Secure Distributed Resource Management

DNAOS Resource Management

The Beating Heart
At the heart of DNAOS, there is a powerful distributed application resource management system, with built-in entitlement security. Lets give this a closer look:

  • System: communications (ex: Web), software to support applications, hardware to support software and applications

  • Management: query, edit, update, create, delete, view, model, organize, configure distributed application resources.

  • Distributed Application Resource: data resources used by applications, for example, a vehicle management application uses data structures to represent resources like trucks, trailers, and drivers. These structures get stored, queried, and retrieved. The applications handling these resources can be distributed over many systems but their data sources can also be distributed over many systems.

  • Entitlement Security: Distribution increases many security issues. Secure distributed data, resource, or virtual profile remained unresolved. Consequently, one of DNAOS basic requirements is to provide entitlement security to distributed application resources.

  • Virtual Profile: Virtual profiles correspond to entitlement secure distributed compound resources where each is composed of networks of entity and relation resources.