State Services Commission, New Zealand State Services Commission, New Zealand SSC _a20135db-1fa4-48f8-8059-b383eff30334 A world class system of professional State Services serving the government of the day and meeting the needs of New Zealanders. _ec5446d6-1f57-42ae-b4fa-4da1532ff146 To serve as the Government’s lead advisor on New Zealand’s public management system and works with government agencies to support the delivery of quality services to New Zealanders. _94c816d3-a571-48ec-8984-8ecbe280ba45 Employer of Choice Ensure the State Services is an employer of choice attractive to high performers, who are committed to service and the achievement of results _0fb16a03-2030-4899-8b55-c6eacde5e3de 1 Some questions for all State servants to consider: What am I doing to improve perceptions of the State Services as a place to work? Do I know what is expected of me to achieve my agency’s business results? Do I receive feedback on my progress and am I encouraged to develop further? Resources and tools: Gallup Q12 Engagement Survey Lominger Competency Model Learning & Development Framework Career Development Framework Targeted Recruitment Advertising Guidebook (All published on Public Sector Intranet, cd44e5e1-7a46-43d8-8ac9-cf46fca30bbc 55fedba4-b1fe-424d-aa31-ede7814961fe 3fcf0f7c-3678-4773-aaca-f27f8b44c1a6 Networked State Services Use technology to transform the provision of services for New Zealanders _147965f6-37b5-4c4d-9dec-72e50baa8fba 2 Some questions for all State servants to consider: How is my agency helping New Zealanders access services without needing to search across many agencies? Does my agency provide New Zealanders with information and service delivery channel options that meet their expectations and needs? How is my agency using technology to reduce barriers to sharing information with other agencies? Resources and tools: E-government Strategy Government Shared Network (GSN) e-GIF – policies, standards, guidelines (Published on • igovt (Identity Management) ( 0d53798b-9942-454e-83c9-2439459cabc7 5ea998fe-3137-48b1-8947-4ad3fc0c5da9 52a14853-2ebd-41e4-9fa7-6f2bdf5ed234 Value-for-Money State Services Use resources and powers in an efficient, appropriate and effective way _6445657d-ff79-4187-9323-9c0d69a6df42 3 Some questions for all State servants to consider: Does my agency include information about economic and fiscal impacts in its policy advice to decision makers? How is my agency engaging with Ministers and communities of interest to identify value-for-money indicators and benchmarks? How is my agency meeting New Zealanders’ expectations for value for money for taxpayer dollars spent? Resources and tools: Guidance on cost-effectiveness measures Managing for Outcomes/Results Framework (Published on Cost benefit analysis primer (Published on 7efe0f22-50a3-476f-808c-3618b23db627 53a5bca3-5411-4981-bc60-eff998e7df53 89452241-43ff-4020-bde9-3a674abdc486 Coordinated State Agencies Ensure the total contribution of government agencies is greater than the sum of its parts _0ae6ab6b-0088-4aae-9f8b-277cf441e8d5 4 Some questions for all State servants to consider: Do I work across agencies, putting government priorities and results for New Zealanders ahead of my agency’s interests? Do my colleagues and I have a shared understanding of our joint outcomes, and who is responsible for what? Can we measure our progress? Which skills and competencies am I demonstrating to support coordination with colleagues across the State Services? Resources and tools: Factors for successful coordination framework Managing for Outcomes/Results Framework Machinery of Government guidance (Published on Shared workspaces/Public Sector Intranet (https://psi.govt,nz Performance Measurement: advice and examples 6e5cf0f2-3925-40fe-9267-1b75b256f9e1 f8652b28-ccfa-4430-874b-578683eea368 b1d5a8e5-031d-4c76-a7f3-b97463e0eb08 Accessible State Services Enhance access, responsiveness and effectiveness, and improve New Zealanders’ experience of State Services _4f8959c8-819f-4dd1-a3b8-9a7225d62d72 5 Some questions for all State servants to consider: Do I know who is not accessing my agency’s services? How are barriers to using these services being addressed? How does my agency personalise and tailor services to meet New Zealanders’ needs, aspirations and capabilities? What does my agency know about New Zealanders’ experience and expectations of service delivery, and how is this information being used to inform improvements? Resources and tools: The Kiwis Count survey The Common Measurements Tool (All published on 51679450-ca75-4855-8fb6-787c4b91cd37 d7c283c7-77ac-4534-9eb6-3456d9de462d 3f2d873a-598a-4b27-ad0a-3987065a7c2e Trusted State Services Strengthen trust in the State Services, and reinforce the spirit of service _4bd469da-aa7f-4a97-8613-d8c47bd70d08 6 Some questions for all State servants to consider: Am I confident in the integrity of other State servants? How is my agency implementing the six elements that support the trustworthy behaviour of State servants? Are New Zealanders confident that my agency does a good job? Resources and tools: Standards of Integrity & Conduct Elements of trustworthy behaviour Code of Conduct: Resources for Organisations; Guidance for State Servants (All published on 6e3c8e26-834a-437b-b33b-373b087a612e 7eb1d314-d45e-479c-a9bd-bfbeff231a5a af766a25-fb21-4df2-85a8-4ace5c4e50a8 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.