knowledge ID-2f68fe13-d6c0-4b2f-8184-291e910a54d3 Digital Government Institute is a trusted resource for delivering knowledge through: Training Seminars ID-e27390a4-7fb2-469d-8613-1deecbaa5ccc 1 DGI offers in-depth training on a variety of topics. These seminars are vendor-neutral and provide attendees the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of these topics in an academic setting. 7eb108c9-041e-454c-859b-dfce05b10c39 Conferences & Expos ID-e56b08fc-bd4a-4d73-86dd-c000a3814f22 2 All DGI Conferences are free for government, and offer valuable, quality education and network opportunities to various communities. Attendees can hear from their public sector peers about best practices and lessons learned without paying registration fees. 5b796e9d-7799-4c52-a028-c81afc4576d9 Webinars ID-20b01fa1-eed7-42f7-8117-74921b84b6c1 3 These free online webcasts offer attendees the opportunity to participate 'live' or view on-demand at your convenience. 43dabd6a-30b6-495b-b153-057a4c221511 Knowledge Centers ID-e7bf2659-fc8b-4563-a9e5-843e9738328c 4 DGI's Knowledge Centers provide valuable resources to communities looking for more "knowledge" on the most important topics for government IT managers. Links to industry articles, white papers, user groups, associations, and other helpful resources are aggregated in each of these Knowledge Centers. c80e51c1-37a3-45df-8c99-878c5a54c321 2014-01-21 http://www.digitalgovernment.com/About-Us/Index.shtml Submit error.