DNAOS/Components/Modeling Clients/Editor


Interactive Virtual Profile and Resource Editing and Managing

Virtual Profile and Distributed Application Resource Managing
DNAOS REMM Clients provide secured access for creating, editing, linking, modeling, and deleting virtual profiles and distributed application resources.

Business Process Aware Resource Editing
The DNAOS REMM clients provide smart Business Process Aware resource editing that can understand underlying business processes and guide users through work-flows, for example.

Context, Structure, and Metadata
DNAOS REMM client resource editing know about business processes from the configuration data, the resource metadata, and the document structure and context analysis performed by DNAOS.

Application Resources
Resources comprise all business components, entities, and relations used by applications.

  • For example, in fleet management, they would include vehicles, trailers, drivers, loads, destinations, invoices, computers, customers, access points, users, etc.

Every application has its own, but if in some way, in a collaboration environment like on a portal, we could define and modify these resources in a finely grained (unlimited granularity) secure resource management, tracking, and security environment, this would be a good step for:

  • making development and maintenance easier and cheaper
  • off-loading security checking to a dedicated and optimized process
  • generalizing and structuring both, resources and security management.

Graphic Modeling
DNAOS REMM SOA clients also provide graphical modeling and editing of (virtual) profiles, distributed resources, organizational structures, and business processes.