Ideal REMMS Specification Schedule

December 2008, OMG Santa-Clara Technical Meetings

  • Agree on objectives, road map, and process organization
  • Setup and structure the required work, work-groups, and responsibilities
  • Assign REMMS integration work-group (e.g. BMI)
  • Assign REMMS specification candidates representatives
  • Assign REMMS priority candidates work-groups (e.g. MARS/C4I/IEF)
  • Initiate RFP proposal for Rights, Identification, Classification, and Meta-data reference schema and mapping, as well as Tagging, Labeling, and Document related specifications (e.g. MARS/C4I/IEF)
  • Initiate RFP proposal for Resource, Entitlement, and Policy Modeling, Management, and Tracking, as well as Interface related specifications (e.g. BMI)

December 2008 - March 2009 (From OMG Santa-Clara to Washington)
The work for the following months defines the required content for an RFP proposal integrating all candidates, for review and submission in the following OMG technical meetings.

March 2009, OMG Washington Technical Meetings
Review, discuss, complete and submit the REMMS RFP.

March 2009 - June 2009 (From Washington to San Jose)
During the following months, submitters to the REMMS RFP write and submit their proposal(s), for consideration at the following OMG technical meetings.

June 2009, OMG San Jose(Costa-Rica) Technical Meetings
Review, merge, approve, and submit the REMMS specifications for adoption.

After June 2009 (After San Jose)
The submitted specifications follow the normal OMG finalization and approval process while companies finalize the first REMMS conforming products.