FACA Committee Purpose & Justification The information in this plan was imported from the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) database and transformed into StratML Part 1, Strategic Plan, format. Fiscal Year:2011 Committee Type: Non Scientific Program Advisory Board Northwest Resource Advisory Council DOI b83de762-302c-423c-844a-c06c15db4247 [2041]: http://www.blm.gov/rac/co/nwrac/co_nw.htm Department of the Interior [15]: http://www.doi.gov Sponsoring Agency Beneficiary Clare Bastable West Slope Conservation Coordinator, Colorado Mountain Club Committee Member Representative Performer Gary Bumgarner Grand County Commissioner Committee Member Representative Performer Jeff Comstock Dept. Dir., Moffat County Natural Resources Committee Member Representative Performer Daniel Davidson Director, Museum of Northwest Colorado Committee Member Representative Performer David Grisso Field Manager for Encana Committee Member Representative Performer Steven Gunderson U.S. Bank Western Colorado Regional President Committee Member Representative Performer Patrick Kennedy Sales Committee Member Representative Performer Tom Latham Rancher Committee Member Representative Performer Wes McStay Rancher Committee Member Representative Performer Dean Riggs Assistant Regional Manager Colorado Division of Wildlife Committee Member Representative Performer Dona Shue Freelance Graphic Designer Committee Member Representative Performer Mr. Steve Smith Asst Regional Director for The Wilderness Society Committee Member Representative Performer Kai Turner County Commissioner Committee Member Representative Performer Barbara Vasquez Retired Committee Member Representative Performer Glenn Vawter National Oil Shale Association Committee Member Representative Performer Not Available aa2bcf68-cfde-476f-8dc0-273793d0a006 The Northwest RAC provides BLM management with diverse viewpoints on a wide variety of public land issues. The Northwest RAC functions as a 15-member committee, as well as through working groups, addressing fire policy, weed eradication, wildlife issues, cultural resources, recreation issues, wild horses and burro policy, and wilderness. The Northwest RAC acts as advisors to the BLM. Several topics are addressed annually, including range management and ecology training, fire management, wilderness and recreation issues, and coordination with the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. Working groups meet on their own time outside of the RAC meetings and present their findings to the entire RAC. Operating by consensus, recommendations are made to the BLM by the RAC after the entire RAC has carefully reviewed an issue and listened to their constituents. The BLM uses these recommendations as appropriate to assist in making decisions. 493a45e4-81d8-4d8f-bb22-1eca5b88a293 Recommandations Not Available f97a0afd-b9f3-4e50-9fe3-cf01e0423ece Make, Accept, Implement ce6ccb31-cdec-45a4-a8ca-cb575b39679d b83130a5-acd6-4c24-84a5-33daa8551362 Recommendations Made Number Northwest Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior Unspecified n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 During FY 2011, the Northwest RAC made two formal recommendations. The RAC passed a resolution regarding releasing an area from wilderness study area status and one regarding amending RAC charters to allow consideration of fee proposals under the Recreation Enhancement Act. It wrote unanimously passed letters regarding BLM Colorado's new 14-day camping regulation and the Federal register process for fee proposals. It provided key recommendations for BLM cave management.It also provided unanimous and detailed comments on the Secretary's Draft Wild Horse and Burro Strategy, and sent letters regarding management of the Vermillion Basin and concerns about the functionality of the Recreation RAC. They maintained five local subcommittees to provide them input on various resource management planning (RMP) efforts in four field offices. They provided formal guidance to the RMP subgroups. They voted to forward the recommendations from their subgroup for the White River Field Office about reclamation standards for oil and gas. 22 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 58c67da5-b240-4c2c-85f0-27045b07b636 Recommendations Fully Accepted Percentage Northwest Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior For a variety of its own reasons not applicable to the Committee, the agency may implement all/most of the recommendations, but few times recommendations are not implemented. n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 BLM-Colorado worked to have the RAC charters amended to allow the Colorado RACs to review fee proposals under the Recreation Enhancement Act. The BLM included the RAC recommendations in its cave management draft for the Colorado River Valley Field Office.The BLM is moving forward with the range of alternatives for the Glenwood Springs, Kremmling, and Grand Junction Resource Management Plans (RMP). The White River Field Office is working closely with its local group on the range of alternatives as recommended. Nationally, the BLM has modified its wildfire policy to allow for appropriate response to wildfires.The BLM recently announced efforts to expand current management efforts for managing wild horses. The BLM has moved forward in submitting the Pre-plan for the Dominguez-Escalante Community Stewardship Plan. The new Charters have been signed & issued considering multiple RAC suggestions. The BLM Grand Junction Field Office will continue to manage the Billings Canyon Jeep and approved by the RAC. The White River Field Office has proposed that all wild horses be removed from the West Douglas Herd Area. The RAC has continued to remain active in the Roan Plateau RMP process. 40 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 79d59b5a-735d-4d1b-bbc1-00fa965fb970 Recommendations Partially Accepted Percentage Northwest Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior There are sometimes a few proposals which were not funded in their entirety, those few being scaled back from their original level of requested funding (allowable under the program). n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 The BLM forwarded to Congress the RAC's resolution on the specific wilderness study area release with the requested BLM recommendations on wilderness legislation.The BLM is revisiting the 14-day camping rule regulation based largely on feedback from this RAC.BLM-Grand Junction is moving forward with its new fee structure for two campgrounds. It is awaiting approval from the Recreation RAC on its proposals. The BLM State Office is considering recommendations by the RAC on the noxious weed program, as well as in other program areas. 60 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2013-07-09 http://explore.data.gov/resource/datasets/c5i3-bb9j Gannon (J.) Dick gannon_dick@yahoo.com Submit error.