DNAOS/Components/Modeling Clients/Forms


Manage Form Components

Component Editing
For designing and building user interfaces, forms, and wizards, DNAOS offer multi-level GUI and query form component editing, with a rich page and form builder, fully integrated with DNAOS resource management and layout, and publishing services.

Building Blocks
DNAOS form components are designed to be combined in layers (ex: panel, row, cell) and sequentially (ex: cells of a row) to build more re-usable components. Components can also be associated with queries that retrieve data to populate the components. New queries and new components can be defined and integrated. Components are defined in simple declarative XML (ie. XHTML with DNAOS XML extensions)

Form Component Resource
GUI/Form Components are DNAOS managed application resources.

Managing Form Components
Components, defined in XML, can be edited with any text or XML editor, but DNAOS provide support services and the REMM SOA clients provide an editing panel dedicated to managing and linking components.