One Team, One Mission, Securing Our Homeland The 2008 Strategic Plan serves to focus the Department’s mission and sharpen operational effectiveness, particularly in delivering services in support of Department-wide initiatives and the other mission goals. It identifies the goals and objectives by which we continually assess our performance. The Department uses performance measures at all levels to monitor our strategic progress and program success. This process also keeps the Department’s priorities aligned, linking programs and operations to performance measures, mission goals, resource priorities, and strategic objectives. Faced with the challenge of strengthening the components to function as a unified Department, DHS must coordinate centralized, integrated activities across components that are distinct in their missions and operations. Thus, sound and cohesive management is the key to Department-wide and component-level strategic goals. We seek to harmonize our efforts as we work diligently to accomplish our mission each and every day. U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS _565b6df4-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a A secure America, a confident public, and a strong and resilient society and economy. _565b7ad8-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a We will lead the unified national effort to secure America. We will prevent and deter terrorist attacks and protect against and respond to threats and hazards to the Nation. We will secure our national borders while welcoming lawful immigrants, visitors, and trade. _565b7c72-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a Duty Embodying Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability. We will faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. We will never forget that, for many, we are the face of America – the first Americans that many visitors will meet. Respect Honoring Our Partners and One Another. We will highly value the relationships we build with our customers, partners, stakeholders, and each other. We will honor America’s liberty, democracy, and diversity. Innovation Creating Opportunities. We will identify and explore uncharted opportunities to enhance homeland security. We will encourage and recognize our employees’ original thoughts and initiatives and will foster a creative environment in which they can grow, develop, and progress. Vigilance Safeguarding America. We shall identify, defeat, and mitigate threats to the safety of the American people. We will constantly guard against threats, hazards, or other dangers that threaten our Nation and our way of life. Dangerous People Protect Our Nation from Dangerous People _565b7dbc-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 1 Border Control Achieve Effective Control of Our Borders. _565b7e8e-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 1.1 We will reduce the likelihood that terrorists can enter the United States. We will strengthen our border security and gain effective control of our borders – at and between the ports, on land, at sea, and in the air. We will defend our homeland with layers of security. Whenever possible, we will expand our zone of security, managing risks and interdicting threats before they arrive on our shores. We will make our border security smarter, stronger, and more effective while facilitating legitimate travel, migration, and continued expansion of commerce. 94428e5f-ea02-4044-8913-1dc5c2a653b0 7ec8a13e-51e5-40a2-857c-f08cde85e956 Interior and Immigration Protect Our Interior and Enforce Immigration Laws. _565b7f38-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 1.2 We will increase the efficiency of our systems for processing arriving visitors and immigrants without sacrificing security or respect for human dignity. We will increase apprehensions of workers and employers violating immigration laws. We will administer immigration laws with integrity, efficiency, and respect. 0ecfeebe-6618-4c43-9c66-5ad2e9fe2ba5 7fa06caf-4cde-449c-98a6-6b081b7c8548 Traveler and Worker Screening Strengthen Screening of Travelers and Workers. _565b800a-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 1.3 We will improve the security and mobility of travelers and increase focus on high-risk individuals through improved use of data, screening, fraud-resistant credentials, and biometric tools. This will reduce the risk of potential terrorism or other unlawful activities from threatening our Nation. We will streamline the screening of legitimate travelers and workers without sacrificing security. We will accomplish these protections while honoring the values that distinguish our country. 8d4b0d3c-d1c8-433a-b390-eddf0c6250ee e2bb734c-5c48-4370-9d15-a9b79fd450e4 Immigration Services Improve Security through Enhanced Immigration Services. _565b80b4-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 1.4 We will increase our security by denying immigration benefits to persons wishing to do us harm and integrating our information with that of other Federal agencies with an aim of keeping out dangerous individuals. We will strengthen immigration fraud detection and other measures to protect the country while ensuring that we provide immigration benefits to eligible parties in a timely, efficient, and customer-centric manner. d90bd75a-95d6-4e08-bbab-cf26048ac84c b271926a-22d0-401a-a61d-07a1a6bd41aa Dangerous Goods Protect Our Nation from Dangerous Goods _565b815e-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 2 Radiological/Nuclear Attacks Prevent and Detect Radiological/Nuclear Attacks. _565b8212-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 2.1 We will reduce the risk of, and guard against, nuclear and radiological attacks in the United States. We will develop and implement measures aimed at preventing successful introduction of nuclear and radiological weapons into the United States, whether by air, land, or sea. We will develop and deploy systems and intelligence capabilities – both domestically and overseas – to detect and prevent nuclear or radiological attacks at our borders or within our Nation. 71400888-1be5-4b0f-b2ef-a0434214ba74 4368060a-7970-4a2a-9461-19bbec562d3e Biological Attacks Prevent, Detect, and Protect Against Biological Attacks. _565b82bc-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 2.2 We will lead efforts to establish an integrated National Bio-defense Architecture. We will systematically prioritize and focus efforts, including risk-based threat assessments, biological detectors, bio-surveillance, forensics, and emergency planning systems that can quickly detect, characterize, and respond to biological attack. We will prepare individuals, families, communities, and the Nation to respond effectively to biological attacks in the United States and minimize consequences. 21c0a022-7867-4c9d-a0ac-b34b7cdaecd7 0401297d-a2e1-4aa8-b5c5-395784ee17c4 Chemical and Explosive Attacks Prevent and Detect Chemical and Explosive Attacks. _565b8366-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 2.3 We will reduce the risk of and guard against chemical and explosive attacks in the United States. We will reduce the risks to our citizens and infrastructure from hazardous chemical and explosive attacks and incidents. 0268a334-4b62-4815-b230-5d12e70d44ed a28ad799-fe71-4e03-8926-e777bc6c0d69 Contraband and Trade Prevent the Introduction of Illicit Contraband while Facilitating Trade. _565b8424-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 2.4 We will guard against unlawful goods and activities entering the United States with minimal impact to legitimate trade. We will prohibit the introduction of illegal drugs and goods, and other harmful materials and organisms. We will partner with other agencies, foreign governments, and industry to share information and intelligence that will contribute to a safer America. 09234b14-468f-4b31-9e44-c0c7048cdb67 0803ce68-f393-4247-bebc-4469c58dd36c Infrastructure Protect Critical Infrastructure _565b84d8-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 3 Infrastructure and Resources Protect and Strengthen the Resilience of the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources. _565b8596-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 3.1 We will lead the effort to mitigate potential vulnerabilities of our Nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources to ensure its protection and resilience. We will foster mutually beneficial partnerships with public and private sector owners and operators to safeguard our critical infrastructure and key resources against the most dangerous threats and critical risks. We will strengthen resilience of critical infrastructure and key resources. 485fcd4d-8b15-4c89-b953-a5bf19d991d2 365028d8-3eb9-4e64-9bee-043d0c5a6b1c Government Communications and Operations Ensure Continuity of Government Communications and Operations. _565b865e-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 3.2 We will implement continuity of operations planning at key levels of government. We will improve our ability to continue performance of essential functions/business and government operations, including the protection of government personnel, facilities, national leaders, and the Nation’s communications infrastructure across a wide range of potential emergencies. ccbbfa07-603a-4288-9761-d761dca27a31 0ffb8d59-5825-48ad-b2d4-7296aafd44be Cyber Security Improve Cyber Security. _565b8730-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 3.3 We will reduce our vulnerabilities to cyber system threats before they can be exploited to damage the Nation’s critical infrastructures and ensure that such disruptions of cyberspace are infrequent, of minimal duration, manageable, and cause the least damage possible. b995ce53-b686-42a2-b95c-4a082a9e1490 77e018a2-f606-46e9-9df8-cba1b05d4fb7 Transportation Protect Transportation Sectors. _565b87f8-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 3.4 We will improve the resilience and security of the domestic and intermodal transportation sectors including air cargo, passenger aviation, rail, transit, highways, maritime, and pipeline modes. We will strengthen the transportation network and effectively mitigate risk through an integrated systems approach that includes advancing foreign and domestic partnerships. We will continuously enhance marine safety and stewardship, including the safety of life at sea and protection of key resources. d6eaae1e-e3f1-4f3d-b5d0-9b6e43a4fffe 1abb386e-798a-4dfa-a228-3f172ad8c459 Preparedness and Emergency Response Strengthen Our Nation's Preparedness and Emergency Response Capabilities _565b88c0-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 4 Preparedness Ensure Preparedness. _565b8992-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 4.1 We will empower Americans and governments at all levels to be prepared, capable, and ready to respond to adverse incidents. This national preparedness will help reduce the loss of life and property from adverse incidents, emergencies, and disasters, including catastrophic events by effectively preparing the Federal response and encouraging a national culture of preparedness and self-sufficiency. We will assist in providing for medical preparedness against public health threats – both naturally occurring and man-made. We will develop and employ joint planning and exercise capabilities to enhance governmental preparedness. We will empower Americans to take individual and community actions before and after disaster strikes through effective mitigation and preparedness programs. We will ensure that Americans and their governments at all levels are ready for man-made events, natural disasters, and severe pandemics. 39f552de-7fc1-439d-aaee-39393fe53348 90a8436a-c086-4eda-b7c2-6544b0d91404 Response and Recovery Strengthen Response and Recovery. _565b8a6e-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 4.2 We will empower Americans and their governments at all levels to effectively respond to and recover from major disasters and emergencies, including catastrophic events. We will reduce the immediate loss of life and property from adverse incidents. We will work with our partners to help restore services and rebuild communities after incidents or emergencies. We will strengthen nationwide response capabilities. We will act swiftly in response to a disaster, particularly when first responders are overwhelmed. We will deploy the necessary Departmental Components to assist those affected by a disaster. We will provide professional, trained, and certified leaders and staff to manage disaster relief and recovery operations, wherever they might occur. We will build the foundation of an effective, coordinated response and define the doctrine to guide the national response. We will lead and sustain the Federal effort needed for disaster recovery while respecting and supporting the roles of individuals, State and local governments, faith-based and community organizations, and the private sector. We will increase our ability to deliver quick, compassionate, and easily accessed assistance to individuals and communities through the effective use of technology and streamlined, transparent processes while minimizing the occurrence of waste, fraud, and abuse. f16b03a6-f80c-4f66-a67d-3e5bc9f99d56 fe5cdb61-af73-4b8a-9fa2-7220b02340a4 Operations and Management Strengthen and Unify DHS Operations and Management _565b8b54-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 5 Governance and Performance Improve Department Governance and Performance. _565b8d2a-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 5.1 We will improve Department governance and performance in support of DHS Components delivering mission goals. We will lead efforts within the Department that provide structure to enhance Department-wide governance, decision making and oversight, including internal controls and performance management tracking. We will optimize processes and systems to facilitate integration and coordination. We will foster leadership to perform duties and effect progress while adhering to DHS core values and guiding principles. We will leverage culture to implement best practices that benefit from component commonalities and differences. 5672fefd-4961-4f6f-8476-8e7e9799c889 eb4505aa-e606-492a-a0e1-e0e823cbddf8 Intelligence and Information Sharing Advance Intelligence and Information Sharing. _565b8e24-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 5.2 We will ensure that timely, actionable, and complete intelligence and incident-related information reaches the right individuals at the right time to best mitigate threats and risk, while creating a culture of awareness for privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights. We will work to maximize the value of this information to those who receive it. We will ensure that the DHS culture, business processes, and governance employ the broadest possible structure to collect, communicate, analyze, disseminate, and integrate homeland security and law enforcement intelligence and information. We will improve interaction between disparate systems, align shared services, and build sustainable information sharing infrastructures. We will enhance integration among the intelligence components of the Department, using standardized processes that support a unified DHS intelligence mission that epitomizes a streamlined model of efficiency. As we advance information sharing partnerships, we will collaborate closely and work to identify and minimize barriers to sharing information among Federal, State, local, tribal, international, and private and non-profit sector security partners. We will ensure that our domestic and international partners receive needed risk information and share their information with the Federal Government. We will continuously assess our work to enhance our performance in sharing and analyzing intelligence and information. e0ea88f2-e3a0-415a-9682-9695f31be00e 07e58c2f-96ff-4014-a6c1-b1ecc6105637 Policy, Planning, and Operations Integrate DHS Policy, Planning, and Operations Coordination. _565b8f00-4eac-11e0-b176-490f7a64ea2a 5.3 We will strengthen and unify strategic and policy direction through improved strategic planning and assessment. We will ensure that these efforts are integrated with and informed by the Department’s operations coordination and planning efforts. We will create and enhance a DHS operations coordination capability to plan for and coordinate non-routine, cross-cutting operations that require multi-Component activities. 28a6bb07-4e30-4899-a49d-137ec2069f00 e3d54101-ece9-4252-a1fd-364b8c1a0dba 2007-10-01 2013-10-30 2011-03-14 Owen Ambur Submit error.