Welcome to Digital Humanitarians Digital Humanitarian Network DHN ef2d0da9-3ab7-47d7-8b51-c6127afa9075 Andrej Verity Co-founder -- UN-OCHA Patrick Meier Co-founder -- iRevolution DHNetwork Coordinators The purpose of the DHNetwork Coordinators is to review activation-requests and rapidly liaise with the different volunteer & technical teams who are members of Digital Humanitarians to build a Solution Team best able to act on a request. The Coordinators aim to provide a response to every request within 24 hours... The Coordinators of the Digital Humanitarian Network currently are: Cat Graham Humanity Road Kate Chapman Humanitarian Open-Street-Map Team Luis Capelo a volunteer member of the SBTF (not official representation) Willow Brugh Geeks Without Bounds 015dff28-7b9a-4c0c-8e5f-a8d3d7d8317f To leverage digital networks in support of 21st century humanitarian response. 4fdaa0ec-dccf-4a3f-a734-d8019ec289d0 Network of Networks Form a consortium of Volunteer & Technical Communities (V&TCs) and to provide an interface between formal, professional humanitarian organizations and informal yet skilled-and-agile volunteer & technical networks. c9ee791f-54d0-4d40-b7dc-80114fe0b180 Volunteer Communities Technical Communities Humanitarian Organizations DHNetwork Members Help Earth Foundation Info4Disasters PeaceGeeks Translators without Borders Humanity Road Statistics Without Borders Geeks Without Bounds Esri DataKind UNV Online Volunteering Service URISA's GISCorps MapAction Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Standby Volunteer Task Force DH Coordinators We are taking an iterative approach in developing this interface and will expand membership to this network over time. Membership is by organization only. 725ef881-61fa-4608-833d-f82dc814c44c 4787ebdb-cd1a-40e1-b11b-706d87bc1742 2013-11-14 http://digitalhumanitarians.com/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.