STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 – 2018 VERSION 1 DISA’s planning methodology consists of the development of three plans: The Strategic Plan, the Campaign Plan, and the Campaign Plan Implementation Plan. The DISA Strategic Plan provides a common understanding of our Agency mission and vision, and further identifies the strategic goals and key objectives that prioritize our efforts and postures the Agency for the future. The Strategic Plan guides the development of the Campaign Plan which introduces the Agency’s Lines of Operations, Joint Enablers, and specific operational initiatives that support the Agency’s strategic goals. At the tactical level, the Campaign Plan Implementation Plan guides day-to-day actions and tasks and resource alignment to meet our strategic direction. These plans form our roadmap that supports the Department’s vision to achieve a more effective, secure, and efficient enterprise for the DoD and the Nation. Defense Information Systems Agency DISA _e0be573e-6abf-4d9d-90be-bc698f7dbb5e RONNIE D. HAWKINS JR. Lieutenant General, USAF, Director DoD Warfighters National Leaders Mission Partners Coalition Partners Information superiority in defense of our Nation. _d46d10d2-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f DISA, a Combat Support Agency, provides, operates, and assures command and control, information sharing capabilities, and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint Warfighters, National level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of operations. _d46d1488-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f Global Network Our mission and responsibilities are global. DISA is required to provide information at Internet speed with available and emerging technologies such that any authorized user can connect to the network with the ability to produce or consume data and services anywhere on the network globally. Mission Support Our enterprise supports the Defense Department and its mission partners. DISA has been engaged in every mission the Department has undertaken over the decades. These engagements have become increasingly joint, interagency and international, and our partnerships have increased to reflect this. Full Spectum Support We must support the full spectrum of operations. The capabilities and services we provide support information sharing and facilitate decision making no matter the challenges faced and no matter where the information is located or sourced. Contested Battlespace Capability We operate in a contested battlespace. Mission success is dependent upon our ability to fight through a concentrated attack while reducing the attack surface, continually improving our command and control of the network, and assuring safe, secure information sharing. Integrated, Interoperable, Assured Infrastructure, Capabilities & Services We provide integrated, interoperable, assured infrastructure, capabilities, and services that recognize the enterprise begins at the edge. The edge is where any Warfighter or system associated with defense of our Nation is located, and we are committed to the user wherever on the globe the user operates. End-to-End Service Our aim is to enable and ensure end-to-end service. We and our mission partners are engaged from user to user – from wherever information is produced to wherever it is consumed. Always On The DISA enterprise must be always-on. The capabilities and services DISA provides are expected to be on and available to users 24x7x365. Information Environment Evolve the Joint Information Environment _d46d15be-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1 Evolve a consolidated, collaborative, and secure joint information environment, enabling end-toend information sharing and interdependent enterprise services across the Department that are seamless, interoperable, efficient, and responsive to joint and coalition Warfighter requirements. Value: Provide effective, reliable, robust capabilities that enable authorized users to connect with any device, anytime, from anywhere on the globe. IT Infrastructure Implement and sustain an efficient, converged, and consolidated IT infrastructure accessible by all means from anywhere within the DoD and by any authorized user _d46d16c2-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.1.1 8a8571bf-0467-43de-8a4b-5d613e7c58dc Infrastructure Convergence Converge enterprise infrastructure for a more efficient and affordable architecture through optimization and consolidation of data centers, cloud-based infrastructure, and standardized application solutions _d46d17a8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.1.2 94744b77-9fd3-4107-af13-f03a1df39dec Information Environment Lead the development and operation of a layered, faulttolerant, rapidly restorable, enterprise information environment, with capacity on demand, consisting of rapidly deployable components that allow for contingency operations in a full range of conflict _d46d1898-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.1.3 545507aa-26b8-4adf-bd69-1d331bc1e5f6 Voice, Video & Data Services Deliver integrated voice, video, and/or data services ubiquitously across an interoperable, secure, and highly available IP network infrastructure, regardless of technology, to provide increased mission effectiveness to the Warfighter _d46d1992-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.1.4 bc8c9387-09e9-460e-81d0-446a9a382f9e Rapid Deployment Support the ability to rapidly deploy enterprise solutions in support of the Warfighter _d46d1a96-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.1.5 b88996aa-a411-4da7-93b4-3257ec613c5a Mission Assurance Solutions Develop Joint Enterprise Mission Assurance Solutions that expand and extend the security protections of the Department’s information assets focusing on solutions and capabilities, while enabling authorized users to productively access needed information using any device and from anywhere in DoD _d46d1b86-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.2 54a4fed2-6263-44ae-886a-e438959fe474 Service Offering Portfolio Provide a portfolio of optimized and integrated enterprise service offerings that enable DoD-wide efficiencies and effectiveness, and improved responsiveness to dynamic joint and coalition mission partner needs _d46d1c80-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.3.1 8c29c787-7440-4780-b80c-92a94c9aa3a6 Partner & Leader Mission Support Optimize mission partner engagement and synchronize DISA services and capabilities to meet senior national leader, COCOM, Service, Agency, coalition, and other governmental partner mission requirements _d46d1d7a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.3.2 Mission Partners Senior National Leaders b32ec985-60d8-4db6-9533-c8b7180b7949 Service Development Drive the development of services that are standardized, common, and interoperable allowing users to access information locally and share globally across mission areas _d46d1e6a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.3.3 7d0a1470-42e2-46ce-88ef-cf7447b72da3 Foundational Services Deliver foundational services (i.e. metadata registry, content delivery, identity management, joint user messaging, etc) to provide a common core of infrastructure services that are critical higher level services, re-usable components and applications _d46d1f5a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.3.4 3ea49c3b-8d4b-4273-9e97-4af298694f82 Cloud Services Establish a range of cloud service offerings to meet DoD requirements _d46d2054-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.3.5 4220a051-bd8d-41c2-864a-3e710e186d97 Security Architecture Establish an overarching enterprise security architecture to secure and enable optimized and synchronized networks, programs, enterprise services, and joint and coalition operations _d46d213a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.4.1 28a61d40-51af-4663-b5c8-36c5a0675081 Cyber Situational Awareness Support command and control of the enterprise information environment by shared cyber situational awareness of the network as a whole _d46d222a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.4.2 1a91dd11-597c-4869-b39f-8075e8b41146 Data Protection Ensure protection and integrity of data in accordance with DoD-wide policies and procedures _d46d232e-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.4.3 b4fc9aa8-a1a0-4c0b-b2a0-187931ab1665 Security & Mobility Enable cyber security while focusing on enhanced mobility requirements of the enterprise _d46d2428-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.4.4 ae1345c1-952d-49ae-b575-f2be5e220917 Security Configuration Baselines Collaborate with industry and mission partners to develop security configuration baselines for new technologies _d46d2518-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.4.5 Industry Mission Partners 6d1396cf-45b6-414e-9951-d24c960226f4 Electromagnetic Spectrum Services & Capabilities Provide a full array of electromagnetic spectrum services and capabilities ranging from short notice on-the-ground operational support at the forward edge to long range planning _d46d261c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.1 0ffedbbd-9b5f-468b-8a71-94328a2702f0 Access Pursue national and international strategic objectives to ensure DoD’s access to spectrum in support of warfighting capabilities with a view towards efficient, flexible, and adaptive technology _d46d2716-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.2 37ed3c73-0063-4ad9-99fb-d57afdbbd60c Quality & Timeliness Enhance quality and timeliness of operational spectrum management (SM) support for warfighting operations _d46d2806-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.3 db4095c9-ce7a-49bb-9c65-d280e247dd9c Strategic & Implementation Plans & Architecture Lead the development of comprehensive and integrated strategic and implementation plans, and an architecture to transform SM to support future net-centric operations and warfare _d46d2982-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.4 2f9bb6f0-111b-4cc3-b9e9-89ebd3a89f5c Analyses Perform SM and engineering analyses supporting national and international spectrum use initiatives to ensure DoD spectrum access _d46d2a90-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.5 cd64bf1c-2fc4-46ac-b2c5-9a86b5bd6a12 Services, Capabilities & Emerging Technologies Implement, integrate, and improve net-centric SM services/ capabilities and influence/facilitate the implementation of emerging spectrum technologies _d46d2b8a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.5.6 b5a92019-3b50-4be0-af9d-f857605193ee Mobile Capability Promote rapid delivery and utilization of secure mobile capability, leveraging commercial mobile technology to enable an agile deployment environment for new and innovative applications to support evolving Warfighter requirements _d46d2cde-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.6.1 Warfighters 94bb05d1-7dbb-4449-9c43-10c828a96501 Infrastructure & Services Establish common infrastructure and services for both unclassified and classified mobile solutions to enable the efficient application of mobile technologies to meet a wide range of DoD requirements _d46d2dec-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.6.2 DoD 07245e5a-5e24-48f6-9cf7-225e8eb57d09 Security Standards & Certification Establish security standards and a certification process sufficiently agile to keep pace with the rate of evolving mobile technologies _d46d2f04-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.6.3 6af9ff45-fdfe-4d7d-be5a-6cde21e5cc5a Applications Management Provide a framework for management of applications to expand the capabilities available to users via mobile technology _d46d303a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 1.6.4 11974e8d-1804-4962-aa00-10061c6a7047 Leadership Support Provide Joint C2 and Leadership Support _d46d3152-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2 Engineer, provide, and enhance command and control (C2) and mission partner information sharing capabilities to enable decision makers with the ability to exercise authority and direction over assigned and attached forces and resources while rapidly and effectively sharing information across the strategic, operational, and tactical spectrum of operations. DISA will lead the development and evolution of JC2 capabilities used to plan and execute the full range of joint, interagency, and multinational military operations. Value: Deliver C2 and information sharing capabilities as a force-multiplier for the Department and national-level leaders National Leadership Enterprise Solutions Develop, enhance, and operate national leadership enterprise solutions _d46d3274-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.1.1 73195a7c-7e34-4b1c-8fce-096514cacfd7 NC3 Support national leadership and modernize as required to enable reliable nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3) _d46d33b4-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.1.2 cdef21a3-1ce2-4e30-8536-83d5195339a5 Transitional Architectures & Standards Develop, publish, and maintain transitional architectures and standards to converge operational and strategic C2 capabilities _d46d34cc-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.1.3 931530b2-3675-46a4-884d-10297bebf538 National Leadership Capabilities Provide the ability for our national leadership to effectively coordinate, make decisions, and respond rapidly during times of stress and national emergency _d46d35ee-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.1.4 National Leadership 71155fb0-eda7-42b7-aeff-fa3af5ffd310 JC2 Architecture & C2 Capabilities Evolve the JC2 architecture and deploy its associated C2 enterprise capabilities _d46d3742-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.2.1 2232c77e-0239-4d3b-a3bb-59e58e88c26c Modernization Modernize the GCCS-J global baseline, Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and GCSS-J in accordance with the JC2 objective architecture _d46d3878-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.2.2 13f4ac90-1e8c-402e-acaf-dbcf024ac923 Widgets Expand the use of widget development and delivery approach across the C2 portfolio _d46d39a4-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.2.3 55de1c5d-0441-45f5-be35-f9570251f235 Future Mission Network Develop and integrate material solutions as a foundation for the Future Mission Network concept _d46d3af8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.3.1 3e7f1e98-fea0-44ac-ac2a-418ce4dc8043 Operational Concepts Assist with the development of Future Mission Network operational concepts as the requirements drivers for integrated mission partner IT capabilities _d46d3c2e-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.3.2 d9f9232e-1179-4bcd-b65d-58035763377f Infrastructure & Services Migrate the existing Rel-Secret capabilities to a more efficient infrastructure and set of common services _d46d3d5a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.3.3 143bfc3b-da47-4bd2-8751-89505ed8b2a8 Unclassified Information Deliver and evolve the enterprise unclassified information sharing service _d46d3eb8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 2.3.4 df3312a9-2012-44c8-97ad-00bf3fc820a2 Enterprise Operate and Assure the Enterprise _d46d3ff8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3 Provide adaptive and innovative cyber/network command and control (C2) to enable responsive operations and defense of a joint and coalition enterprise information environment in a contested or degraded cyber battlespace ensuring information superiority in defense of our Nation across the full spectrum of military operations. Evolve our cyber and network operations capabilities to function under dynamic conditions responding to increasing Warfighter information requirements, increased demand for operational efficiencies, and shifts in the global defense posture. DISA must actualize a resilient and responsive operational structure with advanced technology, synchronized processes and procedures, and a highly-trained workforce that is prepared to consistently and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances and respond to crisis and contingency requirements around the world, on demand. Value: Responsive operations and defense of our Warfighters’ information environment Global Net-Centric Enterprise Operate and assure a reliable, available resilient, secure, and protected global net-centric enterprise in direct support of joint and coalition warfighting _d46d4138-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.1.1 d6110227-986b-4cce-abad-0369ed7e68e1 Global Information Grid (GIG) Execute C2 to operate and defend the DISA elements of the Global Information Grid (GIG) for networks and network services, computing, enterprise services, information assurance, senior leadership communications, C2 communications, and information sharing capabilities _d46d42c8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.1.2 3f895777-4381-4b58-8b40-ec153b0a4a36 Operational Structures Extend DISA’s operational structures to operate and defend the enterprise information environment (e.g. Joint Information Environment) and support the evolving concept of Joint Cyber Center _d46d441c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.1.3 59e902fa-43eb-43d4-8f2c-9fe5c90f2a72 Multiple-Mission Capabilities Expand ability to support multiple simultaneous missions worldwide with IT capabilities _d46d4570-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.1.4 a9340139-b093-4fba-942c-aac0a87e89c9 DISA Capabilities Ensure DISA capabilities are operated and defended; supported by life-cycle sustainment, standardization, and interoperability to achieve operational effects _d46d46f6-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.2.1 069f69e3-bd0a-40e2-8c1e-9bc872111f40 NetOps Governance Expand NetOps governance, institutionalizing common procedures and standards for effectively inserting, operating, and defending DOTMLPF1 capabilities in the enterprise _d46d484a-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.2.2 30666bba-dc7a-4dc1-81fa-b298b388bf60 Operational Framework & Emerging Technologies Develop an operational framework to optimize service operations and provide a common understanding of how emerging technologies integrate into the enterprise _d46d499e-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.2.3 7dd86321-ca48-4a1f-b014-74c0ff912dd6 Operational Readiness Integrate operational readiness with Agency governance structures to inform Agency priorities of risk and associated remediation _d46d4b24-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.2.4 43819819-c6b9-4413-8649-43447f81a1af Mission Partner Engagement Optimize mission partner engagement to anticipate, influence, and respond to DoD mission requirements _d46d4c82-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.3.1 Mission Partners DoD 7655796d-7189-4f84-8e8f-75a392368f4a Partner Relationship Management Standardize mission partner relationship management processes to improve responsiveness to mission partners’ changing requirements _d46d4dcc-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.3.2 2f3efdd5-052b-4591-a52e-388b4958fb48 Outreach & Reachback Reengineer DISA’s outreach (proactive information sharing and advice) and reachback (accessibility to DISA headquarters for capabilities and services) engagement with mission partners, including evaluation of partners’ operational focus (e.g. Integrated Priority Lists, OPLANs, Campaign Plans), to improve responsiveness and readiness _d46d4f5c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.3.3 34d90312-e2d6-48a9-a5a1-8b0e4badc6cc Cloud Provisioning Simplify provisioning Defense Enterprise Services over the DISA cloud _d46d511e-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.3.4 983c92db-f464-4d50-8c51-1f06c564ca32 Readiness Posture Assess, shape, and influence the Agency’s readiness posture to ensure the Agency is capable of meeting warfighting requirements _d46d5290-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.4.1 76b514cb-1118-45e4-8c09-6557a4484f21 Readiness Program Evolve the Agency’s Readiness Program to assess the state of readiness to meet mission requirements and to know, understand, and accept risk and resource implications _d46d5448-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.4.2 b0b78ab7-fabe-4061-a8c2-f23a8b6fdff8 Analysis Approach Implement a multi-faceted approach (e.g., DOTMLPF) to analyze the effectiveness of critical infrastructure and services provided to the Warfighter _d46d55ba-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.4.3 Warfighters 16bfaa75-9320-45c0-ae9f-17c16824154c DoD & Coalition Exercises Strengthen and broaden DISA’s Agency Readiness through robust engagement and participation in DoD and coalition exercises _d46d572c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.4.4 a8d49abf-b3ce-496d-b46a-07a67fa10251 Readiness, Cyber Risk Management & Compliance Processes Conduct, shape, and influence operational readiness, cyber risk management, and compliance processes to operate and secure the DoD enterprise infrastructure _d46d58d0-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.5.1 acc56ee9-3d74-44c8-bdfa-bbd9801b4470 Standards & Training Develop and enforce standards and training that ensure rigorous compliance, inspections, and certification _d46d5a4c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.5.2 10d26d8f-7730-4523-a5b8-966003616226 Partnerships Foster partnerships with our mission partners, private industry, other federal departments, and our allies to exchange information and strengthen cyber security strategies _d46d5bc8-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.5.3 Mission Partners Private Industry Federal Departments ec02f92b-e62a-4770-9fd7-cc7db2ce9377 NetOps Structure Evolve DISA’s global NetOps structure through DOTMLPF analysis to maximize service operations, management, and mission assurance of the DISA-provided products and services, Cyber C2, and enterprise information environment _d46d5dbc-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 3.6.1 5832de7e-af30-45ba-9e9c-befc61448f27 Growth Transform operational construct to scale for supporting growth in enterprise services across DoD organizations _2e86d68e-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.6.2 7c54888a-5a5a-47f0-bb63-91a892de1d6d Facility Design & Standardization Shape and influence facility design and standardize C2 and network operations platforms globally _2e86f506-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.6.3 64eac4ef-7973-4f75-a121-2f81edb41888 DoDwide Defense Cyber Operations Expand the DISA role in DoDwide Defense Cyber Operations leveraging our Agency’s unique joint position to create valued services, improve readiness, and enhance mission partner capabilities _2e87028a-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.6.4 8dfcd7a7-f132-4d7d-bb5f-319b5fc1a469 Centers of Excellence Cultivate centers of excellence in cyber and network operations _2e87042e-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.6.5 88f4c02a-cb3e-4768-98e0-6053f1e1ea35 Global Defensive Posture Adjust the Agency’s capabilities to accommodate the Department’s shift in global defensive posture for the 21st Century _2e870582-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.7.1 3161d167-8e43-4e18-a85e-bf6c7d4381ad Requirements & Rebalancing Plan, analyze, and assess requirements, delivering capabilities as appropriate, in support of the Department’s rebalance of efforts toward the Asia-Pacific region for communications and enterprise services _2e870708-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.7.2 Asia-Pacific Region 1fc657f0-bcb5-4717-96cf-ead5df3a2e19 Europe, South-West Asia & Afghanistan Assess and adjust capabilities to support changing needs within Europe, South-West Asia, and Afghanistan, ensuring continued support to NATO and our coalition partners _2e87085c-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 3.7.3 Europe South-West Asia Afghanistan 402e3575-8768-488c-978e-4dc91ca5a105 Investments Optimize Department Investments _d46d5f4c-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 4 Enable the Department to maximize use of its resources by providing cost efficient capabilities; an effective and defensible infrastructure; and standardized support services, business processes, and policies that enable the rapid infusion of technology into the enterprise. Value: Advance mission effectiveness, achieve efficiencies, and enable the rapid infusion and integration of technology Acquisition & Procurement Promote the implementation of acquisition and procurement policies, processes, and practices that enable the development of the enterprise concept and provide agile enterprise IT contract solutions for the Department _d46d60d2-f782-11e1-bb5d-9b1067e8916f 4.1.1 9fa38fc5-7e31-49ef-83c5-c33050e307a1 Enterprise Information Environment Support DoD efforts to develop acquisition and procurement policy enabling implementation of the enterprise information environment _2e8709a6-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.1.2 314eab42-d921-40e1-bdc1-6b810aa94bb6 Contracts Manage or modify existing Agency contracts to eliminate duplication, optimize service offerings, and gain enterprise-level efficiencies to ensure “best value” _2e870b40-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.1.3 8bc95421-5ac7-4cc5-9e97-7ae08dd9e50f Mission Partner Requirements Manage mission partner requirements to achieve strategic sourcing cost and performance efficiencies _2e870ca8-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.1.4 Mission Partners 1574465c-bbb9-40d3-bce6-d91a6e8b33ff Streamlining Streamline Agency acquisition and contracting processes to support the enterprise _2e870dfc-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.1.5 8ae4b4f2-2559-4fb2-be1c-98fd6e3095ba Cloud Services Broker Support DoD CIO as the Cloud Services Broker for the Department _2e870fc8-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.1.6 DoD CIO 33483aec-91f6-4d85-8513-cf45b6324bf0 Development Framework Establish and sustain a comprehensive framework to guide the development of Department systems, services, and capabilities for improved interoperability _2e8711a8-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.2.1 5806e330-5ced-4986-90e9-a77453cf62ce Technical Innovation & Partnerships Leverage technical innovation and partnerships to design interoperable solutions _2e871306-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.2.2 2eadb570-0a3f-47cd-9efa-db9f1c863738 New Information Technologies Identify and integrate new information technologies into usable solutions that can be rapidly introduced and delivered _2e8714aa-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.2.3 cebdae64-75d2-453b-a998-642a9afd4403 Security Requirements Drive consistency for ensuring overarching security requirements are met across DoD _2e8725da-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.2.4 526e034e-749e-4c6e-bf41-2ed678d6b84b Workforce Align and prepare our workforce and DISA infrastructure to meet mission needs _2e872792-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.3.1 DISA Workforce f22ce82e-5b88-4682-a951-117cc5c48c47 Asset Positioning Effectively position our assets where they can be best utilized to support mission needs _2e873296-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.3.2 d249870d-56ef-4beb-8acc-81efc1d996f2 Agility, Flexibility & Diversity Cultivate a highly capable workforce characterized by agility, flexibility, and diversity _2e873c32-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.3.3 12273bca-0c16-49b6-baca-ff5f13e72645 Cyber Defense Workforce Establish a strong cyber defense workforce component _2e873dc2-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.3.4 04b70d31-cf05-4e9e-ab0e-71a62004e31e Fiscal Responsibility Demonstrate fiscal responsibility in every aspect of our operations _2e87475e-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.4.1 a27d5734-d413-4061-b4c0-2cc7aae2797f Transparency Ensure transparency of DISA’s financial resources through clean audit opinions for the Working Capital Fund and the General Fund _2e875154-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.4.2 242bd8cb-06bc-41f8-b5f9-7157df877631 Resource Alignment Effectively align resources to evolving mission requirements _2e8752ee-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.4.3 edffa5e3-67a0-4bbf-9d2d-1dc220a27cca Business Processes Implement standard business processes and models to define the enterprise capabilities and service offerings of the Agency and ensure continued value to the Department _2e875c80-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.4.4 c550ff67-90f6-4f09-8c11-9919a9a9c809 Lifecycle Acceleration & Cost Reduction Evolve the DoD’s development, test, certification, deployment, and sustainment lifecycle to accelerate capability delivery and reduce lifecycle costs _2e875e1a-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.5.1 1e7cc7d3-b573-4285-ba89-e829474f893b Service Provide the service to support collaborative and secure application lifecycle management _2e876798-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.5.2 b474855f-0938-4f84-aa88-1aab7cf8bae3 Testing & Certification Extend capabilities to include support for automated testing and certification _2e877512-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.5.3 bb309eda-c6d0-4a65-ae37-f891653a2ac3 TE&C Capabilities Provide efficient, responsive interoperability testing, and test, evaluation, and certification (TE&C) capabilities and environments as a service _2e8776ca-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.5.4 e902dba8-85d9-46cf-9022-d5e91b545f47 On-Demand Infrastructure & Platform Deliver on demand infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS, PaaS) integrated with to enable continuous application delivery _2e878278-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.5.5 d6b33ac7-57b0-41cb-83de-444d187cf248 Communication Clearly communicate the Agency strategy, and available DISA services and capabilities, both internal and external to the Agency _2e878bba-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.6.1 31c47f2f-7be8-4a71-8979-84441db8f938 Knowledge Management & Collaboration Capitalize on strategic information assets through standardized knowledge management and collaboration across the Agency and a seamless portal out to the GIG to effectively communicate with our strategic partners _2e8797ae-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.6.2 994c0d24-6221-43cc-8e76-59df7bfe56d4 Partner Engagement Actively engage our stakeholders, suppliers, and experts outside the Department to partner in evolving our capabilities and services to meet the needs of the Warfighter _2e879984-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.6.3 Suppliers Experts Warfighters c9966c66-8b8a-40f1-ac5e-2c1d5b0a048d Joint Information Environment (JIE) Support DoD’s governance of the Joint Information Environment (JIE) Initiative _2e87a348-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.7.1 8fe3008e-51fa-471f-a597-703667359cdb JIE Technical Synchronization Office (JTSO) Support development of the JIE Technical Synchronization Office (JTSO) _2e87a4ec-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.7.2 JIE Technical Synchronization Office (JTSO) 71e3a6dd-23d1-4a3b-af66-4946d7548405 Architectural Artifacts Provide key architectural artifacts _2e87a6ea-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.7.3 d79b7b28-e958-4ae8-8523-fbd8f1593f53 Industry Best Practices Integrate industry best practices into the existing DISA operational framework to make internal Agency interactions more efficient and improve service and responsiveness to our Agency partners _2e87a8de-f788-11e1-ba52-74e366e8916f 4.8 bd6c8682-c682-4a25-a22d-eb1dce2a492f 2012-10-01 2018-09-30 2012-09-05 Owen Ambur Submit error.