DNAOS workflow management services integrate various user interfaces, including XML, SOA, HTTP, and JSR-168 Portal. DNAOS workflow management services also provide wizard support, validation, security, statistics, monitoring, recording, automation, and metering for sessions and workflow.

DNAOS support and integrate JSPs, servlets, and taglibs, as well as tools or frameworks like Struts, Cocoon, and XForms but none is required as DNAOS offer an integrated declarative XML-based interface, as well as a rich integrated set of user interface and workflow services.

HTTP, JSR-168 and SOA/XML Portal management
DNAOS workflow services concurrently process data streams to/from the HTTP, HTTP-Portal (JSR-168), SOA, and network/systems event environments.

JSR-168 Portal and Portlets
DNAOS workflow and portal management services comply with the JSR-168 standard. DNAOS support JSR-168 compliant Portlets and support the development and use of JSR-168 portlets. DNAOS also include a small gallery of useful JSR-168 portlets.

Pluto Portlet Container
DNAOS integrate Pluto, the JSR-168 Portlet Container reference implementation, ensuring optimal compatibility.