Data Interchange Standards Association Data Interchange Standards Association DISA _f47adbff-0c88-4e0a-9fe0-5793ecd0ef90 16c315f0-5649-4a36-81aa-cba2f994095c Serve as a home for the development of cross-industry electronic business interchange standards _7f458db5-4839-4e9b-adda-12c4654e217c Standards Support Serve as the Secretariat for ASC X12 and their X12 EDI and XML standards development process. _9bf9162f-a340-4045-bf2c-a4b7e1876378 1 Through our Affiliate Services division, we provide technical and administrative support to e-business, standards and XML specification development organizations. Unlike other association management firms, DISA is an experienced leader in supporting multi-industry business standards development in an open consensus-based environment. No two industries are alike. That's why we offer flexible types and levels of service. Specification Development  Manage the development and publication of standards _a5782078-a42f-4960-9e88-a2b5477ec9d6 1.1 Manage the specification setting process; publish approved specifications, and provide technical guidance 07a87878-0fed-4930-a5e1-2a5f85969670 bc9bbb0b-38c7-4fdb-9479-dc04c5aeb518 Organization Administration  Provide organizational, financial, membership, and communication services _64cb5a62-2f1c-4e78-926f-13a8b1795ee7 1.2 Provide corporate and general administration; manage finances and accounting procedures; offer membership recruitment, accounting and retention services; maintain web site and database; and provide communications, marketing and meetings support 619f74c1-33a2-45d9-a4e0-2c7b7c536a18 450678dc-bb7c-4366-8df6-33d440077f9a Publishing Publish X12 EDI and XML standards as well as technical reports and implementation guides _8e59591d-f732-4092-9438-2dcd2d0d7212 2 We are the only official source for X12 EDI and XML standards. We also publish technical reports and implementation guides. 95e03ead-4fca-49d1-b0b9-9fa4d2e726e4 d58552ac-d722-4ed0-b295-10437423e3e5 dbfa7581-5971-4192-808a-b5ce6f9ed350 Events Host standards-setting and global e-business networking forums. _aeb771e1-bab8-4a47-8c22-27ac884735f9 3 We host standards-setting and global e-business networking forums. Information about those events is posted on our Web site at 43e9328d-ac23-40c3-9593-c11af30bf6f5 b6543019-4c6e-4866-9afd-f214b25b7dca 81c02c77-e643-4fd1-8643-c56d1130dd7c 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.