Defense Logistics Agency Defense Logistics Agency DLA _ec8e576c-e499-4371-93d1-38559e0d8c9e Extending the Enterprise Forward to Meet the Needs of the Warfighter ... Right Item, Right Service, Right Place, Right Price, Right Time. . . Every Time _a90294ad-8ef7-48bf-823e-f0b86057168c To Provide Best Value Integrated Logistics Solutions to America’s Armed Forces and Other Designated Customers. . . in Peace and in War . . . Around the Clock, Around the World _fb9f5ab1-dfe0-4aeb-90c8-3272e9cd6842 SERVICE Our commitment to warfighter success PEOPLE Our greatest resource EXCELLENCE Quality in everything we do INNOVATION Preparing to meet future needs TRUST Our standard in every relationship Warfighter Potentials Maximize warfighter potential by extending the Enterprise to provide worldwide response and integrated, best value supplies and services consistently to our customers. _60d2b10a-503a-4181-a68d-e26dbff01a79 1 As a Combat Support Agency, DLA’s mission is to provide logistics support to the warfighter. DLA’s first and most important goal concerns the outcome for our customer. The strategies and objectives under this goal communicate how DLA will improve customer service and the level of service we have targeted to deliver. DLA aims for logistics excellence. Alignment Align personnel, organizational responsibilities, and capabilities to support warfighter needs (e.g., Forward/Deployable Distribution) by FY13. (J-3/4) _73370ec4-4b42-40af-9375-fe8525cc270e C1a 1e286190-757c-49dd-94b2-6c534c90ce88 75f4b31f-1474-4b98-b50e-573552259008 Operational/Tactical Sites Engage in Retail Integration Strategy planning for service operational/tactical sites in FY08 through FY13. (J-3/4) _4dd8141a-afdf-49bf-9d4d-a92d7616cce0 C1b 6ef8fbe3-6bbd-4c6b-af7a-1cf4db09f529 5a608d12-039e-4111-b5bd-ff301f77ab3b Industrial Sites Implement the Retail Integration Strategy at service industrial sites, achieving savings and efficiencies in personnel, space, and inventory as required by Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) law, no later than the end of FY11. (J-3/4) _b72a6a52-81bd-41fb-9db2-6e148bd65aea C1c add325f2-7f3d-437b-86fe-208b7e94dbcd 3996589b-291d-4bef-855d-2cb1b791dbb5 Procurement and Consumable Item Management Implement an integrated new Depot Level Reparable (DLR) procurement and consumable item management process supporting all service requirements by FY11. (J-7, J-3/4) _118e12ac-db97-477f-930c-5634a5220b39 C1d aed6f22c-4b1d-4159-b875-dfd8a2a4247d e2cf96ed-c9e2-40b4-b394-a89b3868c571 Personnel Deployment Deploy DLA personnel forward to the service industrial/Major Command sites to work jointly to establish effective transformation efforts and readiness processes by FY11. (J-3/4) _9e1abc8a-c330-4327-bf8b-2d2ae52716bb C1e f56195ac-dca0-4f47-8ad2-90482e9c49db f4a0ba2c-1df9-4185-b160-2d56c87c3143 Distribution Network Complete the redesign of DLA's CONUS distribution network by creating multiple CONUS support regions, each with a Strategic Distribution Platform (SDP) and one or more Forward Distribution Points (FDP) by FY11. (J-3/4) _75ddb1e0-48ce-4efb-89b3-65bcb9972e67 C1f 37e43726-a355-467f-802d-157a4f49a491 45e2fc48-2e7a-448a-ac18-45eec38da985 Privitization Effectively manage BRAC-directed privatization for tires, packaged petroleum, and chemicals to achieve assigned goals by FY11. (J-7) _704a9b92-7997-4a26-909f-ed8ddbd4a414 C1g 81739ffe-be4a-4bb8-ad29-b95394257c8c 6ce94e47-a5ca-460c-82e7-5ee1967eb1bb Warfighter Partnerships Strengthen effective strategic partnerships with the warfighter by FY07. (J-3/4) _073db114-6ce1-4b8a-af98-c2bc2b13654c C2a a44ecc8c-61c0-4ca0-82af-9e4f2913325a 0738c79b-5637-43ad-8d2d-6a095cee1444 Logistics Products and Services Provide value-added logistics products and services (e.g., kitting, integrated services, etc.) by FY11. (J-3/4) _2ea30674-9c4a-46ba-885d-a6c242c69f8c C2b a789b074-bd33-4d95-ba4b-abca79f6107a a7d17c86-53ae-4328-bf4a-ac6cdfcd2376 Solutions and Capabilities Translate customer needs into actionable solutions and develop identified capabilities needed to meet warfighter requirements by FY08. (J-3/4) _0ab6d623-1bd6-4581-bf46-6b2ba932f691 C2c 6683ec24-1bf2-4c03-99aa-ba7990899e6b e09081d7-37b2-4bd6-9b19-f2f05022b3ba Performance-Based Agreements Expand performance-based agreements with the military services to support the BRAC decision to transfer the procurement management of Depot Level Reparables to DLA by the end of FY07. (J-3/4, J-7) _1bdd3301-4aa5-40cd-b612-c67da7c850e1 C2d b02b75c1-ef34-4416-a9fd-a21dc254f9f8 31f14d55-d4d8-4d29-8d25-33550db1acf1 Disposal Operations Curricula Insert and enhance disposal operations content into the curricula of all the services’ logistics schools by the end of FY08. (DRMS) _41168396-5cdd-4217-baff-a1bf6a16f215 C2e 0604185f-c141-4243-8cb0-51afbb878cc6 8a62f96b-ebf3-4102-934d-5268fda291b9 Property Reutilization Improve percentage of reutilization of condition code A (serviceable-issuable without qualification) property to 30% by the end of FY13. (DRMS) _b30827f7-3a6e-4896-9835-d7889454b806 C2f a816a5df-df2b-4d63-b77e-49d1e3650534 ac00c31d-7320-4018-bbba-8d6c75bfce90 Performance Continuously improve DLA performance through the development of better processes and business arrangements that reduce cost, increase logistics capabilities, and link customer demands with our supply chains. _48028e24-d90a-4d76-a8b6-9aca1758a59d 2 This internal process goal results in strategies for improved market knowledge, customer and supplier accessibility, and collaboration. Supply chain management practices provide the set of tools to manage our internal processes. Our focus on supply chain management and information technology (IT) investment objectives provides the supporting performance targets to achieve this goal. Weapon Systems Logistics Develop and implement a comprehensive weapons systems logistics support strategy by FY12 to align supply and demand decision-making processes. (J-3/4) _11594dbf-4906-4c7d-b5a1-788354c3582e IP1a 55269c53-b91e-4fc8-8b3c-fd0b2ac5eea4 fd8d4ade-d5e6-438a-978a-ce8b3f726f8a Transfer of Procurement and Support Functions Complete the Depot Level Reparable procurement and related support functions transfer from the military services to DLA by FY11. (J-7, J-3/4) _1097e8e3-017a-46fb-ad85-a8ed834e8d17 IP1b f0830c69-495d-499d-8c88-ee7434bda3c7 aa55976a-8cfe-4e73-b687-77bbd4d6f6a9 Strategic Arrangements Develop and implement 20 strategic arrangements (i.e., Supply Chain Alliances, Performance-Based Logistics partnerships, and joint DLA/military service contract actions) between FY07 and FY11. (J-7) _e4b7acab-60c2-4689-bcf2-492d66a3fcb1 IP2a 18391da3-9d9d-4f93-b453-3401c6630688 0a57d32c-f1a2-4619-9edc-8e14d24a543d Transportation Coordination Support implementation of the Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative and associated business process improvements by FY09. (J-3/4) _c9a208b8-aea1-4dc9-a976-f043fad20c67 IP2b 91042a55-6d25-4950-b387-75608426fdaa a3113981-9b27-4024-b225-5f2d1ee165f5 Partnerships Utilize business partnerships to deliver comprehensive disposal services, to include reuse of excess property, to support the forward deployed warfighter through FY13. (DRMS) _d460ab5d-9ecc-42aa-af31-fc95f01855d9 IP2c 95bb2467-8301-470c-9654-dcf6fe029ef8 3d4a4ffb-e1b8-4b84-b757-5d8e5c49e0c8 Public/Private Competitions Reduce costs through public/private competitions maintaining equal or better mission performance by FY13. (J-7) _7dae100f-9fed-4808-8e9a-4af875d30e4a IP3a aca7ddc2-f293-4e92-818d-a88fd23424a3 2489d670-415f-4e07-8113-d044bd35de94 Reengineering and Continuous Improvement Utilize continuous process improvement methodologies to reengineer internal processes through FY13. (all J codes and field activities) _c4e4197a-f62d-48c5-82aa-3e9bda6ac0f6 IP3b 53475aee-2eaa-40ed-a214-23d248e88abe 35555eb5-a3bc-4618-9049-20e564f60252 Innovation Establish a common approach to encouraging and empowering innovation throughout DLA, resulting in new business models and/or improved business practices that can be deployed across the Enterprise through FY13. (all J codes and field activities) _9c7a5188-fa29-4745-8ffd-ef5efdbd1f8f IP3c 3ad49150-49f2-4d7b-95bb-0564156d2bc3 3266f070-6414-45ae-80db-63403854e020 Product and Reliability Improvements Develop a program for continuous product and reliability improvements as a follow-on to reengineering efforts by FY11. (J-3/4) _ddc71b63-81dd-4f12-a8b6-c9fccd3c7423 IP3d 324cc547-849c-415b-b40f-51869fec19d6 cb51797f-7fd9-4ffa-8f9b-4529b8afa91c Lean/Six Sigma Reengineering Implement Lean/Six Sigma to reengineer BRAC-associated processes in order to achieve projected goals in reduced cycle time, costs, and quality by FY08. (J-3/4) _b4fca917-7559-4e5e-9d90-1abd41751447 IP3e ccc1cb76-8704-49c9-97a3-fddba4986ac0 5c0cbe6b-9b80-4451-9bcf-5f6b73c5edfc Information System Fusion Fuse DLA information systems with logistics and operational systems belonging to the services, Combatant Commanders, customers, partners, and the industrial base to provide data in standard formats from shared authoritative sources to achieve a Common Operating Picture (COP) by FY10. (J-6) _f1cb59af-803a-49b5-8618-b31a9684ac74 IP3f e77afe8c-7ccf-4cce-9773-8f76d412438d c6d92c42-42b7-4802-80d1-7251714b44e4 Acquisition Oversight Maintain and enhance acquisition oversight programs to ensure integrity throughout the acquisition process through FY13. (J-7) _dba6cefc-6d28-4789-bcf2-d7c546ea69b0 IP3g 9a4c06da-c410-4c34-a46c-890d887d7d2b 2f4a1077-05c7-4e9f-bfc9-d71f12ae05b3 Operational/Process Transactional Excellence Achieve and maintain Operational/Process Transactional excellence through FY13. (J-3/4) _13a6d88c-1911-43cf-a023-060374bc595c IP4a 94806e5a-d016-4d91-a99f-95d943752078 63168066-a4a9-47af-bd28-369ca9d9a555 S&OP, SCI, and Demand Collaboration Link demand and supply using the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Supply Chain Integration (SCI), and Demand collaboration processes through FY13. (J-3/4, J-7) _1502e729-0865-420c-adaa-09993c806e8c IP4b 270a3e3a-beee-4520-b0e0-4dad3a1df1be 7d3f84c1-15f3-4e38-8651-fc76260239ee Executive Agent Designations Fully implement the responsibilities associated with DoD’s Executive Agent designations for assigned supply classes by FY12. (J-3/4) _e2226e04-7a9c-471a-9b42-6c5667a1fcd7 IP4c 16d1d1ad-6b1e-4855-ae14-5d8556bae10d d9866d8d-a2e0-48e3-bb20-c20b30dd7b0c SPO Designation Seek Supply/Sourcing Process Owner (SPO) designation. (J-3/4, J-5, J-7) _57580ca7-3934-46bf-bacb-3c8b91a0875e IP4d b265b747-8bbf-4629-b514-c278a2d8d248 922cd68d-5ef9-497d-8f4f-ba787354fd8e Proactively influence DoD and commercial sector IT-related deliberations/priorities and optimize utilization of emerging commercial and public sector IT capabilities to help DLA enhance and further transform its business processes through FY13. (J-6) _8c5bdb2e-b287-49b5-9323-e3caecf5e585 IP5a 904c6418-9cf2-4eaa-9672-365ad80724bf e04ab2f9-1483-498c-a820-e7a4845b4b2e ERP, BSM, and BRAC Extend and enhance the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system introduced via the Business Systems Modernization (BSM) program, in response to business requirements such as enterprise operational accounting, energy supply chain management, enterprise procurement, and BRAC, resulting in a single integrated enterprise business system by the end of FY10. (J-6) _cc514d07-a253-4093-98fb-9b2e077bf886 IP5b 9a6592fd-1708-4baa-bc41-c70d966768e6 86b76f6d-15cb-4824-aa37-79e7b7a5e0f4 Data Security Sustain a secure operating data environment for DLA systems, networks, and web sites by: ensuring 95% of DLA systems are certified and accredited in accordance with DoD policy; ensuring 100% of Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) taskings are completed on schedule; and implementing the full requirements of DoD Directive Manual 8570.1-M, IA Training, Certification and Workforce Management Policy, at DLA by the end of FY10. (J-6) _686662c8-32f0-4953-ad4a-fb8509a5df45 IP5c e4db2885-35f2-491b-be9d-ae898f2c575f 6cba6828-a8be-475e-a6f4-d5b11d811e6f IDE and GTN Partner with United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) to converge DLA's Integrated Data Environment (IDE) and USTRANSCOM's Global Transportation Network (GTN) by the end of FY09. (J-6) _0a0dcfbe-8535-4d83-9456-bff73643b14a IP5d 3ba12f08-1e5d-4693-ad55-ff74d8b61308 e8be58c3-a536-42ae-bb74-ab76b15de41f Procurement IT Install a Depot Level Reparable procurement IT solution for DLA Procurement Management detachments at the military services' sites by FY10. (J-6, J-7) _c609ed7b-0914-4aa0-a5c6-15299e57043a IP5e 66596be7-a507-473d-8ec8-bd5ab1341ba6 bd105166-10ba-4a9c-a7eb-e3f376ef0dab Standard IT Capabilities Develop and implement standard sets of IT capabilities for use by DLA personnel that are forward-deployed with the warfighter and/or collocated with DLA customers. (J-6) _5edc6605-72c5-44dc-a6ea-865c06e88cb6 IP5f 13ba67de-c3e6-4d6f-9430-ea87dd76e1c0 8678c8f1-db3f-4de4-942b-dfddc09dc905 Infrastructure Optimization Optimize DLA's existing infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies by FY13. (DES) _23a9f410-565b-4c9c-9068-4c0f941c566a IP6a d08dc791-cc93-4531-8e89-f56796cb299d f9ef31a2-4c7e-4942-80cc-fec2866b1340 Infrastructure Capabilities Assessment Provide capabilities assessment of DLA infrastructure by FY08. (DES) _1bb12d8f-393a-4ba9-bb6e-0bace704751f IP6b 6154a29f-63fd-4b75-b2ff-cbd696b359cc fc857562-5048-46c7-9606-59e2a34665db Infrastructure Funding Program for full funding of maintenance, restoration, modernization, operation, and disposal of existing and forecasted infrastructure by FY13. (DES) _6e9d1f02-20f7-46d1-b975-e4d7d58e5e72 IP6c db4713c3-f58a-4dc8-aded-98127d43149e 38e9e23f-f49e-4e47-a170-cf8a1ec1c2a8 Environmental Management Studies Partner with military services on two pilot studies demonstrating the use of DLA products and services to meet customer Environmental Management System objectives by FY09. (DES) _512d7ac8-5dfa-4d74-bc55-74b79c7d4bd9 IP7a 44add1ad-b266-4251-8700-e41f1878b90e 9ae43cb7-9989-4c4a-bcbe-73188db17a9d Environmental Objectives Assist customers in meeting environmental objectives by achieving a 25% increase in offerings of products and services by FY11. (J-3/4, DES) _2feadf68-216e-4687-94de-5e878562ef66 IP7b 20ecf464-bc3b-48c3-a7d8-445056159b91 215e119f-f90f-43e6-bfab-f9aa651a2fda Workforce Ensure a diverse, enabled, empowered, and motivated workforce that delivers and sustains supply chain excellence. _2d006b17-88cb-49ef-afd2-1f4ed0b53382 3 DLA’s success depends on its human capital. This goal focuses on the strategic management of our human capital. Our workforce must be properly staffed, possess the right competencies, and use knowledge-based skills for DLA to successfully perform its mission. DLA must nurture and sustain a high-performing workforce, ensuring that no skill gaps exist in our mission critical occupations. This goal encompasses investing in the workforce and implementing a strategy to retain and sustain a highly skilled and competent workforce. We foster a positive work experience by promoting equal opportunity, providing and maintaining a safe work environment, fostering self-respect, valuing individual and team contributions, and taking pride in our workforce diversity. Capability Management Implement a comprehensive capability management program - to include competency modeling and gap analysis - focused on Business Systems Modernization occupations by FY07 and on other key occupations by FY09. (J-1, J-6) _e2c2a76f-e14b-4e68-8aa4-af2fec174c68 LG1a efd8b7d9-3645-4bbf-8053-5e6083a6643e 2cfd8557-c7b1-4c3c-8e13-751d49cb98a6 Workforce Analysis Establish a workforce analysis process to guide recruitment strategies by FY08. (J-1) _339c3706-4c7e-486d-89df-d281a279dc9e LG1b 6a39f479-bcf3-44d7-803b-dd78cbc88af1 b1e9c92a-8724-4c61-b5d1-0d24f8ee30c0 Leadership Capability Design and implement an expanded leadership capability program that identifies, develops, and enhances diverse, well-qualified talent for current and future logistics excellence by FY07. (J-1) _f5bbf6a2-5b94-4338-9874-2f22cb005551 LG1c ced189c1-44c9-4376-89ea-45bc20455e14 80f7894d-83ba-4fde-995a-eaac66097bb4 NSPS Prepare the DLA workforce for implementation of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) by FY08. (J-1) _037bac4c-e0a9-48ce-9da2-ba5a70dfc4ea LG1d 520446da-b3e6-4383-a25f-4852cb05d03d dd7dfba8-ad9b-4246-acd6-af246894413f Improvement Opportunities Design and implement initiatives that address improvement opportunities revealed by the employee attitude and perceptions surveys by FY08. (J-1) _be41518b-4988-4fb5-8fd2-a5b24cf43be7 LG2a e590cca2-e5f4-4e6a-a106-05e74f193ba5 86080074-c7bd-4e89-b0a3-784452600c44 Multi-Source Feedback Design and develop solutions based on analysis of results of the administration of the Multi-Source Feedback tool to improve leadership performance by FY07. (J-1) _6ad50163-a7ac-48bf-825d-6c1bc5b4a104 LG2b 817c45ff-081f-44bb-863c-b1d809577393 4750083b-50c0-4652-b68c-8260a205204d Change Management Toolkit and Policies Improve the capacity to change throughout the Enterprise by developing and implementing a practical change management toolkit and revised change management policy by FY07. (J-1) _aa9198f8-2e19-4be1-aeb6-72fb8110e30a LG2c b8a9a3ab-08d9-4a72-85d2-a1f7a245cf63 19061e28-38f4-4ac1-a355-7bb80a8b7c8f Enterprise Action Planning Develop an enterprise approach to action planning to improve corporate culture by FY07. (J-1) _d0c3a24a-cc16-419b-a95c-93ccccac05ef LG2d aca3faaa-713b-4ed5-bbcc-447a42688f67 5add915c-c3b3-44f3-83ae-ca25574b91c7 Human Capacity Process Alignment Align agency human capital processes to support extension of the Enterprise closer to the warfighters by FY08. (J-1) _a722e424-93f9-4e4a-a19d-fd70301c62e8 LG3a 47758581-d9dd-4aa6-bf17-a36d090d0474 cfde6daa-ba4d-43d2-a811-cb2b7e49e70a Diversity in Employee Recognition and Development Evaluate the diversity of employee participation in recognition and development programs to identify gaps and develop action plans by FY08. (DO, J-1) _6c08c132-1727-4fbe-9b32-9407c62cc914 LG3b 51653dbf-129d-4b20-ba88-f52387091380 f78fa6ed-0514-4077-995e-0c17d142eb9e Hispanic Representation Enhance recruitment and retention efforts to improve overall Hispanic representation by FY08. (J-1, DO) _1e3dd86c-f3ad-4b80-97d2-c1ef307ffcd5 LG3c b37fc4b0-8bf5-41cc-8068-e1d1331d0eae 06db924a-18f7-4d80-b62b-806bae3b720b People with Disabilities Surpass the DLA goal of 3% representation of people with targeted disabilities within our workforce through enhancement of recruitment and retention efforts by FY13. (DO, J-1) _62b98538-ea0e-4227-b29e-8be5cfcdec65 LG3d eace2c8e-c5b9-4e69-9a72-357adf722f3a ca38b0d9-5b6c-4679-8725-af4bef5587c7 Lost Work Day Reduction Reduce lost work days 75% from the 2002 baseline by FY09. (DES) _cfadcaf6-eefc-4731-af73-a2945ce0bff1 LG3e aede95fe-8084-4e4d-beb2-0b7c0ebd57d4 d0000533-469a-45bb-827d-bfd4e6843dc1 Customer Value Manage DLA resources for best customer value. _5f55741c-af0d-4b01-9cf0-7559d525a225 4 Focusing on the financial goal will sustain the strong financial discipline required to ensure effective financial planning and management in DLA. The strategies and objectives associated with this goal allow DLA to provide best value to DLA customers. Accurate forecasts strengthen DLA’s ability to project and support requirements and plan for the resources needed. Better supply chain cost decisions result in better management of our resources. DLA’s ability to demonstrate audit readiness in FY09 will provide assurance to DLA management and stakeholders that our financial management systems produce relevant, reliable, and timely information. New Products and Services Develop and recommend strategies for adapting DLA’s financial management to support the addition of new product lines/services by the end of FY07. (J-8) _743b3a51-ece8-46be-b4c9-8bb1b3ed08fd F1a e9ee4b2e-8505-4a71-88d2-81dfadc2e616 327da74b-c7f2-4698-adc6-9873d0d9048c Strategic Programming Program 100% of the initiatives that support strategic plan objectives in the Program Objectives Memorandum for each Future Year Defense Program (FYDP). (J-8) _f5576f68-d652-406d-85b5-757bb8e58987 F1b fa01b36a-9ff2-4e89-99da-5e233975c4e1 decabd1c-0cd0-4dd6-a3ce-c8e258787439 Non-Energy Cost Recovery Decrease DLA’s non-energy cost recovery rate, based on the cost of operations, to 11.9% by FY13. (J-8) _1221a813-3075-47bb-8316-f0a7afc84ca5 F2a 055744d9-bda4-4b7f-a466-d797db153388 800b91c6-20d9-4928-aa6d-3f7933a94531 Energy Cost Ensure DLA’s energy non-product cost per barrel will not exceed $10.26 by FY13. (J-8) _09d7b614-cb84-4ced-b29f-20a699cd43bf F2b 56d77eb7-0c06-4bc9-845d-5a7988abd694 fac94f27-fc83-4dba-925b-df97ae8e12cd Distribution Cost Ensure DLA’s distribution composite unit cost rate will not exceed $24.55 per line by FY13. (J-8) _bf1ef33a-901a-4942-8abc-503558ef59bf F2c b359f580-1810-4e48-b7f7-580ca9cd6c30 c06be71b-a3e1-4746-b35e-35b9ceb515b3 Accounting and System Requirements Develop and implement the automated systems, business processes, and controls needed to comply with federal accounting and system requirements, and demonstrate that DLA is ready for an audit of its financial statements by FY09. (J-8, J-6) _7cf1b0f2-d0f1-4541-9898-25818365a322 F3a 59d29887-d793-412d-8d09-b603cbff4ab9 e7cca378-6e0f-42c8-92ee-cc4beb85395d 2007-10-01 2013-09-30 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.