National Centre for Science Information, India National Centre for Science Information, India NCSI _cac2be3b-227b-478e-931c-74cfd03b8907 To bring world class electronic information services to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) academic community. _9f9e5e9d-bc36-4fc0-983a-4f900edabd15 74be65e8-3b18-4912-b63a-bb6501fd14e8 Access to Scholarly Information Provide seamless, network access to worldwide scholarly information resources of relevance to the IISc academic community, facilitating improved learning, teaching, research, collaboration and information sharing _d474ad06-2460-488d-8498-cf4a66f6bf76 1 e47059f7-120f-4eb0-994e-37de5989b046 c09a0579-f215-4f3d-9b89-c17229a0a6b4 f51bd4ae-0dce-4547-ba98-8503f3ca746d Orientation and Training Provide orientation and training to the IISc academic community in making effective use of electronic information sources, tools and services _6c9f0c86-6763-4498-ad2f-38edeadba5f2 2 cfe12508-d63c-481d-ab42-2a75ca258228 4831ada8-8699-4083-99e7-260f7f4cb492 23626da0-da09-41a3-90c6-4e5bb1050cfc E-Publishing and E-Dissemination Participate in the e-publishing and e-dissemination of Institute's intellectual contributions _8ee0633e-d8dd-4c49-84ea-f67674672643 3 b7fbabb6-5e91-4dfc-bce5-d6a4acf26031 c4e6ab96-ed6d-4089-8499-74f076595b7f 738a5e9e-cad0-451e-a5d2-ad68934651ce Information and Knowledge Management Conduct teaching, research and training in Information and Knowledge Management, with focus on set up, operation and management of digital information facilities and services _392e73c9-cef8-40aa-b0bc-e99ef99d44b7 4 Apart from e-information services provided to the Institute community, the Centre undertakes sponsored R&D projects and conducts one-and-half year postgraduate training programme in Information and Knowledge Management. 93472b96-83eb-42cf-a6e4-2f3b145a4b4f a9cb8b6e-e35f-457e-bd68-e5e45de45b9e 39ea7567-a7b9-42cd-b4dd-11f3113b6d79 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.