Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association HHP POA _05f8db95-cde2-4a5b-b74e-cd8a1a91d1db Hilton Head Plantation will continue to be the “Premier” residential community in the Lowcountry by ensuring that our residents are safe, well informed, and delighted to live, work, and play here. _b1ebd5e3-ed35-4106-934d-e1e89540cbaf Determine the overall strategic direction for development and maintenance of your Plantation. _00ea1301-d07b-4a5f-9f1e-468d84509737 Administration Provide quality administrative support to Board of Directors, Committees, and residents by maintaining a safe work environment, training staff, staying abreast of technological changes, adhering to government guidelines, and responding to special requests. _e1d39a61-0eed-4295-8f05-d3c9ab7b9631 1 Staffing Provide a stable, competent staff in a changing labor force to satisfy the needs of a growing Plantation population. _4d504424-1350-4ff4-bbb0-b6404fb976c7 1.1 a8eb4033-d4ef-4f69-a197-18dd1dd17f5e d5f062cb-7f5c-49fb-9864-373eb4c69b6d Safety Provide a safe work environment for all employees and safe facilities for all Plantation residents and visitors. _bbf9d9e7-0450-4bc2-9b97-7c55443b5197 1.2 21bc04fc-747d-4afa-8cc9-45960d907474 f06eec02-f84c-45db-9d81-352979cdae81 Efficiency Use current and future technology to automate POA services and increase efficiency while reducing costs _86be7fe2-71f5-4175-94c4-378a24643066 1.3 32bd3fdc-b0d2-4d8d-a576-077f4bd89939 03284f22-cad0-4c97-90fb-a336653c33cc Training Provide training to maximize staff efficiency and reduce outside consulting costs. _a052f930-8f9e-42ff-b670-d0a3d5cae51c 1.4 df895949-b4be-4c69-b56f-6e90424a7ee5 4e0ef67d-e410-467f-a1fd-e0b1bd7d509e Space Provide adequate storage for POA data and equipment and a comfortable work environment for employees. _777f2015-84a5-4b42-baac-0fe1e5c78264 1.5 04a80a51-7c86-4a5f-b071-e4c015b1406d f49a0706-5ddf-4880-a220-21d5855b6acc Resident Communications Policy Periodically review the POA’s Resident Communications Policy. _9d6d9fee-ac70-4818-bbbc-b006e4713241 1.6 f00d9af8-7db1-4d59-a8b3-513faea6e076 83ddb14e-4c94-4dfc-9aa6-c67b33611c6e Architectural Review Board Provide optimum architectural supervision that is consistent, courteous and efficient thus enhancing the community of Hilton Head Plantation. _ebeabb41-83e7-40f3-b6fc-19ab7fd61d25 2 Communications Improve communications with property owners, builders, developers, and contractors and the Town of Hilton Head. _6c611ee1-01b8-40db-b656-37fa7c0d7a7d 2.1 bd8d451c-6fa9-47c4-9204-352847d9e692 7cd456af-074a-4ddb-93bb-c1976c0e25a1 ARB Guidelines Review ARB Guidelines. _28486d76-d54c-4e4d-8ece-07db22015f24 2.2 31e14dfa-77c3-469b-bde8-8ebb98bd61cb 87560e5f-7702-482a-8f42-3ad0445de68b Reviews and Comments Review and comment on plans submitted for renovations, new construction and exterior changes within the Plantation. _6c01cea0-5e7a-413f-86b2-dab512f05323 2.3 1cf1b772-bff1-4843-9f3b-59aaade3795d 609f53a7-7bb7-4951-a637-1e1a09079a6c Visual Changes and Enhancements Be proactive in the pursuit of desired visual changes and enhancements within the Plantation. _bdef7121-f2a2-4824-83b3-b11fcd67ac08 2.4 210a67cd-d824-494c-997d-d47e51dee574 fbe3dd70-dcfd-4289-b4f2-653bebd544e7 Communication Committee Improve the value, quality, and effectiveness of communications among and between the HHPPOA Board, the POA Staff, and the HHPPOA members. _7a8d782a-b853-4e17-830c-fa4f52de311c 3 Plantation Living Improve the value and readership of Plantation Living. _fb2d3494-7279-4774-80f8-04b099b51e42 3.1 3bcdb5c6-749f-4116-b2a0-c2d71f006eec df5110e2-5667-49b9-b956-21bcf5341f37 HHPPOA Website Increase the number of HHPPOA property owners using the website as an important part of their communications process with the HHPPOA Board, its Standing Committees, and the professional staff. Strive to make the website the FIRST source of information for resident/staff. _69f2576d-ea99-4a0b-8b09-34aa123d702a 3.2 adf08cfa-a788-4d1e-a5a2-62ff1c79cd56 b2790a25-1ce5-4155-ad38-e0fac2d3bb28 Governance Promote the residents’ interest and participation in the Plantation’s governance process by informing the residents of official POA items of interest in a timely fashion. _3d7361e2-b2e1-4984-b94b-3f8e35f80c5b 3.3 e48ea826-01a9-46da-ba17-570016c6cbcf 6ff37a4a-f151-4f8e-a6d8-54a38be6505e Other Information Items Provide HHPPOA property owners with up-to-date and accurate information that they require, using appropriate media for each information item. _b3aa7921-5f24-4d09-aca3-e9f55d355993 3.4 d60ffc0b-d35d-48d9-90e4-05f893e18043 fc1b1cac-793c-422c-bed4-f71647e9068c Covenants Committee Promote harmonious community living while protecting and enhancing the resident’s property through management oversight and the development, application and enforcement of Covenants and Rules and Regulations. _a582cb80-80dc-444e-b6af-63e5e370abd5 4 Appropriate Regulations Conduct periodic review of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations to assure their adequacy and timeless. _ce6c8ca2-28d5-48b5-a614-99a487ecca2c 4.1 cf35e585-c8b9-4bb4-a861-f56c12c57101 2819caaf-23aa-4509-91af-32ca2eb9995e Educate Provide programs that inform and educate residents of the Plantation Covenant requirements. _6d163483-14cc-4139-b286-7222b84837a9 4.2 864c7f1b-5ee8-4e5c-b365-9c9d2c4416ca 0368a767-f57c-415c-b025-c85c321154cc Consistent Enforcement Provide a procedure that ensures consistency in reviewing and enforcing Covenant standards. _cddc0e68-99ab-4bce-9a50-8bd4827254aa 4.3 b1414c64-1beb-44be-a20e-0e2e00fe1b99 cf85cc20-8ae5-4399-81b7-ed0531fb3855 Proactive Pursuit Be proactive in the pursuit of Covenant Compliance using procedures that include the process for notification, fines, and final enforcement options. _a5ed1cff-91b0-4921-a6a9-b1824f77c932 4.4 40ec8928-fedc-47ae-9b2e-ab0733098971 916e62e3-8946-4b95-87bd-af8d784c2892 Management Tools Develop management tools to more effectively measure Covenants and Rules and Regulations, Covenants Compliance and assist in their enforcement. _5edcc2c4-f143-4441-a6e6-f6bb38102626 4.5 37a1cbac-d41a-49a3-853f-f2d3bed4ad92 9cc9a812-952c-4d52-b86b-8a17e3cfbbec Finance Committee Provide sound, proactive, and farsighted fiscal stewardship through prudent management and policies. _99dabd59-e182-4555-a732-289468dca912 5 Assessments and Income Maintain property owner assessments and other income at a level consistent with maintaining HHP as the premier residential community on the Island. _17b6ec35-11b1-4c3a-8c99-9b3d950b1289 5.1 92981d48-fbf6-4367-9bad-4003eb4c0656 32217059-0514-44a6-87bf-894a32d51e03 Scheduled and Emergency Repairs Avoid special assessments wherever possible by ensuring that adequate funds are available in the Major Repair and Replacement and Weather Casualty, and Capital Transfer Funds to handle scheduled and emergency repairs. _26423352-30d0-4d7f-bf44-7303d4eebc0e 5.2 e6744b15-a4f8-41d3-9fa6-a518b126c7ac f668f54d-bff2-4d81-b668-64af55883e15 Revenue and Costs Seek new sources of revenue and ways to lower operational costs. _7b0a69f1-5308-4df6-94fa-4bb5519c6528 5.3 682e6ab3-4790-4db7-a646-849d2d2919ff 615b2056-fb73-40de-a755-52be8dbf6e58 Financial Policies As requested by the Board, review existing financial policies and make recommendations to the Board as needed. _f7b887be-370f-4a5c-be3a-b112806c6dd5 5.4 443806b2-7114-4263-a4f7-c6ccda0b856d b8bbb1c1-a2c4-4dc9-887b-888721f80d87 Auditor and Audits As requested by the Board, recommend to the Board of Directors an independent auditor and the scope of the audit. _b6f2fe58-0607-4c6f-af8b-3f03ef61b7e1 5.5 78a3c60e-46e5-4889-a872-87bcb466948d bdcd2a28-9f1a-4c74-893e-5bf780a4c4b9 Maintenance Committee Provide aggressive and farsighted maintenance of Hilton Head Plantation common properties, facilities, roads, leisure paths, revetments, lagoons, drainage systems, salt marshes, conservancies, and other physical assets. _fb45ad53-d836-4588-a3b9-e34f9df53e02 6 Maintenance Programs Investigate and recommend appropriate maintenance programs for each of the six strategic asset classes. _1be333ff-35de-412d-81e9-d10548529c49 6.1 f262a2f5-6198-417a-a23c-91a7723f12a8 fc14cae7-af95-49e1-a77a-6c2b087ad08c Customer Satisfaction Monitor customer satisfaction for each strategic asset class and recommend corrective action as appropriate. _45f4c04e-6013-4edd-ab91-2be70eb5d8b5 6.2 8ee83264-7f0e-49b5-a53f-63e8405c29ca d00dc7fe-8939-4000-9a88-79581ddde772 Capital Improvements Review a prioritized, five-year list of capital improvements and recommend changes, as appropriate, for approval by the Board. _2c080d59-1c29-419b-848d-c33503e32d9a 6.3 c3d07f1b-91be-4656-ba70-e69acdc69f4b aeeb07ed-9156-42ec-8b89-42ab7db2b5ab Lagoon System Ensure that the HHP Lagoon system meets design specifications. _01addd31-d88e-40c7-9bba-84e15a13074c 6.4 b2c79639-cecf-4ad6-aad4-d3708b30d052 f2241d02-8e31-4bbc-892e-bf24deabafb3 Recreation Committee Provide creative and stimulating recreational facilities and programs that are adaptable to the changing needs and diversity of our residents. _1c68938a-1991-4504-bf38-eefec9a4f675 7 Recreational Programs Review existing recreational programs to keep them interesting, stimulating and adapting to our changing needs. _cdf63869-74a3-41dc-ad7d-0d16b2e43618 7.1 4ab02bbd-f8e4-42fc-9918-2eb45226eb82 7e4bbe48-7955-4ee8-8d63-e2524ac0f534 Recreational Facilities Inspect and evaluate existing recreational facilities to ensure they are properly equipped, well maintained, and suitable to the changing needs of our residents. _4373ad2c-a496-4387-b40c-cb4b9445086e 7.2 e082925f-369b-40cb-8611-5c4e0f1a4469 d37fefad-87f3-435a-95c6-a6892acf2d21 Recreational Land Use Plan for recreational use of available land. _cb8f3d93-5a77-4a19-a05b-e3ab1276da7f 7.3 672862f0-3eaa-4553-8eca-dd785c7bd8d9 acee3d9e-2369-49f6-af45-ce473d56b1fc Spring Lake Master Plan Consider the need for Phase III of the Spring Lake Master Plan. _7062d75e-758d-443e-aa37-76550e08b33d 7.4 f5cae3f4-d2c8-4649-9bdb-fe975720024c a7268483-aec0-4705-a3e9-d8671bc8a3b3 Spring Lake Pavilion Consider replacing the POA’s aging Spring Lake Pavilion with a multipurpose facility. _575340f8-1e3a-4a74-a676-96f0ef7df245 7.5 268c1a66-d9d8-43f3-9120-5e064ba1486f 6f03e711-c489-48ea-b7a7-9b80dadcf3ed Security Committee Advise the POA Board on matters of Security and Public Safety in an effort to provide a positive environment for the residents, guests, staff and other permitted to be present on Hilton Head Plantation to live, work and play. _ac64b027-cdd2-41ce-88bb-84abdbb69c77 8 Traffic Safety and Control Significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents and incidents and minimize traffic congestion and delays at the gates and special events. _5c5fbe9f-a038-4d90-8974-dad86a67bb2c 8.1 b894c33a-b8b7-4d73-8548-0d9726b93ee4 a7516f5b-a5c4-4c29-be80-15d20c861270 Personnel Maintain a competent, well-trained staff able to address routine duties and issues as well as new challenges and situations in the future. _2e6766b3-0608-4c3d-ac37-19cc3f13431e 8.2 b241acd6-e48d-433e-a31a-9bb82734670b 2f9fc508-4ec1-40a6-9afe-b20efad8469b Crime Prevention Continue to reduce the incidences of crime on HHP. _19560c44-4dd4-41c5-a76f-4a7536ae70a6 8.3 babe1505-35eb-4d88-909e-ad1bfe0563dd 1d30cd48-ed0b-480a-a767-a09e4103d918 Resident Assistance Find ways of meeting the ever-increasing demands for assistance without negatively affecting other department activities. _01a8a18d-fb8f-43d8-aa86-df761e691309 8.4 8cf27e14-56d9-4b26-9175-f4242a756cc4 b34c2ba2-31ae-44aa-b139-b3b514570b4c Communication / Officer Safety Investigate ways to improve communications throughout the department. _19ca1d23-d0bb-45ed-9f33-2759a2034123 8.5 e9c5f3ed-6a70-4a6c-8bce-a74e4222adc0 758c202e-72ee-4cc2-b703-e09c88e16ddc 2008-01-01 2012-12-31 2010-02-08 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