Hilton Head Public Service District Hilton Head Public Service District HHPSD _a066b5b1-de5e-4e88-a248-82dd02aa28e7 To be a state of the art public utility, operated by an excellent, highly trained staff, providing the best practical levels of water and sewer customer service and satisfaction _84ac6a73-7038-4449-b9f3-205096abcffe Hilton Head Public Service District is a public utility chartered by the General Assembly of South Carolina and owned by the people of the State. Its mission is to provide high quality water and sewer service to all developed properties within the district, and to deliver that service at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner, with sensitivity to the needs of the community and commitment to improving the environment of the island. _6da6cf19-7ece-40b2-b9b4-6820278ca12b Strategic Planning Deliberate strategic planning Alliances Alliances with neighboring utilities and governments Good Personnel Careful selection and training of personnel Well Managed Assets and Finances Asset protection and fiscal control Communication with Stakeholders Well-informed customers brought about by thoughtful communications Diligent Management Diligent management of operations Customer Service Commitment to customer service Provide Superb Customer Service Provide superb customer service through a diverse, well-trained, motivated staff using proven technology _a2e3709f-6e39-4c3e-8a6e-d8256938819c 1 f0984e54-83ba-4caa-b2b2-7c59d5d8544b 5341d6f7-e680-4cfe-8bf8-5310ee3ffbe0 bdd7f17a-7cd9-4bd2-b263-9cd73fe4a652 Expand Sewer Collection System Continue to expand our sewer collection system with the goal of achieving 100% connection within the 10-year Sewer Master Plan so that all customers, the community, and the environment receive the benefit of a comprehensive sewer service _d60e23c3-5afb-4134-be2e-4b7018949837 2 3838da84-d766-4419-9953-9b780496c094 d1883709-855c-490c-80f0-cf26dd5b746e 5f7d3925-33b9-49f8-b25e-d30de41afd11 Sustainable, Economical Water Supply Establish a sustainable, economical and balanced long-term water supply program to maintain and enhance the quality of life on Hilton Head Island _326340fe-9ce1-4a85-af34-45be820071a4 3 5fd643c7-1819-44ee-9dac-cb2800c8e342 1cb25f95-5325-4cbe-9310-dc563d959713 1a650680-f4ee-43c8-a232-a6a020b1daa1 Complete Master Strategic Plan Complete the current Master Strategic Plan process and apply it to guide all aspects of the District’s infrastructure needs, growth development, operations, and financial management _d1e746f3-ae69-4b5b-ab76-20ab980ca54c 4 caa3bfd8-ba8b-4418-b2c0-3a207d9bb239 102c1dfd-e964-4122-bf77-b128b7cd039f da9f6f37-3557-4837-a597-95587e27a546 Board of Commissioners On an ongoing basis, review, and revise as required, the structure and core functions of the Board of Commissioners and its committees to optimize the accomplishment of these goals _1577efe7-7de8-4dee-8109-9b556f068bb8 5 5d5834a4-17a0-4cac-9d11-740a4a769dee e9800402-13ab-4c40-8731-8b6ca39edd9a c622b5a4-5616-4e50-be79-8d7c58f27c0b Expand Alliances Expand the District’s alliances with other utilities, the County and Town to better coordinate activities, encourage interconnections, share resources, provide mutual support and reduce costs _aebe8210-4180-47e2-9042-7fd3981ed506 6 727849d6-0a15-455c-a90a-96ce42ad49c7 138e8b8b-8eac-4f48-9f55-2d34169347db cb78e026-e0e0-4d72-b992-bb7be4ea773a 2010-02-08 http://www.hhpsd.com/About1.htm Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.