DNAOS/Components/Modeling Clients/Modeler

SOA Virtual Profile and Distributed Resource Modeler, Manager, Editor


DNAOS Service Platform


Resource Modeling
DNAOS REMM SOA clients provide graphical modeling and editing of (virtual) profiles, distributed resources, organizational structures, and business processes.

Two-Way+ Editing
DNAOS REMM SOA client modeling and editing combine in two-way synchronized resource and virtual profile editing and modeling environments, supported by business intelligence extracted from the metadata, which is also editable resources.

Advanced operations
DNAOS REMM Clients support advanced query operations like recursive 'Foretrack' and 'Backtrack' as well as graphic 'AutoLayout', interactive 'Zoom' and 'Rotate' of any 'Selection'.

Design, Structure, Integration
DNAOS REMM SOA clients offer powerful design, structure, and integration support to manage virtual profiles and distributed resources.