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Content management and publishing portals
Alternatively, some customers, often content authors specialized in their respective fields and producing complex, structured, scientific content documents, use DNAOS for turning their XML content into navigation based interactive web sites with sitemaps, menus, forms, security and workflow, without having to be concerned with html/web programming/scripting, menus, table of contents, index, navigation, frames or taglibs.

When publishing, users appreciate the separation of concerns where content authoring, page layout management, look & feel management, and rendering for interactive and print media, are separate and optimized concerns or operations, that each correspond to specialized workers (ex: graphic artists, layout managers, authors, programmers).

One such example is the MusicNovatory.com web site which offers compound technical and scientific document detailing the structure of the musical language in thousands of highly structured web pages organized in volumes, chapters, sections, samples, animations, scores, diagrams and sophisticated navigation with guided-tours, site-maps, menus, index.