Persistence Management

DNAOS Persister

Persistence Services
Persistence services are often seemless or transparent to users, when in operation, but they are important infrastructure issues for developers and deployers, in integrated distributed environments.

URL Management Services
Simply managing URLs to support unlimited number of sites, each with both public and private areas, each with support for site pages, scripts, stylesheets, sound, image, animation, documents (ex: PDF), cache, reports, resources, backup, etc. folders and folder subtrees, can be challenging, in distributed multi-source data environments.

Persistent Stores
DNAOS persistence services support common distributed data stores including :

  • Text files
  • XML files
  • XML databases
  • SQL databases
  • Object stores, JavaSpaces
  • Other persistence systems

Persistence Mix
For more complex data stores, different storage-retrieval formats may be used concurrently.