DNAOS/Components/Architecture/Service Pipelines/Management

Management Services

Management Services: Built over security, interaction, and content services, supporting portal, site, and distributed application operations, DNAOS management services provide operation control, monitoring, and administration, with accounting, scheduling, and reporting, for transactions, memberships, and projects.

DNAOS management services typically also include:

  • Profile Management:
    • Virtual profile: DNAOS support distributed virtual profile applications. Virtual profile are networked resources, typically with confidential information, also often distributed on different platforms. DNAOS manage and secure virtual profiles as compound resources, providing detailed support and security configuration, as well as advanced query, report, edit, model
    • Membership: DNAOS support registry, membership, subscription management, including: registration, rights and privileges, subscriptions, responsibilities, physical resource management and access control, tracking, marketing, user or member support
  • Resource and Operation Tracking:
    • Report Management: DNAOS reporting services include report generation, query, and production on distributed virtual profiles, resources, and XML and SQL data
    • Accounting: DNAOS accounting services provide transactional, accounting, and invoicing for hierarchical groups of entities, companies, and organizations. DNAOS provide portal applications and work sessions metering support for pay by usage services. DNAOS provide time, material, content, and services accounting and management.