DNAOS Service Platform

Entitle, Model, Manage, and Share
Distributed Knowledge, Virtual Profiles,
Resources, & Interactive Streaming Content.

Standards-based, platform independent, scalable, SOA/ROA/XML, integration and collaboration platform.


01 COMMUNICATIONS provide DNAOS technology solutions, for knowledge, content, and information entitlement, sharing, modeling, and management.

Service and Integration Platform
DNAOS SOA and ROA development and operation services support and integrate virtual profiles, distributed resource, and rich-media content sharing and management applications for collaboration and transactional portals and environments.

Secure SOA
Securing and transforming streaming XML in parallel pipelines standards-based DNAOS protect shared distributed content, supporting virtual profile, content management, and collaborative applications.

DNAOS also provide resource, asset, and catalog management, layout and publishing services with separation of concerns, workflow, session, and process management, document and case handling and tracking, membership, subscriptions, eNewsletters, reporting, graphic modeling and editing of application resources and business processes, as well as client accounting, metering, and unlimited granularity run-time security configuration.


Maintenance Savings
DNAOS allows Major Maintenance Savings by relieving the application logic from the burden and dependency on security checking and configuration, while ensuring that users only get access to information, resources, and profiles that they are entitled to.

Security configuration can evolve and adapt without requiring corresponding changes to the application logic, saving important development, testing, and deployment costs. All with the added benefit of relieving (expensive) application servers of the application content/data security load.

New Media Fan

New Media
DNAOS technology is also designed to support rich media interfaces and applications including simulation, serious games, and virtual environments. DNAOS provide secure distributed content management, modeling, and integration service infrastructure.

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