FACA Committee Purpose & Justification The information in this plan was imported from the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) database and transformed into StratML Part 1, Strategic Plan, format. Fiscal Year:2011 Committee Type: National Policy Issue Advisory Board Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee DHS 64aad54d-0d1f-461e-ba52-4b498f1224ae [681]: Http://www.FishSafe.info/ Department of Homeland Security [654]: http://www.dhs.gov Sponsoring Agency Beneficiary Mr. Rodney Manuel Avila Commercial Fisherman & Safety Trainer Committee Member Special Government Employee (SGE) Performer Victoria Baker University of Alaska, Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Brian Paul Bratager Managing Director, Ocean Marine Seattle, WA Committee Member Representative Performer Ms. Thu Bui LA Sea Grant Program Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Thomas Hill Dameron Shipboard Emergency Action Co., President Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. R. Alan Davis American Seafoods Co., Safety and Compliance Manager Committee Member Representative Performer Mr Gerald Dzugan Executive Director, AMSEA Committee Member Representative Performer Mrs. Michele Longo Eder Commercial Fishing Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Glen H. Hewlett Jr. Owner/Operator Committee Member Representative Performer Ms. Leslie Hughes Executive Director, North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association Committee Member Special Government Employee (SGE) Performer Mr. Erling E. Jacobsen Fishermen's Maritime Service, Inc. Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Frederick Mattera President, North East Safety Training Company Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. John Joel O'Leary Fishing Vessel Safety Instructor Committee Member Special Government Employee (SGE) Performer Philip Read Senior surveyor, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Committee Member Representative Performer Ms Kathy D. Ruhle Owner; Commercial Fishing Vessel Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Leland C. Stanford President & CEO, Leland Ltd, Inc.; Equipment Manufacturer Committee Member Representative Performer Edward Williams IMP Fishing Gear Committee Member Representative Performer Not Available d86e81b7-27e7-43da-ae62-4c6ce8252696 The Committee will advise, consult with, and make recommendations reflecting the Committee's independent judgment on matters and actions relating to the safe operation of vessels to which Chapter 45 of Title 46 U.S.C. applies, including navigational safety, safety equipment and procedures, marine insurance, vessel design, construction, maintenance and operation and personnel qualification and training. f8527aa7-67e5-4888-8df6-6610231aa4df Recommandations Not Available c4783425-ee30-4404-9da6-37273fa4aeed Make, Accept, Implement f49033da-03bd-4200-8510-c26171193519 8659f289-938b-4e66-b267-590bb4a4100b Recommendations Made Number Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee Department of Homeland Security Unspecified n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 For the period 2005-2011, 63 recommendations were made. 21 have action completed; 26 have action ongoing; 14 adopted but action pends; 2 have not been accepted.A current Rulemaking project under development for commercial fishing industry safety standards has considered the Committee's comments on safety requirements involving the commercial fising industry. The Committee recently made recommendations dealing with stability and safety training requirements, additional emergency drill requirements, inspection and testing of survival equipment, and deck safety that are being considered in the rulemaking.Several of the action items resulted in committee-developed outreach material and many have addressed program policy issues and strategies. All recommendations have aided the Coast Guard in the management of the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Program either through action, outreach materials, or better understanding of the unique perspective of commercial fishermen, manufacturers, training institutions, naval architects/surveyors, marine underwriters, and the public at large.The Committee contributed to implementing the majority of the legislative mandates of the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Act of 1988 and is now helping the Coast Guard develop additional programs and requirements that could improve the safety record of this industry. The primary focus continues to be on the development of comprehensive requirements that are reasonable and enforceable for improving safety in the commercial fishing industry. Another example of committee contributions was in 2004, two meetings were held during a transitional period to a more aggressive approach to voluntary dockside examinations and emphasis on a “new culture” of survivability within the commercial fishing industry following highly publicized vessel casualties. Recently, the committee met to evaluate and make recommendations on numerous items: identification of high risk vessels, survival craft extension policy, guidance on how to implement a web-based client that will provide fishers with a customized list of regulatory requirements, evaluation of methods of communications between the Coast Guard and the uninspected commercial fishing fleet, and review of requirements for excess equipment that may be installed on uninspected commercial fishing vessels. Other topics of interest include: training and drill documentation, production of damage control information pamphlets, documentation of vessel alterations and modifications as they relate to and may affect stability, and the development of a risk management guidance for fishing vessels. 100 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 dcbdb99e-0fa8-4819-b2e3-23163b708459 Recommendations Fully Accepted Percentage Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee Department of Homeland Security For a variety of its own reasons not applicable to the Committee, the agency may implement all/most of the recommendations, but few times recommendations are not implemented. n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 42 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 074e63fe-bfdf-4b39-bd89-2b591685cc7b Recommendations Partially Accepted Percentage Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee Department of Homeland Security There are sometimes a few proposals which were not funded in their entirety, those few being scaled back from their original level of requested funding (allowable under the program). n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 Some recommendations have no end date, such as keeping the FishSafe website updated. In other cases the recommendation will be reflected in a rulemaking project that has not yet been completed. These are considered adopted, action pending. 58 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2013-07-09 http://explore.data.gov/resource/datasets/c5i3-bb9j Gannon (J.) Dick gannon_dick@yahoo.com Submit error.