Entitlement Standards/Solution/Management/Tracking/Action Items

Action Items

  • Setup, build on this response, agree on specifications requirements
  • CoordinateRQ specifications with REMMS work (e.g. BMI, C4I, MARS)
  • IntegrateRQ specifications with REMMS (e.g. encoding, modeling, tracking, resources)
  • Protocol:Agree on RQnegotiationprocess/protocol (e.g. SOA)
  • Interface:Define semantics plug-in infrastructure, interfaces, and requirements
  • Semantics:Define default semantics plug-ins (e.g. FT, Value, Perform, PKIs. QoS)
  • Grouping:Specify support for Virtual Attribute Sets (VASs) and VAS evaluation
  • Meta-model:Generate XML-Schema/Schematron meta-model & documents
  • RFP:Build REMMS integrated “Semantics-based Tracking Qualities” RFP & specifications