FACA Committee Purpose & Justification The information in this plan was imported from the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) database and transformed into StratML Part 1, Strategic Plan, format. Fiscal Year:2011 Committee Type: Non Scientific Program Advisory Board Idaho Falls District Resource Advisory Council DOI 5f2de945-e1f2-4ae6-ac4a-beec217392e9 [2057]: http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/res/resource_advisory/idaho_falls_district.html Department of the Interior [15]: http://www.doi.gov Sponsoring Agency Beneficiary Thomas Bassista Agency Representative of Resources Committee Member Representative Performer Wayne Butts County Commissioner Committee Member Representative Performer Chad Colter Fish & Wildlife Director, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Committee Member Representative Performer Dave Farnsworth Monsanto Company Committee Member Representative Performer Lawrence Fox rancher/farmer Committee Member Representative Performer Ross Goddard Rancher Committee Member Representative Performer Otto Higbee Mayor of Mackay, Idaho Committee Member Representative Performer Kenneth Koller Principal, Koller Associates Committee Member Representative Performer Dr. David Pennock Executive Director, Museum of Idaho Committee Member Representative Performer Victor Phillips Self Employed, Timber Industry Committee Member Representative Performer Kevin Poor CEO, Portage Inc. Committee Member Representative Performer William Schutte local businessman Committee Member Representative Performer Mrs. Louise Stark Outfitter Committee Member Representative Performer Gary Vecellio Environmental Analyst Committee Member Representative Performer Not Available da2588ee-05e7-429b-b980-2182299c5e30 The committee supports the mission of the BLM by providing feedback on critical issues facing natural resources. The committee has been most interested and useful on the issues of noxious weed management, off-highway vehicle use, land use planning, threatened/endangered species management, and recreation. In FY 2011, the committee provided insight into the Upper Snake Resource Management Plan (RMP) and the Pocatello RMP and travel management planning. The Council also developed and submitted a concept paper to the Director of the BLM suggesting the use of lands to handle the large scale problems with the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Furthermore, the RAC has taken an active lead in assisting the Pocatello Field Office with its Soda Hills Travel Management Plan by forming a subcommittee, which will develop alternatives and provide support. edff295a-4100-4004-8a10-98c65da9c0e0 Recommandations Not Available be6af553-bcd9-4678-9347-5eb741adab13 Make, Accept, Implement 7d6aaf47-e531-41c8-b8a8-01b827e07d79 d0a2be35-ce33-4e72-9fb3-8b6e614eaaaf Recommendations Made Number Idaho Falls District Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior Unspecified n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 Recommendations in FY 2011 included the approval in the direction the Upper Snake Field Office Resource Management Plan. The BLM is going with the range of alternatives they have selected. There was also an approval of a wild horse and burros concept paper that was sent forth to the BLM Director and an approval to endorse the process of Salmon's Canyon-Big Timber Landscape Assessment. 55 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 e6879233-0ba5-42bd-9dfe-baaab36d6c6a Recommendations Fully Accepted Percentage Idaho Falls District Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior For a variety of its own reasons not applicable to the Committee, the agency may implement all/most of the recommendations, but few times recommendations are not implemented. n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 All recommendations were implemented. 100 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 b1983ef0-70cd-47ed-b6ac-26d74e376866 Recommendations Partially Accepted Percentage Idaho Falls District Resource Advisory Council Department of the Interior There are sometimes a few proposals which were not funded in their entirety, those few being scaled back from their original level of requested funding (allowable under the program). n/a 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 0 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2010-10-01 2011-09-30 2013-07-09 http://explore.data.gov/resource/datasets/c5i3-bb9j Gannon (J.) Dick gannon_dick@yahoo.com Submit error.