Collaboration issues

One important benefit from distributed computing is the support for collaborative work. Social life has demonstrated many times the power of collaboration. Collaboration can be a productivity accelerator, and computing technology can be used as a strong accelerator for collaborative work. A very powerful combination, but as for any acceleration process, garbage in = garbage out faster. This can take a dramatic turn in sophisticated distributed environments.

Share and protect
There are many issues around collaborative environments but most are related to two basic complementary concepts: sharing and protecting where each collaborator uses others' resources and grants access to his resources to others, also protecting access to these same resources. Many issues come from combining these seemingly opposite requirements, in complex distributed environments. Sharing and protecting are relative and complementary processes.

More issues
Collaboration brings many other issues, including: virtualization, repositories, separation of concerns, contribution & compensation tracking, coordination.

Fundamental issues
These issues are so crucial to successful collaboration that the distributed computing infrastructure is required to support them from the beginning. Effective collaboration in distributed environments can be built from three basic components:

  • a shared distributed repository for making the shareable resources available for access
  • a strong entitlement system for managing and protecting access to the shared repository content
  • an interactive collaboration management environment, typically an application or collaboration portal

Collaboration infrastructure components
The following pages in this section briefly review some of the issues related to each of these components: share, protect, and portals.

DNAOS Service Platform

DNAOS Collaboration

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