Document and Content Management

DNAOS Content Management

Documents are special resources used to hold content, for its management and publishing.

With , contents are first marked-up for meaning and structure, using an extended XHTML XML dialect. DNAOS uses this markup to understand content structure and uses it to better manage the contents as well as optimize its publishing.

From the metadata extracted from content and markup, DNAOS can, for example, generate navigation, indexes, and table of contents, sorted lists, etc. for interactive documents.

DNAOS documents can have associated resources like authors, workers, work traces (logs), history, bios, status tracks, etc., for complete content and document management. This information is also available to DNAOS, as additional document metadata, used when managing or publishing documents.

Documents and associated resources can also be queried, edited, modeled, and reported as other resources, using DNAOS resource management services.