Compound Document Publishing

Compound Documents
With the DNAOS technology, 01 COMMUNICATIONS offer advanced web, print, multimedia publishing for compound documents, technical and reference manuals, web sites and portals.


Separation of Concerns
Separation of concerns is a key feature of DNAOS publishing as it provides every specialist involved in the project with an optimal environment for the task at hand, as well as better collaboration environments. Designers, authors, reviewers, page layout and look&feel graphic artists, managers, and others all need to work together yet allowing each one his own space and optimized tools. The knowledge and technology growth and exchange rates are also greatly improved. In collaboration environments, integrating new specialists or third-party is both easier and better structured.

- Page Layout
Page layout is a fundamental publishing process that has often been left-out of current computer assisted web publishing chains. Even high-end desktop publishing and page layout tools often tend to be designed for one person to do all the work rather than for collaborative work.

DNAOS introduces sophisticated and powerful layout design and management for automated page layout. XML and XPath based, the layout management services automatically query the data and document sources, from current or specified documents, merging contents in page layouts, all the while, generating corresponding indexes, tables of contents, navigation, menus. Layout specialists can concentrate on page layouts, with optimized tools, while other collaborators have different concerns.

- Look & Feel
DNAOS provide graphic artists and designers with a rich CSS-based environment. Evaluating metadata, context, and markup, DNAOS analyze each element applying appropriate Look&Feel control from CSS stylesheet that can also be managed with optimized tools. Designers can simply define and edit the text-based CSS stylesheets to modify or evolve the Look&Feel of any item, page, chapter, site, portal managed with the DNAOS, without affecting the work of others.

- Media Preparation
Preparation for media rendering and the rendering process itself are specialized processes typically handled by media preparation specialists. Here again, the DNAOS offers an optimized environment, appropriate automation tools, and support for most electronic and print media.