DLO _b02c48c1-13de-4773-b445-b8bf2a9e26ca The successful construction and marketing of democracyLab’s website will result in: • Improved communication between participants and their elected representatives. • The creation of a merit-based forum for public dialogue. • The creation of a collaborative problem solving tool that maximizes the effectiveness of participants’ creative energies. • A more engaged and educated public. • A critical examination of the connections between the values we hold, the positions we conceive, the policies we advocate, and the laws we implement. _4d4e31d9-4a3c-4521-87b1-98528ad34fa8 To create a virtual community dedicated to improving the democratic process and producing collaborative solutions to public policy problems. _6f036bd0-b127-443b-a847-fc8dc5caabfb Freedom of Speech We believe in the fundamental right of all human beings to think and express themselves freely. Democracy We believe in the power of the vote, and in the legitimacy of the democratic process as a means to make collective decisions. Public Participation We believe that a politically engaged and active citizenry is essential to a healthy society. Individual Intelligence We believe that the power of reason is the defining characteristic of human beings, and that every individual has the ability to make a unique contribution to society’s betterment. Collective Wisdom We believe that the gathering and aggregating of the intelligence of individuals can consistently yield effective solutions to societal problems. Website Create a non-partisan, non-profit website dedicated to improving the democratic process by enabling the exploration, organization, communication, and synthesis of the values, positions, and policies affecting humanity. _1558fcfc-95e9-4d27-960b-f80ceedcc84b d6f6038f-fe09-425e-a7f0-006184501a56 c627a3fa-89c1-45d1-b8bf-3c061622631d 11bffc53-1d7f-459e-8fca-3e76eadb82cd 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.