DNAOS/Applications/DNA Integration

Tools for Integrators
DNAOS are integrated services designed to integrate Distributed Network Applications and manage their life-cycles. As such, and with the support and conformance to industry standards, DNAOS are tools for integrators, connecting and integrating heterogeneous data sources, applications and application servers under common, modular, declarative presentation and security layers, as well as interfaces for development, operation, and management.


  • DNAOS :
    • support standards and a wide range of technologies
    • constitute powerful integration tools, that are also designed for integration with most distributed network application technologies, including J2EE, JavaSpaces, Web Services, JSR-168 portals and portlets, Grid, HTTP, RMI/EJB, JINI, and .NET environments.
    • can integrate all resources, security, user interface, workflow management, publishing, and persistence, for applications.
    • integrate in N-Tier and distributed environments, also relieving business logic application servers from the security checking task
    • integrate data and events into streaming XML for generic processing
    • integrate user interface standards and protocols and connect to users anywhere
    • integrate and simplify maintenance of complex and evolving applications with important economical and technological advantages
    • integrate portal and distributed applications development, operation, and maintenance with structured and integrated interfaces and services