DNAOS Portal Manager
DNAOS XML-based JSR-168 compliant secured portal management services are built on such a secured distributed application resource foundation offering unparalleled environments to build and operate secure portals.

DNAOS Performance
Using parallel XML data stream processing pipelines and advanced graph theory, DNAOS are built for performance and scalability. DNAOS XML Streaming Engines are responsible for managing pipelines and dynamically converting system events and information to/from XML on entry and exit of the streaming content transformation pipelines. Graph theory provides performance by virtualizing and abstracting complex problems into effective solutions.

DNAOS and Standards
DNAOS comply with major industry standards as they offer integration, reliability, and structured processing patterns, providing long term benefits for users. DNAOS technology is also used for reference in current REMMS (Resource & Entitlement Modeling and Management Standards) specification work.

Operation Support

DNAOS REMM Virtual Profile and Resource Modeling SOA Clients
Apart from its extensive support for web and portal-based interaction, DNAOS also offer advanced SOA and Java-based rich client graphical administrative management remote consoles to model, manage, query, and report on application profiles, resources, their relations, their security, and configurations, as well as on business and application architecture.

DNAOS REMM client Query, Track, and Secure
Advanced graphical interface allow unlimited zoom and focus with smart queries including recursive 'foretrack' and 'backtrack' and many others, empowering users with dynamic selective views and edits of application environment resources and relations and providing powerful insights on any specific concerns. REMM rich SOA client are also optimal tools to manage unlimited granularity resource security assignment and configuration.