Integrate to Secure

Systems, Network, Components
A fundamental component of security, integration is a multi-layer process where some layers have proved less complex than others and have found viable solutions. Of course none have been trivial but access to networks, systems, applications, and services, today, is supported by standards and tools.

A few important and often competing and often co-existing distributed computing platforms still thrive today, ex: SOA, J2EE, .NET, GRID. Integrating them and their applications can still be a challenge.

Integration issues are aggravated with time as legacy components need to be integrated with more recent ones, and this again at every level (ex: networks, systems. applications, data)

Distributed applications
As applications are distributed over networks and server farms and as they are delivered as application components, integration requirements become even more crucial for efficiency.

Distributed content
Integration requirements currently reach their ultimate level when not only applications are distributed but also contents, application resources, and data are distributed over systems and networks.

Yet, integration issues are further compounded by scaling the computing environment with more content, applications, systems, networks, transactions.

Standards & Tools
Especially in recent years, and months, the industry developed powerful standards, methods, and tools including J2EE, .NET, Web Services, SOA, Enterprise Service Bus and others. Still, integration is not often a trivial task in distributed environments. With DNAOS technology, higher integration levels than ever before are now available, and enabling better security.

Distributed content, resources, and virtual profiles
While application integration has made important strides, distributed resources and contents still stir major integration and security issues. This section looks into these issues, especially for contents and documents, as well as application resources, and virtual profiles.

DNAOS Service Platform

DNAOS Integration

Effective integration is essential to a successful computing environments and to its security. The consequence of ineffective integration often involve project failure, which, on large distributed projects is simply a very costly disaster, as well as other damages.

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