Integration Issues

After J2EE, .NET and SOA, from the remaining distributed computing challenges, including integration, scalability, work-flow, collaboration, etc. there is one that is common to all : Sharing

Why ?
We share to increase productivity and efficiency.

Protect to Share
Sharing is protecting (eg: security, access control, constraints, restrictions). In fact, we protect to share and if “protection = none”, Sharing is called Giving. Sharing and protecting are like two sides of coin.

What ?

  • computing resources (systems to run applications)
  • applications (programs that process data)
  • contents (data, the essence and value of computing)

Systems & Applications
Standards, tools, methods exist for protecting systems and applications and DNAOS support them as well as all security layers (eg: authentication, authorization, encryption).

The real challenge now is protecting contents. Currently, only DNAOS provide virtual profile entitlement security solutions to protect distributed contents