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Service Layers
Streaming content, events, and resources through parallel pipeline transformation engines, DNAOS connect, integrate, secure, and transform information streams, with 5 main service layers, including, from inside out:

  • Security: Security services support entitlement, identification, classification, and tracking, while also interfacing with authentication, authorization, and encryption solutions

  • Interface: Interface services, connect to networks, users, systems, and resources, dynamically converting their information to/from XML as required, and streaming it through transformation engines

  • Content: Content services include rich-media, event, and resource management and tracking, as well as related integration, mashup, and separation of concerns publishing

  • Management: Management services support operation control, monitoring, and administration, with accounting, scheduling, and reporting, for transactions, memberships, and projects

  • Application: Application services support rich-client and server-based distributed application development, operation, and lifecycle management.

Together, DNAOS offer secure content integration & sharing for distributed environments.

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