Market and Technology Forces
DNAOS solutions developed in response to important market and technology requirements, developments, and forces.

These forces present evolving challenges that translate in costs, efficiency. Understanding the forces at play can help understand why DNAOS technology was designed to integrate and complement distributed platforms, providing entitlement security and advanced application support services.

Business and Technology Forces

Streaming XML Appliances
To optimize integration, modularity, and performance, DNAOS technology is packaged and distributed as Streaming XML Network Processing Appliances. Not only do these appliances integrate in new, existing, and legacy environments, but DNAOS appliances can be networked together for scalability or elaborate layer processing.

Content Security
Content security has to be the most important issue that needs to be resolved in the industry, almost in every industry, at this point. DNAOS provide efficient solutions, especially since content security is also part of DNAOS initial design objectives, not an afterthought.

As horizontal market solutions DNAOS address a very wide range of distributed computing applications. Some typical DNAOS applications are described in the Application section

With an open standards-based approach for the first resource entitlement security solutions, along with rich expandable application support services, DNAOS address most distributed applications requirements. DNAOS solutions provide secure integration and productivity tools. Not using them can be dangerous and expensive.