DNAOS/Components/Architecture/Service Pipelines/Content

Content Services

Content services include rich-media, event, and resource management and tracking, as well as related integration, mashup, and separation of concerns publishing.

  • Content Management:
    • Resource: DNAOS resource management services provide support for managing compound distributed resources. DNAOS define, secure, and manage distributed virtual profiles and resources, also securely and independently of the platform, making them available to applications and business logic
    • Configuration: DNAOS include configuration services for resources, profiles, documents, templates, etc.
    • Document: DNAOS content management services provide support for managing and publishing distributed interactive and print contents, resources, and documents
  • Content Presentation and Publishing:
    • Layout: DNAOS provide advanced layout services where layouts are designed and managed separately with templates that can process queried (Xpath) context content and information, for layout, presentation, and publishing
    • Publish: DNAOS publishing services provide separation of concerns publishing to various media including web, print (PDF), and mobile. Publishing services also include the generation of navigation, indices, and sitemaps, for compound and new media documents
    • Portlets: JSR-168 compatible portlets allow extending and specializing services, their presentation, their data and content representation. Portlets can provide useful dynamic data view management in a structured and flexible integrated distributed application portal environment