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Quality Matching

Matching Qualities
Matching qualities is a crucial servicenegotiationsub-process. Service Negotiation may require to compare or match more than a single service RQ, especially when comparing offers from different providers. RQ set matching is considered in Negotiation. In any case, the first step and focus here, is matching 2 qualities (e.g. requested, provided), returning the delta.

Semantic Matching Modes
For any required quality, typically (e.g.Negotiation), matching compares a provider's offered value (or evaluation), with a minimum requested quality value for that same quality, returning positively if the providers value is higher or equal, either usingSemanticsMode when enabled and available, or Infrastructure Mode (e.g. default semantics) otherwise:

  • SemanticsMode:if attribute match & semantics validate, use semantics
  • Infrastructure Mode:if attribute match, assume string values (default)

Resource quality matching and tracking are fundamental processes that require high performance. Architecture guidelines and a reference implementation will help support vendors.