Registry Management

DNAOS Registry

Registry Services
Registry is a basic service required, in a form or another, by many applications, including portals that register users and visitors, often also workers, authors, suppliers, etc.

Yet ...
There is much more to registry services, especially when supported by publishing, email, query/list, schedule, activities, content, resources, profiles management services, ex: managing registration to activities including eNewsletters, webcasts, events, meetings, training, eLearning, subscriptions, client support (CRM), membership, rights and privileges.

DNAOS Registry
With entitlement secure distributed resource management as well as content management and publishing services, DNAOS provide an optimal environment for extended registry, membership, subscription, rights & privileges, and access management.

DNAOS combine publishing, registry, and email services to provide eNewsletters, and email marketing or follow-up campaigns.