DNAOS provides open and standards-based solutions and an integration platform for secure virtual profile and collaboration portal. In a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), DNAOS provide a rich set of development, deployment, operation, maintenance, modeling, and management tools and services for virtual profile applications and collaboration portals, with support for multiple and/or compound organizations. DNAOS are based on secure management of virtual profiles and distributed resources.

Virtual Profiles
DNAOS secure distributed resource management services are designed for virtual profile applications where profiles are assembled as needed, from any combination of distributed resources, and made available as required and authorized, so that users can access profile data as an integrated component but only for the information segments that they are entitled to, according to security configurations.

Standards-based DNAOS integrate with most existing authentication, authorization, and encryption solutions adding unlimited granularity security configuration to secure distributed application resources and virtual profiles. DNAOS also provide tools to model and manage the security configurations, in production, while also off-loading data security management from the business logic application servers and freeing applications from security configuration dependencies, saving maintenance time, effort, and money, as well extending distributed application life cycle.


DNAOS Overview Diagram

DNAOS provide a rich set of virtual profile and collaboration portal application infrastructure and management services. The services are required for the development, operation, and maintenance of these applications. Built over a high performance parallel pipeline streaming XML processing engine, DNAOS offer a declarative XML and XHTML application and interface development and XML-based JSR-168 compliant, portal management and support services, that include:

  • XML/XSL-based portal management services, integrating Pluto technology, the JSR-168 Portlet container reference implementation
  • Security management with built-in entitlement
  • Support for authentication, authorization, and encryption.
  • Application resource design, modeling, reporting, and management
  • Content management with compound interactive multimedia documents
  • Interactive and PDF publishing with separation of concerns
  • Workflow control, monitoring, statistics, automation, and metering
  • XML and SQL data reporting and report generation, with notifications
  • Integrated eMailer for eNewsletters, marketing, notifications, documents
  • Declarative extended XHTML-based GUI and GUI development with wizards, queries, and forms
  • Unlimited granularity resource and security assignment
  • Support for secure virtual profile applications
  • Powerful SOA rich graphical administration client and virtual profile modeler
  • Applications that are not dependent on the security configuration
  • Registration, membership, subscription, and schedule management
  • Revenue accounting and invoicing, with time and materials.
  • Support for complex multi-company/branch/partner structure and collaboration
  • Support for process management, as with streaming media and workflow control
  • New Media and Interactive Solid 3D support

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